Sunday, July 11, 2010

Idols Show in Atlantic City, N.J. 7-10-10

Hello and good day to everyone on this marvelous Sunday!!  I hope if your weather is good, you are able to get out of the house and do something fun in the sun!!  It's too hot for me to be outside, as these Texas summers will take a person down fast!  So, I opt to stay inside and update "Caseymania" from time to time!  I'm not so much an outside person as I used to be....especially in these sweltering Hot Texas summers!  So if you are outside, make sure to drink plenty of fluids...(and by fluids I don't particularly mean Beer... ;)) but it's even ok in moderation! lol.... Just stay hydrated, thats the whole idea and don't forget the Sunscreen!  Gotta stay in tip top shape for your Casey Concert!! :)
Ok, I had mentioned last night that our 'song of the day' from Casey is  "Blue Sky by Ian Moore"   And all I can say after a few wonder Casey loves this guy's music....he is fantastic!  I just get chills from the combination of his voice, the awesome guitar licks, and the way the lyrics and melody just combine in a way that is Beautiful and very Soulful...  Any time....(and I've said this before...) an artist can make you 'feel' their music....thats when you know they are greatness!!

A review of the Idol's show last night in Atlantic City, N.J. at the Trump Taj Mahal focuses alot on song choice from the Idols.....Click  "HERE"  to check out the full story!!

Finally....more stuff is coming up about the show in Atlantic City last night!  They played at the Taj Mahal there and Casey was once again....looking and sounding sharp as a pin!!!  Here is three videos I found from the show last to find one more and I'll have all of them here for ya!!  Enjoy.....

"I Got Mine"   and  "Don't "
"Have you really ever loved a Woman" Duet

Thanks to BosJerseyGirl for sharing her great videos!

I'm off to find some photos or news, whichever comes along first!!

I found some pretty  while I was out looking around and thought I'd dress up this drab page.....just a little....

Thanks to Audrey for this great shot! 

That didn't take long!!  Here's something from Atlantic City I came across        "this review from" which was more like a recap of the show last night!  He talks about every Idol's set and how they fared from his point of view!!  No big hoop-la's for Casey from him, but not a bad review at either!  See what he has to say!

The Idols are in Philadelphia, Pa. tonight, putting on their live show at the Wachovia Center!  I'll be on the look for any and all information and links coming in from there!  I'll start a new post about it later on tonight!!  I've still not found "It's All Over Now" from Atlantic City!  But I'll keep looking....cause thats the only song of Casey's I havn't found yet, and that seems to be the one I'm not finding at every venue!  That's strange that I'm finding all the rest of them.....but not that one.  Guess I'll need to step it up in the search department!  :)  I'm off!!  Be back later.......but first I'll leave ya with a really good shot of sweet GMA!  What a smile that boy's addicting!! :)

Ok, with a little help from my friend Paula.....I got these videos and I think I actually have already posted the first one....but....oh well.....  I'll just repost it! The other 2 seems to be "It's All Over Now" but on two different videos....split....hmmm I don't know why I didn't come across these when I was looking....hmmm(scratching head)....oh well, here they are:

"It's All Over Now" from Auburn Hills, Mi.

"It's All Over Now" from Hamilton, On.

2nd half of "It's All Over Now from Hamilton, On.


  1. MUCH THANKS for all this great info!! OMGoodness...I listened to Ian Moore's Blue Sky and then his, Please God, and I had to get out of there cause I could wind up listening all day and got stuff to do!! I, like you, KNOW now, why Casey loves his music..He's awesome!! Love Casey James!! I'm from TX also and agree about the heat. Just a little dab of TX heat will do!!

  2. I did the comment above, but had to come back to say, I listened to Casey's "I Got Mine" and "Don't" and about to listen to the duet. He just keeps getting stronger and stronger vocally and sounding better and better!! Thanks!! MAE777

  3. Thanks Mae!! Yes he does!! He seems to be improving more and more, and he's starting to joke around a little too, which tells me he's getting more comfortable on the Huge Stage with all those 1000's of people staring at him!
    I'm so glad you feel like I do about Ian Moore's "Blue Sky"!!! I'm hooked now, I ran out of megabytes on my broadband listening to that and all of Casey's homework songs today!! But thats alright, at least I can always buy more megabytes and procede with what I was doing! LOL!!! Thanks again girl...

  4. Thanks for the updates! I like to check on Casey daily!

  5. There's a sidebar to that Atlantic City has a VERY intriguing quote from our guy when he's asked about a record deal...he says he "hopes to be able to make an announcement soon"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check it out :D

  6. Casey sang "Blue Sky" on his Hometown Visit. It was terrific! He also sings an Ian Moore song called "Satisfied." He played it in Malibu at the purse party. I hope he records those two songs on a future CD.

  7. Thanks girl....I will check it out....I must have missed that somehow....thanks for the heads up!!!

  8. Thanks for posting my artwork :) Hope all is well with the James Family.

    -Laurie Aldieri

  9. Your welcome Laurie!! You're a fantastic artist and I was happy to do it! The main reason I posted it was to show Debra James what the cover of the Album looked like, so she could see if she has seen the album. We were talking about it and I was trying to explain to her what it looked like and decided this was the easiest way to show her and let everybody see your beautiful Art work as well!!

  10. How I wish to watch Casey James live in concert, but am thousands miles away from him being in the Philippines. Glenda, what is the chance of him coming in my country and stage a concert?Casey has lots of Filipino fans. I thank you also for this Caseymania blog, my way of getting connected to Casey.