Friday, July 9, 2010

Idols are in Bridgeport Ct. tonight!

I have found very little today on the show the Idols are doing tonight in Bridgeport, Connecticut  at the Arena at Harbor Yard.   And thats about all I've seen, just where they are and where they're playing.  I thought for sure something would have come in before now.....but I will update on the show as soon as I have something!!

Well, I did manage to find something!!  Seems Casey is still gaining new fans at every show....this review talks very favorably about Casey....and thats what we want to hear!  Ok, then click  "Here"
The review is from the Wantagh, N.Y. show, which was an outside venue....oh my.....I hate those.....a person could literally have a stroke out in heat from the July sun!!  Even in Wantagh NY!!


  1. HI I'm finally posting a comment on your cool blog... I've been so crazy busy being a Mom...summer phew!

  2. Im am so happy you are doing this. Ive been watching Casey from the start... I was a Chrystal fan also but Casey is the one Ive been wanting and hopeing for a great career.. He comes accross as such a wonderful person. That said.. and WOW, I LOVE HIS GUITAR , SINGING ETC.. HE HAS THE WHOLE PACKAGE.. Im hopeing someone from each show puts on youtube so we can see him as he goes along...
    Im wondering what is takeing so long with the recording co.
    Maybe it is done but he cant say much.

  3. I think the web site I usually go to went on vacation, but I found this one so I will post here that I went to the Bridgeport Arena on July 9th and had the time of my life! I was amazed at how truly talented all the contestants were. So much better to see everything live and to hear full songs. Despite the fact that the concert was jacked up two months in advance, there was a huge audience to cheer everyone on. I went specifically to see my #1 idol Casey James. He was the greatest! To hear Casey sing "Don't" was my slow song highlight of the night. All his songs were great as was his fabulous fret work! I couldn't text for a backstage pass, but I did yell your name out! I don't see how you couldn't have heard my supersized scream! I heard you snuck through the curtains to give a little girl a guitar pic! Your such a great guy. Love you Casey and I wish you the very BEST in your career! BIG HUG!!