Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Videos and Pics from Newark, NJ and Burgettstown, Pa. tonight!

Happy hump day yall!!  The Idols are in Burgettstown, Pa. today and performing at the First Niagra Pavilion tonight!
So...... last nights show in Newark, N.J. was an all out wild night, from what I'm gathering from the fans!  And Casey just keeps taking the spotlight at every show!  A video from last nights show in Newark shows just how great Casey is as he teams up with Big Mike for their duet..... Have you really ever loved a woman

This is such a very clear and well recorded video....may be the best I've seen since the tour started!  Just awesome....
Thanks to Glotrovato for this gorgeous video!

Just in case some of you may have missed this.....there is a sale going on for the Idols Live Tour tickets at selected cities across the U.S.  If you havn't gotten yours is the time!  You will find them at the Official Live Nation site
And now.....I couldn't help but post this very unique but lovely picture of Casey's Golden locks!  And what a cool caption at the bottom!
 Thanks to daydreaminmeme for this very cool poster!

There is a poll going on to vote for the   "Idol of the Month"  so I thought I'd put the link here for everyone to be able to vote for Casey.  Right now, he is in 3rd place.  I understand too, that you can vote every 20 minutes.  I believe we can put him in 1st place where he belongs!!

Ok yall.....more to come later...........

In case some of you may have missed it.....this video from Newark last night is getting high praise as one of the best since the tour started!!  Thats what I said about Casey and Mike's duet earlier!  Check it out!!

"Its All Over Now"

Great big Thanks to glotrovato for her excellent video and photos!

To view all her photos from the show please click  "Here"

If Casey ever looked's never more evident than in this photo....with the way the light is cascading off his face and he's looking's almost as if he's talking to God.....

I have read the recap of our dear friend, Paula, who is from Scotland and it is so awesome!  I just don't know how to get it here, for yall to read..... So, I'll tell ya the highlights of it!  She got to meet Casey Monday at the NASDAQ Marketplace and get a picture with him and he was very gracious and kind to her.  Then....she got to meet him after the show in Newark as he made his way through the fans!  She reminded him of who she was  and said he owed her a hug and could she collect on it.....(*lol*) and he said absolutely and proceeded to give her a Big Texas Hug, squeezing her as he hugged, while she put her arms around his neck....and proceeded with her own hug to him!!!  She then gave him the gift she had brought for him, and he told her Thank you so much, your so kind to do that!  Then went on to thank her for coming this far to see him!!  I knew he would be thankful to her for coming this far for him.   Anyway, she headed back to Scotland today, and I havn't seen her pictures from the show yet, so I guess she didn't get them posted before leaving today.  I'm sure she will get to it as soon as she can.  And I will post the link here when she does.  I heard her shots were excellent!!
I was going to post a review here, but I decided I am not going to put this negative crap on Casey's page and ruin all the positive energy flow we have going here!  (hmmm, you'd think I've been talking to Didi...ha ha)  But, no....Michael Sleezak... who I like to refer to as Michael Sleezz-yak  is at it again!  You'd think he had a gun to his head and just dared to say anything good about Casey James!!  So I'm not posting his crappy and negative review on my page!  I seriously think this guy is the most negative writer, I have ever heard of!  He didn't hardly like anybody!  Well, the audience of all of the shows thus far beg to differ with his opinion!  I've not heard any bad reviews of Casey since this tour started on July 1st.   Casey is said to be stealing the show at every stop on this tour so far!!  And I don't see that coming to an end any time soon!!  So....Rock on Casey boy....rock on!!!

I absolutely LOVE the little leg kicks he does the whole time he's playing his faster songs!!  This photographer actually captured that kick in the middle of it.....just awesome!!!

Thanks to ntmd2 for this great photo!!

Just in time to close the night out.....comes our edition of.........bum da da bum...... "late night sandwich" the no-groceries edition!

those guys are just too funny!!  I never get tired of their humor!!  Enjoy!!  Nite all!!


  1. Glenda so much good news today! Loved the videos, best ever!! And the Casey pics....WOW!!! Takes my breath away...just beautiful!! MAE777

  2. Hey Glenda, do you know if anyone got "I Got Mine" from Casey's set in Newark? Thanks!! MAE777

  3. definitely a 'texas angel'. he brings a feeling of strength and peace with him..and good energy with his music. sure sign of an angel!

  4. i love this picture one of my favorites!!!!!!

  5. I love these late night sandwich videos. Thank you Glenda, they are all so cute.

  6. OMG! I just saw the PA show and guess who I met and got a pic with...YES, THE ONE AND ONLY CASEY JAMES! He was so nice and such a doll! He took two pics with me and I got the autograph, as well! I'll post more in the comment section tomorrow! Night All!


  7. Thanks Yall!!! I can't wait to hear all about it Jackie!! I'm so excited for you!!

  8. Thanks for your comment about Slezak. I could not believe his review, so negative about everyone but Crystal, who is the wallpaper of his tweeter! He was like that this season any way but for him not to find anything positive to say about any one, come on! You should look at Jim Cantiello's from MTV he had good things to say about every one.
    I saw them in concert, I loved every one set, except for Lee, who I never find to be singing in tune, I actually covered my ears through his set, and Andrew was only OK. I love Didi, Crystal, Aaron and Casey the most. They all gave me hugs and we took pictures, they were so sweet.
    THANKS FOR YOUR AWESOME BLOG, I hope you get to meet and hug Casey I highly recommend it.

  9. to 8:59 Anonymous... I know, I'm so excited to meet him face to face finally!! I have seen him 4 times and he took my hand in his when he was walking into the Key's Lounge but I havn't gotten a hug or gotten to talk to him, but Dallas will change all that! I'm actually excited to meet as many of the Idols as I can....really. they all seem to be good people and they are all friends, so even though I don't like the way some of them sing, I still like them as people...
    Your welcome! So glad you like Caseymania! Thanks for reading!!

  10. I, too, saw the idol tour, and I must say Casey was the best. He was followed by Aaron (for me) and surprisingly Andrew (never cared for him on the show, but loved him live!) Lovin' me some Casey James!

  11. Loved the late night vid. So cute. Casey ate everything, so they had to go buy some groceries and ended up with bananas of all things. Make some banana splits. Love these, thanks.