Sunday, July 18, 2010

Idols at Albany NY last night and Mansfield, MA. today

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope everybody has big plans today with lots of fun!  Maybe your going to the Idols Live Tour in Mansfield, Ma. today....the home of the screaming quirky girl herself, Siobhan Magnus!  Now, before yall start throwing stones.....I meant that in the most loving of ways....I like Siobhan and her ear piercing scream at the end of each song!  It does get a little old, but hey, I still like her and I only wish her well, and lots of happiness in her hometown today!!
Late last night I came across a review from Harrisburg, Pa. and I posted it on yesterdays post, so I'm gonna repost it today, in case anyone missed it!  It has some awesome words about Casey!   Check the whole review out here.

I'm gonna start the page off today with some pretty, just because.....more later....

Thanks to Jordan for her great photo!
Big Thanks to Tina Marie Deraco for this cool shot of Casey getting off the bus in Hershey, Pa. 

 I found another review/recap from the show last night in Albany, and although the writer is a bit negative about the whole show,  he does have some great things to say about our Casey!!  To read the whole review, click "Here"
more later......
I been doing a little maintenance to the page today, with good reason.  I couldn't figure out why everything seemed so bunched up and in a figured it out, and it looks much better with a brand new tour schedule and changes all over.  

Going scouting around for some news....hope everyone is having a great day!!
be back later.......
I went scouting around and found a video from Albany last night......and it's Casey doing his first song of the night..... "I Got Mine"

He and Tim have some very cool guitar 'wars' going on.....and the song is sounding differnt at every show!!  This is so cool, as they try to outdo themselves at each venue!  Love watching Casey ripp it up every time on this song!!!  Wow and Amazing is about all I can say!  Absolutely superb skills going on there!!!
Ok, I've hit the jackpot again!  Here is Casey singing  "Don't"  in Albany, N.Y. last night!  I just love the fedora he's sporting lately, whether it's his or Mike's, rumor has it, it's Big Mike's!  It doesn't matter to me, one way or the other, he looks awesome in it!  I also love the way he's phrasing some of the song "Don't" a little different!  And once again, he strolled through his guitar playing with both of them so effortlessly!  I always love the guitar switch in the middle of the song.....that's my favorite part, how he goes from acoustic to electric as if it's absolutely nothing at all!! him, it probably isn't.....since he plays with very little effort anyway, as we see it, and always sounds excellent every time!

I love these banner or posters that this lady does....she's great!!

 Thanks to daydreaminmeme and asterixx611 for this great banner!

The boys didn't let us down tonight!  Another segment of ....bum de de bummm (how do you spell that anyway?)....... "Late Night Sandwich" ....from Mansfield, Ma.
I think they just get funnier every time!!  And of all things.....quiet little Tim Urban is really voicing his opinion on something....ha ha ha......check 'em out.....they are so funny!!!!  :D
Oh....and Casey is once again going through the 'non-twitter' stage!  He takes it in spells.....sometimes he'll tweet everyday and sometimes he don't tweet for days!!  I've been trying to see a pattern here.....but there hasn't been one yet....  Oh's time to close up shop....see yall tomorrow, and the Idols have a day off!

And in closing I'll leave you with this.....Mr. his best!  And since he's dropped off of the's a little banner to let him know how we feel..... :) Ha ha .....nite all....

Thanks to daydreaminmeme for the poster banner!


  1. Wow!!! Casey is a superstar..He looks so gorgeous while walking on the phone.More power to your career.

  2. Two great reviews on Casey! Nice! Loved the two pics. I especially loved the second one with him carrying one of his guitars and talking on the phone. You did a great job on the retooling of your site. My concert is this week and I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!

  3. Your site looks great Glenda! Thanks again today for all the great Casey news, videos, pics, and interviews!! I think you do a fabulous job! I come to your site first, then veer off to other sites. Your's is informative, uncluttered, easy to view, to the point and decorated so beautifully with the Casey pics! Love it! MAE777

  4. Loved the late night sandwich video. This one's too cute. By the lost look on Casey's face, it makes you wonder if someone woke him up to make his late night sandwich. Of course, we all know that Casey likes to eat; so even if this did happen, it would be a dream come true for Casey. This would explain the lost look but smiling face.:) Too cute!!

  5. Something is seriously wrong with all of you Cougers!! Especially Tina Deraco. Borderline Pedophilia but definite "lack of life-itis" Thank God I feel no twisted and strange attraction to someone half my age. YUCK!!