Thursday, July 22, 2010

Idols headed to Bristow, Va. and having a day off today!

Hello and happy Thursday everyone!  I decided to get creative last night and put this creation I made on late last night!  Just wanted to make a statement that I'm sure Casey would agree with.

The show last night outside Pittsburgh turned out to be really awesome!  So much so, one of my readers here left a very nice recap in the comments section of this post!!  So please, go check out Jackie's recap it's a good read, for sure!!!!  Thanks Jackie.....the recap was great, and you made me feel like I was right there with ya!!
I'll have some pics and videos up from the show last night as soon as possible, so check back!

The Idols are off today as the buses head southeast for a show at Bristow, Va. at the Jiffy Lube Live on Friday.  Be back later with more..........
But in the meantime......feast your eyes on a Casey James Moment......

Thanks to daydreaminmeme for her wonderful creation! did a great article on Casey, with a nice headline of          "Idol Pleasure is heading to Bristow"

This is a very nice article and has lots of Casey quotes in's a good read!

I just came across a very nice bunch of photo's from the Newark, NJ show on Tuesday with lots of love for all the Idols and Casey's bunch of pics look usual!  So click here to check out christina's fine bunch of photos.

So....I just came across this really cool interview and it says Part 4 of 4!  My goodness, did I miss the first 3??  I need to do some scouting around and try and find them!  Until then.....listen here  as Casey is interviewed by Matt at the Prudential Center in Newark.

A pre-tour interview just popped up and it has a great title!!

"The Best Casey James Interview you never read"

 I wanted to post this really cool picture from Newark on Tuesday.  This is Casey taking the gift  as our friend Paula was giving it to him!  He is talking to her as he took it!  Thanks Paula.....for taking us all along on your Casey Adventure!!!

More photos from Paula coming soon!!

Here is the full version of the Idols at  NASDAQ
ringing the closing bell in NYC on Tuesday!

Click here to view it 

I can't seem to find any usable fan photo's of the show last night, so if your reading this and you have some...please feel free to email them to me, I would love to post them!

Although....I do have a couple more from Tuesday's show in Newark.....and I have to post these....they are pretty good and one I really love, and I'll let you all draw your own conclusion about it, as I'm sure you will know which one I'm talking about.....first one I've ever seen of Casey doing this.....

 Thanks Margherita for these awesome shots from Newark, NJ!

As you know the Idols were on an off day today and headed to Bristow, Va. and word has it....I don't have proof of this yet, but the talk is that the Idols had themselves a little visit of Washington DC.  As soon as I find an article on it, I'll post it, as I'm sure they had a blast today doing this!

I'll leave you with this new poster I made....I seem to be in a creative mood lately.....I hope you enjoy until tomorrow......




  1. OK, guys, went to the concert last night, and was really impressed with everyone!It was a nice-sized crowd. Our semi-nosebleed seats were mixed in with some Casey fans(and a few Lee) and they were all fabulous people! Casey really does light up the stage! He had the place going crazy before he even came out and his name was just flashing with his pic on the screen. EVERYONE, I'm not exaggerating, was on their feet for him! He seemed to be smiling the entire time! In between his songs, he was talking to the audience and thanking them and people were screaming and yelling for him (especially in my section so I couldn't make out everything he said).He had a very diverse group of fans: there were women, kids(boys and girls), AND men just in my section cheering their hearts out for him. He really blew me away...he was THAT great!! Afterwards, my best friend and I went to the barricades and waited to meet him. He came up first in a cart with Andrew. People were screaming "CASEY!" Andrew was super-amazing nice, but Casey REALLY took his time with the fans: signing, talking, and posing for pics with them. Casey was still taking care of people at the beginning of the line when the next cart came up with Katie and Tim. Katie was adorable too, but along with Andrew was long gone by the time Casey reached us,(there was a massive push by the people behind us when Casey finally got near us; he really had people excited just by walking over to us...Can anyone say STARPOWER?) best friend almost got shoved into the barricade, and I had something jabbed in my side,but it was GREAT fun!) and he was sweet as could be...we gave him a little gift( he took my hand and thanked me) and he posed twice with us. Two VERY IMPORTANT tidbits we discovered: he has the bluest eyes I've ever seen, and he smells FANTASTIC! As we were waiting for Casey I was talking to the people around us and all were HUGE Casey fans...his concert pic was the one everyone had in their hands to get signed! I did see one Tim and one Lee one, but that was it where we were standing.We met Tim, too, and he was a real sweetie, but we didn't stay for the other of my friends had work in the AM. One of the teens next to me asked Casey if she could touch his hair (it looked fabulous, by the way) and he smiled and said "Sure!" He also signed one of the young ladies' arms and did she let out a scream...ear piercing! Too cute!! My personal opinion was Casey, Aaron, Tim, and Lee were the most-loved by the audience (I'm going by tour pics people had with them, applause and reactions as each performed). My personal favs were Casey, Aaron, Tim, and Andrew. Sorry I took up so much of your space, Glenda, just wanted to share my experience with other Casey fans. I'm going to try and send some pics your way, but I'm not sure they'll be very good...our seats were decent, but not real good for pics! I would absolutely recommend this concert, it was really, really good!


