Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interviews pics & other stuff from Mohegan Sun

Hello everybody, sorry I'm so late about getting everything done....been out and about most of the day  and didn't expect my errands to take this long!  Anyway, there's a few things that came in from Ct. today and.....WE HAVE A FANMAIL ADDRESS!!!  HERE IT IS:

Casey James
P.O. Box 99
Millsap, Texas
                                              76066                                                                            Many thanks to Debra and Billy James for putting this together for us!  They really are wonderful people!!   

Here we have a video of a few of the Idols being interviewed and Casey is one of them!  So click right "HERE"  to see it now!!

And once again the Idols were interviewed by a Nick Giuliano and Casey is on at about 3:26.....

Watch it Here

And now.....I found this last night and I absolutely.....LOVE it!!!!  This is a very nice shot of a silhouette of Casey as he's about to start his show.....WOW....just magic.....

Thanks to catcherofdreams for this awesome shot!!

More later.....

Ok, now I have the Fan Mail Address on the right sidebar under Casey's picture!  For those of you who so choose, go ahead....drop our Idol a line or two and let him know how much he and his music mean to you!!  :)

I have a question for all of you!  How many of you have noticed and absolutely LOVE that boisterous and happy laugh Casey has??  Many have said it is loud....and it is Big & happy.....and it is fun loving......and  it is!!!!!  How many of you have ever wished you had Casey's Laugh as a ringtone on your phone??  Well, now it can be yours!  We have a fan from Scotland who works diligently on MP3's and she made one of our sweet boy's laugh!!  So if you want it, Here it is, Casey's Laugh!
The Idols are in Manchester, N.H. tonight at the Verizon Wireless Arena.  I will keep my eyes open for new stuff coming in tonight, but it may be tomorrow before anything comes in, like it was last night!  Hoping for a twitter party from Casey....he hasn't been very tweet-worthy lately....guess he's got other things to do. 

We finally got a TWEET from Casey and he sent us a Twitvid.....or a Video from Twitter!!!  He seems excited, so watch as he tells us how much.....Watch Casey Here

Can he be any cuter??  Oh and.....looove the hat!!! 

I just got this in a little bit ago!  It's a video of  "Casey signing Autographs" outside the venue in Philly the other night!!  

And here's a very short clip of Casey setting the stage on fire with his jamming guitar skills.  I never get tired of watching him play!!!

Big Thanks to jordandombrowski for her awesome videos!

And what a nice shot of Casey at a signing outside the venue the other night!  Black is very  becoming on is every other color!! Love the design on that shirt, he really has good taste in clothing.  I remember him saying on Idol back in the beginning, he had no fashion sense....well, he does now!!  He always looks so sharp and fresh in his long sleeved shirts.....oh....they must be so hot!!  Bless his heart....think I'll ask him when I see him....just how hot they are.  :)
Thanks to Luciana for her great shot!

Ok, ya talked me into more very nice shot of Casey before I go to bed.... Rocking out and looking so good doing it!!  I love those 'hair flying' shots....they always show just how he's into his jamming!

Ok, just one more.....

Thanks to CoolCJFan and MelheartCJTX for sharing these shots!


  1. Glenda, thanks for everything!! Loved the pic of Casey, downloaded the laugh(makes me laugh every time I hear it!!) I downloaded it to my desktop and played it through windows media player, over and over, and couldn't stop laughing! I absolutely LOVE his laugh!! Makes me happy!! Thanks so much for the fanmail address, really appreciate it! Enjoyed the interviews! Great stuff! Thanks again! MAE777

  2. Thanks for the updates! Just doing my daily check on Casey news! Please keep it're doing so great keeping the fans of Casey updated! Yes, I so love the laugh of Casey James, too!


  3. Thanks girls...and I appreciate you!!! That Casey laugh just makes me happy too!!! I don't know if I've ever heard a more happy laugh! I've got it on my computer too and love listening to it! I admit, I don't know how to put it on my phone, but I'm getting a new phone in a few days....hopefully my IPhone...yea!!! I bet I can put it on that one!!

  4. Thank you so much ....I was checking new updates on casey for a lifetime.I love Casey James!!!!!

  5. WOO HOO! Wait till Casey comes to Pittsburgh...he ain't seen nothing yet! Love ya, Case!