Friday, July 16, 2010

Hershey Pa. last night and the Idols are off today in Albany N.Y.

Last night as I signed off, I know I said I would have more this morning.....but ya have to mornings start at about 11 am since I'm a late nighter!
I was in on the late night twitter party and Casey was really doing some tweetin'.  He even tweeted me again.  I had asked him if he ever got to "talk" to his babies on the phone and did they lick the phone when he talked.....and his answer was "not possible :)" I guess that means it can't happen for him, ever....awwww thats too bad, I know he misses his long eared babies every day!
Another post he did was undeniably for ALL of us!  So I got the link and read here what Casey replied to one of his many fans.  This is awesome that he told us exactly how he feels about this, and he is right on the money too!!  He is very intelligent and it didn't take him long at all to figure that out, once on AI.  Like his moma said just the other day...."Casey is intelligent....he knows when to speak, and when to listen".  Thats one proud moma right there, with every right to be!!
I'm hoping some stuff comes in from Hershey last night, but so far not alot, except the interviews I posted on yesterdays page.  Today is their day off and they are in Albany, N.Y. so some cool stuff should start surfacing soon!
I have an afternoon Dr. appointment, so it will probably be tonight before I get to post alot of information.  And I'll leave you with a couple nice photos of our boy from Hershey, Pa. And yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, that is Tyler Grady from early in the season on AI 9!!  It seems he and Tyler have remained friends ever since he left the show!  How cool is that??!!

Thanks to Deb Gordon for her great shots!

This little review just came through from  Don't miss the all important words Casey tells the interviewer at the beginning of the article!!  It's great news!!!!  Check it out  right here

And another nice photo from the Wachovia Center the other night in Philly!!  Enjoy!   More later...

Thanks to jordandombrowski for this great shot!

Casey's mom, Debra is having a little twitter party of her own right now.  What a sweet lady!  When asked what was one thing that Casey had taught her.....she replied...."To be optimistic and all circumstances".

She also said his name "Casey" means brave in Gaelic, and "Everette" means strong as a wild boar!  She said thats how she would describe one word??  Unique!

She is really answering alot of questions tonight....Casey 101  happening right now!!  She is such a precious lady.  She just revealed Casey's birthplace was Plano,Tx. a little ways from Dallas.  And Billy was born in Garland, a suburb of Dallas. 
Debra drinks Hazlenut coffee, and I like it too, sometimes.
She also shared the fact that she is a cancer survivor.....I had no idea about that.  She is a very strong woman and I commend her for that!  She is cancer free from what I could gather....and thank goodness for it!

There is just not much stuff at all coming in from Hershey last night!  So.... I think there are a couple videos, and I'll be back and post them shortly!!

No videos yet, but I found some pics of all the idols, and when I tried to get just Casey's it wouldn't let me, but here's the link, scroll down and he's toward the end!

The Idols are going to get to ring the NASDAQ bell on Monday, July 19th!!  Thats something different, I bet none of them have done before!  They really get to do some very unique things on this tour!  I'm happy for them, that they get to take part in such cool events and  things.....good for them!!

I never did find those videos I saw earlier today!  They had not posted Casey's videos yet, so I was waiting until they got his on, but I lost the hopefully they will surface tomorrow sometime.  The Idols were off today and the last we heard, Casey, Andrew and Big Mike were all headed out for a good time.  Guess we'll find out more about that....tomorrow.....
Good night...... 


  1. Thanks for the updates today! Just remember ANY Casey news keeps his fans satisfied! I'm pleased to see Casey is still friends with Tyler Grady. Casey was always my favorite right from the beginning, but I always thought Tyler had a cool vibe about him. I'm so excited for Casey and can't wait until his "OFFICIAL" announcement about his recording contract!

  2. I, too, am waiting to hear something about a recording contract for our Casey. I just keep telling myself that good things come to those who wait. In the meantime, he does seem to be enjoying himself on the tour and I really believe he's picking up new fans along the way, both very important things. Hope Casey had a great day off today!


  3. Thanks Glenda for all you do!! I didn't find a lot out there today either, but you gave us some great stuff! Excited to hear about Debra's twitter party and the neat things about Casey! I don't tweet but makes me want to sign up! Seems like a lot of fun!! MAE777

  4. Hey Glenda just have a question? Millsap on the high school sign is spelled with 2 L's. I notice here and on CJCC, it is spelled with one L. Do you know which is correct? Thanks again!! MAE777

  5. MAE777 I'm not sure how it's spelled, but I will look into it and get an answer quickly as possible!

  6. MAE777....The high school sign is correct! On yahoo maps it's definitely spelled.... Millsap....and of course I've been spelling it wrong!! lol Thanks for bringing that to my attention!!

  7. Thanks glenda!! MAE777

  8. thank you so much for keeping us updated on casey james.i clicked on to read the exciting news that you mentioned.but i haven't heard anyone else or casey say anything,that he signed a recording contract.surely he would shout it from a rooftop or something wouldn't he?or announce it at his hometown it anywhere else in print?

  9. Ladies....I'm with ya....I would love to know about this record far he just keeps teasing us with a word or two here and there. I said a while back that I was gonna predict something, and this is not confirmed so don't quote me!! I feel like he has a record deal with Capitol records which is owned by Sony. I think they are getting all the "loose ends" tied up, if ya will and dotting all their 'i's and crossing all their 't's before announcing it! Thats what I think, again it's not confirmed, this is just my feeling on things! I hope I'm right!