  2. Thanks, Jackie, for the recap. Lucky you...he touched your hand! Wonder what cologne Casey wears?


  3. Love this pic! U2 is one of my favorite bands, and that quote by Bono makes me think of Casey because his music really has changed my life. Casey's attitude to "be happy in your situation, it could always be worse" inspires me every day to keep a positive attitude about life and be grateful for everything I have. And watching him play music, and the joy that he expresses while doing so, touches my soul. For me, whether I'm having a good day or bad day, feeling crappy or awesome, music fills up all the tiny little holes in my heart.

  4. Please Jackie....don't apologize! I'm so excited that you shared you fabulous experience with Caseymania!! I loved every word of it!! Thank you so much!!! I'm loving the fact that Casey is really shining out there on tour!! I knew he would....he is that GREAT!!! :)

  5. I am so happy for Casey!! I bet Jackie is just walking a foot off the ground today! I know I would be! I'm so glad she shared her experience and letting us know how everyone at the show was so excited about Casey!! He is just wonderful!! MAE777

  6. I'll repeat it, the best Casey James interview I ever read.

  7. Thank you Jackie for sharing your great experience!!I enjoyed reading it,I hope one day i could see Casey in person soon..

  8. Jackie is right-on with her telling about Casey James. I took my daughter and her two friends to see Casey and Tim Urban. Casey was absolutely a crowd pleaser, and Tim did pretty well with them himself. What impressed me was both of these guys behavior at the barricades (signing autographs, taking pics, chatting with the fans). I can't speak for any of the other idols, but both Casey and Tim went above and beyond what was expected in my opinion. They were both kind, animated, attentive, and just plain classy about the whole thing. Sometimes something as small as a kindness leaves a lasting impact on a person. I was very impressed!

  9. Well...we are a bit known for our friendliness here in Texas....and they are both!!

  10. I'm with ya, Glenda!...LOL again!!! MAE777

  11. Thanks, Jackie! I won't be able to go to a show (none are coming near me) so I loved hearing about your experience!

    As always, thank you Glenda for the wonderful job you do with this site. love your creative pics!

  12. Thank you so much Glenda for the picture up on top of Casey with those great and inspiring words. "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie" did me in ages ago. Don't know if anyone else felt that way, but that was the big one. I couldn't wait to go "Up, Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon!" Music can change people and the world, that is very true, so I'm just waiting for what Casey will bring to the scene. I know it will touch the hearts and souls of many because he has already done that.

  13. The Burgettstown concert was amazing. All of the idols sounded and looked way better then they did on tv. Casey James was definately the show stealer! He was terrific and really rocked it out! The crowd LOVED him!

  14. Jackie, AWESOME recap! Thanks so much for sharin your experience with us! Casey is simply the BEST!

    And, Glenda, FANTASTIC poster, Dawlin!!! LOVE IT!

  15. Thank you to Jackie for the fabulous review, loved it. Glad to hear Casey smells good, that's the icing on the cake! He is genuinely fan-tastic and as kind to everyone as I would have imagined him to be. Just a great performer and a great guy!