Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Idols are at the Prudential Center at Newark, N.J. today

The Idols are in New Jersey today and doing their live show at the Prudential Center located in NewarkWe know we have  fans out there, so some live Idol action should be coming in later on today and into tonight!  For now....I am on a mini hiatus as I need to attend to some much over due errands while my husband is home to drive me!  So I'll be back on later this afternoon/tonight finding all the information I can and getting it posted for you!!
Be back with more later.......
Ok, I made it back!  And from the looks of things on twitter, Casey is certainly shaking up the stage at the Prudential Center in Newark N.J. tonight!!  I know we have at least 2 and maybe more fans who are keeping us in the know and have worked their way to the front of the stage!!!  So I'm gonna see what else they've come up with for now, and I'll leave ya with some Mr. Pretty and Big Mike singing  "Have you ever really loved a woman"  in Albany N.Y. a few days ago!
And this too......

Thanks to jcspennyndaydreaminmeme for this awesome poster, and

allisonadamgirl for the video! 

I just came across the first picture of the night from Newark!!
Feast your eyes on this.....and finally....no hat!!!  I for one have been missing those golden locks and happy to see his hair down!  I know it must get hot with it down onstage....but I really appreciate it when he does wear it down.
Thanks to glotrovato for this great shot!

Ok folks....the first video of the night and Casey was 'on fire' on that stage.....people were tweeting the likes of this......

'serious shredding with his blue guitar'!

'rocking it onstage....he has sick skills'
'if Idol let them sing longer songs, Casey might have won it'

First hand fans are at the barracades for some extra 'Casey time' by the buses and it's reported he just came out and ran by everybody slapping hands as he went!  Don't you know everybody was loving that!  He then turned around and started visiting with people......more later.........

"All Over Now"

Thanks to glotrovato for this awesome twitvid!!

And now for your late night....or early morning enjoyment......bum da da bum........late night sandwich!!  Yep another segment of our guys making all of us giggle over their late night, after their show and fan greetings video of their sandwich for the night!!  :D  Check their silly selves out right here

And this segment is not even a Sandwich.....it's Southern Fried Chicken.....oh well, at least they're eating something besides sandwiches!!   And....it CHICKEN.....don't you know Casey was all over that like a stray cat!!!??  lol....

It looks like it was a very long day and a night to remember for our girls out there in Newark.  One of them was our Scottish lovely....Paula.  She did make her way to the front of the line and did talk with Casey and reminded him she had come from Scotland to see him perform and hopfully meet and get a Texas Hug from him and a picture.  She almost succeeded with all of it!  She got 2 big hugs that she said were not little pats by any means....he knows how to hug!  And she was so happy to get to talk to him and get his autograph, but no time for a pic with her! :(  the Idols were being rushed! And she gave him a special gift and he loved it.  I don't have permission to tell you what it is, but if she says it's ok, I will let all of you know what she gave him.  

She said she would get a full recap, complete with pictures done sometime tomorrow before she goes home.   
So thats all I got for right now ....lots of goodies will be coming in tomorrow so look for it!  Good night all......


  1. I heard Casey ROCKED it out in New Jersey!!! He's the best! I can't wait for his album to come out! Am sure many too can't wait! ;D

  2. Thanks Glenda!! Great news today! Love the LNS, although ppl on Youtube hassling them about fried chicken. Casey and Mike was awesome on the duet in Newark and Casey's "It's All Over Now" was greater than great! Loved it! MAE777