Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Idols are in Uncasville, Ct. at the Mohegan Sun Arena

 Hey everybody!  I know, I know.....I'm a bit late getting anything up today....just can't find much right now.  But the guys seem to be having themselves a big time pranking and goofing off with one another.....especially Big Mike!!  He's in a mood today!!  Casey was caught eating donuts....wait....did I say caught??  Why does he hide his donut eating you ask???  Well, it seems our boy said he was giving up junk food....for  healthier eating habits!!  I beg to differ....donuts cannot be junk food....they have so much nutritional value, the sugar makes you have energy...and....and....ok, he needs to gain a pound or 2 anyway....so keep on eating those donuts Casey!!!  :) 
It seems Casey is also the "Bus Sandwich Maker"....and he says he makes them with....yep....you guessed it.... love....omg....  Is that sweet or what??

Ok, we have a twitter girl who is outside the venue waiting for the Star of the show to come out and  play, and we will be recieving updates from her in a bit.  So check back in a little while and see if she has made any progress of visiting with our boy!
In the meantime....enjoy these awesome videos from Big Mike and Casey, as they show us all......that boys will be boys!!! 
More later.........

Operation Scare Aar Bear

 Casey eating donuts & running from Mike...

Mid day Sandwich Taste Test

The Prank!

Aaron being pranked & Casey busting a gut laughing... :D

OMG.....these guys are killing me.....I can't stop giggling....especially that last one when Casey is really busting a gut laughing.....lol.... I'm so glad they can have fun with stuff like this and keep the stress down to a minimum.

I thought the page could use a little bit of pretty....so here ya go.....here's Casey as he performed at the Wendy Williams Show yesterday!!

I don't know how I missed this one....but now we know what somebody eats on their sandwich, but who???

Casey making a Sandwich

Just came across some pre-idol Caseyness, and thought I'd share this awesome video with all who may have not come across it!!!  This is really good!!!!

"Shape I'm In"

No word exept it's raining from our friendly Casey watcher.  Seems the Idols may not come out and play before the show, but they always do afterwards....so....we may have to wait for a bit till all the pranks are over and the show is finished.....we'll see.....check back.
I just came across something that was just too "cool" not to post.....here ya go..... For those of you who may not know it..... :)

 Thanks to lucymyrtle for this cool shot...

I almost forgot!  Casey treated us to one (1) tweet today to let us know our homework song of the day....he's a couple behind....but hey.....we'll take what we can get!  The song of the day is Lucinda Williams... "Can't Let Go"

Ok, well, it has not been a good news day from the venue in Uncasville, Ct....  havn't gotten any pics or fan interactions with the Idols at all.  But we have been getting these funny videos a few times today.....compliments of Big Mike!!  Thank ya buddy.....we really appreciate those videos with our boy Casey in every one of 'em!  Ok, this is the latest video from Mike and it's very informative!  It's after the show tonight and how to make a Mike and Casey Sandwich 101...  

How to make a Mike and Casey Sandwich...101

No pictures from this show tonight have come in or videos either.  The one twitter girl that was there was running around all over this casino looking for the meet and greet.....just to find out from the Idols themselves that the Security would not let them come off the bus tonight!!  They seemed upset and wanted to, but were stopped from doing so.
So maybe sometime tomorrow some good stuff will start rolling in, I sure hope so!  I'm out of here for tonight people....yall sleep well....tomorrow is another day......scd.....


  1. The twitvids with Casey were absolutely adorable! Loved all of them! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad these guys are all having such fun with each other!

  2. Loved the vids of Casey. He seems to be having a great time...so happy for him! The video of the song was excellent. I think I might have seen it before while he was still on the show because it looked awfully familiar to me. It's just a really cool-sounding song and Casey did another great job with it! VERY cool sign for "Cool". Thanks for ANY Casey news...I appreciate anything you've got on our guy, as I'm sure many others do too.


  3. I love seeing the "funny" side of Casey and the other guys too! Thanks so much for posting them and I'm lovin' your site girl! :-)

  4. Glenda, really enjoyed all your fun Casey stuff today!! Needed a good laugh and all this was just great!! Makes me feel good to know they can have fun while being so busy!! MAE777

  5. Fun videos of Casey...loved them all. He is just so fun to watch in action.