Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Videos and Pics from Bridgeport, CT.

Well, it's another great day in the neighborhood and stuff is starting to flow in from Bridgport, Ct. show last night!   That is Katie Steven's hometown no doubt!!  I bet she was thrilled to be home!!  I like all the Idols, seems like they all are a great bunch of people with sweet personalities!  But I'm just somewhat (no alot) partial to my Texas Angel, Casey!!  Here is Casey's performance last night from Ct. of  "I Got Mine"  After you view this video, can anyone see and hear what I am?!  Is he just getting better and better at this song??  He seems to be really enjoying doing this song, especially when he's over there going back and forth with the lead with the other lead guitarist!  I'm always amazed at his kick a$$ guitar skills!!  He makes me want to pick up my guitar again and start learning some lead....(NOT)!!  :)  Rhythm guitar is my thing!  But even that has been setting on a shelf for a few years now!  Maybe I'll start some lessons....
Anyway, here is the  "Group Song Finale"  live from Bridgeport Ct.
Thanks to 24BeccaBECCABecca25 and onlythegood16 for sharing their videos!

More to come....later.....

Well, it has been confirmed!  "The Wendy Williams Show" is shown on the Fox network, so just check your local listings for the time in your area!!  In the DFW area, (if you live around here, you know what DFW  its on channel Fox 4.   And he's singing  "Blue Sky"   I am really really digging this song a little more every time I hear it!  His vocals are just so strong and his falsetto nearly knocks me to my beautiful!  He makes you feel it when he sings it!!

I also think it's time for some "Mr. Pretty".....I came across this earlier today and just HAVE to share with you!  This is one of the most handsome 'guitar faces' you'll ever see!!  You can see plainly that he is in the moment....lost in peaceful guitar riffs....and happy as anyone can be.... as he plays with only 1 hand! soooo impressive to me!!  :)

How about a few more....

Now this is how you dress up a page!!

Many thanks to MilaBordt for these shots!!

Well...this is quite nice.... a video of Casey and Mike singing  "Have you ever really loved a Woman"

And I'm assuming this is from the Bridgeport, Ct. show last night!  I will get that  confirmed asap!  And Yes....this video is from Bridgeport, Ct.!

Thanks to lelly6868 for this nice video!

 And another thing before I forget....It seems a tweeter asked Casey to give us daily songs from him as a Homework Assignment....if ya will.  The whole idea is for us to become more acquainted with Casey's favorite guitarists, vocalists and straight up musicians!  I thought there was some kind of contest going on that I had somehow missed!  But's just Casey introducing his fans to his kind of music!!  I'm enjoying this so much!   Lee Roy Parnell was the first, and I have always loved his music!   And the song Casey suggested of his, was "Breaking Down Slow"    What a great song that one is....very cool song!!!  But the other one....Keb-Mo singing  "Gonna Tell Everybody I Know"....sorry....never heard of Keb Mo....but he is an awesome musician, and singer!!  Love the vibe of his guitar playing, with a distinctive Blues feel, and a little bit of reggae feel for good measure!!   He just pulled me in, and I couldn't stop listening to it.....Very good indeed!!!    Many Big Thanks to Nikki and Casey for doing this!!  We are all gonna get a good education in music before it's all said and done, and so far....I'm loving it!!  I truly hope all of you get a chance to get in on this!  I will be posting the daily song for all of us to decide if we've heard of them and if we like them once we've heard them!  Give me a comment to let me know what ya think!  And if you are a tweeter....let Casey know how you liked it!!

Moving on now....I managed to get hold of this performance from Ct. last night!!  It's Casey singing..... "Don't"
It's pretty close up too, and Casey had his hair pulled back last night also!!  That's the first time I've seen his hair back onstage since the Tour started!  He sounded great....check it out by clicking the Don't above!
In other news, Katie tweeted that she didn't feel good...I sure hope she makes it through all the show tonight, without problems.  And I hope she gets better really quick!

