Monday, July 12, 2010

Philadelphia, Pa. at Wachovia Center & Wendy Williams Show 7-11 & 12 2010

Good morning everyone...(and yes, it is still morning...hehe) and I actually did make it up in time to see Casey on The Wendy Williams show!!  I would love to personally "Thank Wendy" for asking the all important question that has been weighing on everybody's mind.....'Is Casey going to be the next Bachelor?'   Absolutely NOT!!!!  I knew in my heart that he wasn't going to do it!  I've said it all along....the only thing he is focusing on right now is his music....famous last words from  Casey himself!!  Alot of us already 'knew' but we just needed a little confirmation from the horses mouth, so to speak!  I'm doing a great big  *whewwww*wiping brow) :) and so relieved we got that out of the way!  He looked amazing in that black & red & white checked shirt with the dark jeans and his hair was loosely tossed around his face!  Wendy was really gushing and telling him how 'HOT' he was....oh gosh....I'm so sick of hearing people say that to him....and I know HE must be....he always chuckles and looks a little embarrassed when people say it to him.  (Although I have to admit I like the tongue in cheek thing he does when he's's just a wee bit cute...)  But, I mean, come on people...we all know Casey is a good looking guy, it doesn't need to be run into the ground!  It's obvious it makes him lets be considerate of his feelings....

And here are the first of the Videos from last night in Philly!!

"I Got Mine"

"It's All Over Now"

"Have You Really Ever Loved A Woman" Duet w/Big Mike

"My Life Would Suck Without You" 

A great big THANKS going out to leerosenthall82 for sharing these videos!

Ok, I'm going to head out and see what else I can find...keep checking back!

This is a picture of the Album Cover of a Fan Album that was given to Billy to give to Casey from the Casey James Cougar Club on Facebook group!  I was just talking to Mama James and trying to describe it to her so I just put a pic on here so she could see it!

Big Thanks to Laurie Aldiari for this awesome cover!

 More Later.....

I found a clip from the Wendy Williams show and Casey's performance there!!  He sounded so amazing....."Here's the Interview and Performance"   or check out  just his performance of "Blue Sky" right   "HERE"

He just keeps getting better and is  that???  I thought he was near perfection on the Show....and now out here in the real world.....he just *shines* every time he sets foot on a stage....he is destined for GREAT things, and he's well on his way!!

This is Bootstar's Recap from the Philly show last night!    Read the full review right  "HERE"

For those of you who would like an MP3 of Casey's performance of "Blue Sky" on the Wendy Williams show this morning....just click  "HERE"  

I have a few little known facts that just came to my attention recently and now that I have them all together, I'll share with all of you!!  

Casey uses GHS lowtune Nickel Rocker guitar strings on all his Fender guitars? 
On the song "Free", the lyrics and music both were written by Billy James?
The song "Swamp" was written by both Casey and Billy in the studio, just before they recorded it!?
And....did you know that the song "Lawdy Miss  Clawdy was written and recorded first by Lloyd Price? 
I did not know any of these things many did you know??
Here is 2 photos capturing Casey as he was leaving the Wendy Williams Show in NY this morning!

 Thanks and congrats to Margherita for getting a Casey Hug & her great shots

Just a little tid bit of information for everybody but oh...sooooo important!  As we speak Debra and Billy are working on a FanMail Address for us!!!  As soon as I get it, I will be posting it for all of us.  I will more than likely place it on the sidebar somewhere for easy access!!  :)

I have to take off for a is my sweet hubby, Richard's Birthday and we're going to celebrate a little and eat some cake!  So, I'll be back in a little bit!!

Ok, so I just ran across something that took my breath away!!  This is a beautiful creation by one of our many twitter friends of Casey!!

Great Big Thanks to CaseysCrew373 for her excellent work!

