Friday, July 9, 2010

The Idols on GMA 7-9-10

The Idols performance on GMA this morning, went off without a hitch!  Everybody sang well, but there could have been a bit more of Casey for my taste!  He was dressed in that very cool blue Tshirt with the design on the front and dark jeans with a few worn spots on 'em that always looks so cool on him!  Here is the videos of all the Idols singing together on their group number.... "My Life Would Suck Without You"
as well as a few other videos and a cute beatboxing thing with Andrew, Lee and Big Mike all on stage at GMA!  I think I may like what Didi and Crystal are off doing on the side!!  :D
I came across this great review from a fan's point of view.....nice story of her amazing experience along with GREAT photos, from the Hamilton show!  So check her story and pics out   "HERE"
Many thanks to @CJFan_Audrey for sharing with us!

I came across some twitpics from the GMA performance, I'm gonna put them on separately, so check them out  "Here"  "Here" and "Here"
Thanks to evolmootion for sharing!

I'll post more later....when some more stuff comes in!  Oh, and if some of you remotely wondered if I threw caution to the wind and managed to get out of bed this morning....I DID!!  I couldn't sleep well last night anyway, so I crawled out of my bed at about 7:30am, and now.....I'm seriously paying for bones ache right now....I'm so sleep deprived!  Now I really get how Miss Paula feels on a daily basis!!  I might have to learn from Casey on this one and take me a nap in a little

Look....this just in....and oh boy is it good!!!!  Casey thanking all his Twitter fans!!  What an angel....he's always just so accommodating....going out of his way to be gracious to his many fans.....just another reason to love him!!!  See what he says "Here"
Thanks to Margherita for this cute video!!

Ok....seriously....this should be against the law.....just how awesomely amazing does this shot look??  Looks like an Album Cover.....must get it to Casey...must get it to Casey.....must get it to Casey...

Thanks to jcspenny,daydreaminmeme&momajames for this breathtaking poster!!

There is some talk about the song.... "Paint Me a Blue Sky"

and Casey's singing it, but I can't find out if he's singing it on tour or if he's singing it on the Wendy Williams Show or what!  I'll update this information as soon as I can confirm something solid!  In the meantime....treat your ears to some Caseyness by clicking on the song title above!!  Love this song.....enjoy!

Ok, I found out that Casey is singing "Paint me a Blue Sky" on the Wendy Williams Show!!  So yall don't miss it!   He'll be there on Monday, July 12th, and just check your  local listings....Fox I think is carrying it!  But it's on BET too, so just check and see when it comes on in your area!!

Here's something interesting!  I was so happy to read this....I gave a sigh of relief just to know this wasn't going to happen any time soon!!  Casey's music comes first, we all know that, but others may not.  Read it  "HERE"


  1. I had heard the rumor about that tv show a few weeks back around the purse party time and was very upset by it. I am so happy Casey isn't seriously considering this type of move...he is so right, he needs to focus on his music. I think him being on that show would cost him the respect of some of his fans. This was just the major vibe I was getting by reading what other fans thought of this at the time this rumor first surfaced. Thank goodness he has his priorities straight.

  2. OH that is one of my favorite songs... AND HEY NICE poster above... I hope I can produce a good poster to hold up for him at the concert... I'm so longwinded I want to write on the front and the back.. but I am putting cjcc on it (cause I love you girls) and TEXAS ANGEL!

  3. Anon, I got the same vibe when I heard it back then, didn't even bother me, cuz I know he has wanted this music career all his life, why blow it for a 50 cent show like that!! He ain't gonna let some show tell him who he's gonna marry....he's a music man, he ain't interested in getting married right now, you can tell!
    Thanks Kimberly...I love those posters that gal does, I been putting them on nearly every day! That last one, thats a shadow in black, I swear that looks like his 1st Album cover...don't ya think?? I'm glad about your can do it! Thanks for putting CJCC on it along with Texas Angel! i was gonna do another sign, but I think I'm going to have a t-shirt made that says "I voted over 20,000 times for CaseyJames"....think he'd like that?? I think it's actually closer to 25,000 but I didn't want to go over and be lying by saying 25 when I'm not certain it was. Thanks for commenting yall....keep coming back and tell your friends!

  4. First off, Fabulous pic! Second, I can't wait to see Casey on Monday singing "Paint Me A Blue Sky". So excited! Last, as for that tv show nonsense, I am sure Casey has more sense then to do a show like that one.


  5. Thank you so much for updating casey all the time..i love casey james,im a fan for a lifetime.By the way i love those posters,how can i get that one. Can you produce that it is printable so that i can print it.thank you so much.