The Idols are at Atlantic City, NJ tonight!  Glancing  at the clock, their show is probably just getting over.  Hopefully lots of good stuff will start rolling in during tonight and into tomorrow.  Gotta go get ready to wait and see if Casey has a twitter party tonight.  He usually has to eat after he talks to the fans!  And after he eats, he will usually start tweeting!  Hope so!!  Yall have a great night....I won't be back tonight unless something really really great comes to my attention.  :)

Ok this is really really good!!!!  Check it out!!!!  :)  :D

Ok....this is a video comprised of 2 of Casey's set songs...."I Got Mine & All Over Now"  And if you keep looking at the marquee with Casey James in lights and graphics.....the videographer catches something I hadn't seen before!  I had thought that I saw the word Cassie....but I wasn't sure....well  I am definitely says Cassie at one point!  I don't know.....but was someone maybe messing with him....pulling a practical joke on him??  Ahhhh I don't know!!  So check the video out and see what I'm saying... this is a cool video and Casey is Wild on that guitar and we get a real close up of his hands while they are playing.....anyway.....just go click on the song title above and see what I'm talking about!!!  :D

I've got today's "Song Homework"......and it's Ian Moore's  "Blue Sky"
Well.....imagine that!!  The very song he's singing on the Wendy Williams show on Monday!  This is an awesome song....and Ian sings it so differently than Casey!!  I love both versions, but I'm really partial to Casey's version!  Love it!   So everyone go listen to Ian sing Blue Sky, it is a great song!!!!
And while I'm at's Casey's version of  "Blue Sky"

taken at his Homecoming visit to Millsap, Tx.
 Thanks to wpharriscpa and 1173jm for sharing their videos!

Ok....maybe I shouldn't.....but I HAVE to!!!!!!  Click "HERE" for the coolest alert for your phone.....ever!!!  Now all I have to do is figure out how to put it on my phone....ha ha....I'm still a little bit computer challenged at times....  But I will find out and 'git er done'!!   :)  I'm on an old dinosaur laptop that won't work with me....but my new one is almost out of the shop and on it's way home!!!  Thank Goodness!!!!  :)  Yall go ahead and get's so cool!!!  :D


  1. Yes! I believe his vocals on this song are getting clearer, stronger, even more awesome than the first time he sang. I've watched this video from every tour. Love his stage presence/awesome guitar,one of the best I've heard! I love everything about Casey! He's a wonderful man from a wonderful family! He's a tremendous blessing to all of us! I'm so glad he pressed through all opposition to be here! He's a rare jewel..what can I say!! MAE777

  2. Yay!!! Totally 100% with ya MAE!!!! That's what I thought I was hearing and seeing!! Yes, girl, he is a blessing to each of us, in our own way!! I'm so happy he pressed through also...he's got a strong self-worth and no judges comments were gonna stop him from pursuing his dreams!! Cheers to Casey!!

  3. Guess what TODAY"S homewrok assignment is?!?!?!

    BLUE SkY by Ian Moore (same guy who wrote Satisfied)...Blue Sky is my favorite of all casey's performances so far...his falsetto just turns my knees to jelly...sighhhhh.

  4. Loved the vids for today and the pics were amazing! That first picture is an OMG shot all the way! As for the music "homework", I am familiar with Lee Roy Parnell's country tunes and I did like them, but I must admit I'm not a die-hard fan. As for Keb-Mo, never heard of him. After listening to him though, I did kind of like the song he sang. He was very cool sounding and I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work on updating us!


  5. Thanks girl!! I've just finished posting it!! :)

  6. I already had Keb Mo, that song in particular in my blues rotation, mixing it up with all the rips of Casey's Keys Lounge performances. I am not a country music fan, so I was supper happy that Casey picked a Keb Mo, blues song.

  7. Does anyone have a video of the Wendy Williams performance?

  8. thank you so much for all the info on's so hard to find things to read about on him.i stopped watching a.i.when daughtry was voted off and taylor what's his name won.but i decided i would listen this year cause i wanted to know who i was listening to on the radio.i am so glad i watched.i too live in texas houston that is....

  9. Thanks so much for introducing me to Keb Mo. I so much enjoyed the homework assignment that I have been listening to his other songs. He is wonderful to listen to.