  Ok, well, there's not much news left out there tonight.....we were hoping for a twitter party from our favorite boy, but it's 12:30am and he hasn't come on yet....but he still could....I'm just hoping he is sleeping and resting good.  He looked a bit tired today on the WW show.  So, for his sake I really hope he's sleeping and taking care of his body.  
The Idols will be in Uncasville, Ct. at the Mohegan Sun Arena.  Looking forward to all the good stuff that comes up tomorrow night.  Tomorrow day might be a little slow on news, unless Casey decides to shake things up a bit and do something out of character.....lets just wait and see.....nite all....SCD.....


  1. I am so "hoping" that someone will post a video of Casey's part of the Wendy Williams show... I am still out of country - so couldn't set my recorder or anything... So if anyone can please post....

  2. I think I just found that a minute ago, fixing to post now....check back!!

  3. I just saw Casey on the WW show and his performance was incredible!! He is such an amazing performer! FYI: The artwork posted above is gorgeous! As for that bachelor nonsense, I am SO glad to hear it's a definite "NO". Casey is way better then that show...he is too classy and real for something like that.

  4. CoolCJfan (Carman)July 12, 2010 at 5:46 PM

    Another bit of info, Casey tweeted me back on July 1st, saying they wrote Swamp in the studio right before they recorded it.

  5. Oh Wow...Carman....thank you so much!!! Thats awesome to know.....I'm going right now to edit.....thanks a bunch!!!!

  6. OK, just watched Casey on the Wendy show today and meh...a little disappointed. NOT IN CASEY, he was his usual charming self and performed flawlessly. Wendy, whom I usually think is adorable, was a bit over-the-top with the whole looks thing. Yes, we know she finds him attractive (who in their right mind doesn't?). I found myself a little uncomfortable for Casey while she oogled him and kept bringing up his looks. He stayed cool and collected through the whole thing. I was pleased, though, that she asked the bachelor question...thank goodness that's a big no! She wasted some of Casey's precious time with that nonsense about Crystal's teeth. I don't have anything against Crystal, but I wanted to hear about Casey...that's why I tuned in to the show.I must say Casey certainly connected with the audience, as he received a standing ovation after his song...and he so deserved it! It was excellent! Maybe I'm just crabby today, but that's my opinion. Go Casey, you're the best!

  7. i watched casey on wendy show too,he was great as i expected.i wish she spent more time just talking about things in general.we know he doesnt have wife,girlf,etc.etc.let's talk about the recording contract we re all waiting on.....

  8. I agree with Anon 4:56 and 7:56. MORE Casey, please!


  9. I know....I'm with ya girls....she irritated the shit out me acting like Kara used to! She was really gushing and I hate it when people repeatedly call him HOT!!!! We know that, but why do people have to embarrass him and tell him that to his face all the time...bless his little can tell it makes him uncomfortable...but I love the tongue in cheek thing he does when he's cute! But yea, nearly falling on him....what was she nipping on or did she do it on purpous?? hmmm
    Loved the standing ovation....and I love that song more everytime he sings it...

  10. Casey was great on Wendy!! Great in PA as always on all the tour!! Thanks so much GS for all the great news you brought to us today!! Great art, videos, and the fan mail address...awesome..can't wait!! I appreciate all you do to keep us informed about the most beautiful man I know. I know he's not perfect, but close enough!! MAE777

  11. on Wendy...if real life, in an actual face to face meeting with someone, you never would carry on about how hot someone is to their face. Why does it make it ok just because the cameras are rollin'? Too much.... Glad also he cleared up those bachelor rumors. Great for publicity & Casey awareness though. Great job Glenda! Keep It up

  12. Thanks Jake, for your input, I appreciate it! And I'm with you on that, I think it's a bit over the top the way celebrities think they can say just anything to somebody and get away with it! It's just wrong... I too was so glad to hear him say those were just rumors about the Bachelor....I think most of us who have come to 'know' Casey, knew that he wasn't going that route. The 'music' is the only reason he went on AI in the 1st place....why would he throw it all away for a 50 cent show like that?! Yes, at least the rumors got his name out there just a little more!
    Thanks Jake, I'm glad you're following the blog and you like it!

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