Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Idols play tonight at Times Union Center in Albany, NY

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!  It's another hot day here in Texas!!  I have searched high and low and I'm not coming up with much from the Hershey, Pa. show!  I did come across some good photos from Hershey, so I'll post a link here to see them, from a very excited fan who got to meet and talk with Casey for about 10 minutes!  He impresses each and every person he comes in contact with!  What an inspiration he is to todays younger generation!  He is a good role model and any parent would be proud if their child were to liken themselves to his character!
We'll start out with these nice shots of Casey, onstage in Hershey, Pa.
Thanks to TinaMarieDoraco for sharing her shots with us!

To see the rest of Tina's shots just click "Here"

More later.....

Thanks to for this fun little story by Casey,Lee and Andrew!  

Well, I finally came across a video from Hershey, Pa. on the 15th!!  Here's Casey tearing it up on the stage with his skillful guitar riffs as he plays slide guitar to  "It's All Over Now"

Thanks to Doubledutchtracy2 for this awesome video

One of our gifted and talented Casey fans is at it again....thanks to daydreaminmeme and seashellsxo for this lovely Banner of Casey, onstage at Hershey, Pa.

Ok, here's just one more of those great banners by the same people.....thank you to both of you so much for these great banners!!

Something just came in about the show in Hershey, Pa.  We all know thats "Aaron" land up there!  It's a nice review!  The article says....."The most un-idol moment of the night"......and  "Casey tore apart the stage with his guitar pyrotechnics".....  Check out the complete review "Here"


  1. I think that the banners look awesome.

  2. By the way, that's a great looking shirt Casey is wearing and all of the colors in the banner look great.

  3. The banners are terrific! GREAT JOB! Casey looks amazing in that shirt! Anyone else notice in the 4 pics Casey is playing 3 different guitars!? He is just too cool for words!

  4. Love everything you posted today!! Great pics and banners, video, and news about Casey fan 10 minute conversation!! Thanks Glenda!! MAE777

  5. Thanks ladies....yall are awesome!!

  6. Thank you Ms Jordon for this website. It's really helpful to Casey and his followers. Keep up the good work. And Casey seems to be getting even better in his performances, don't you agree? God bless everyone!