Friday, July 9, 2010

Casey on the Wendy Williams Show!

Casey is making another TV appearance.....on the Wendy Williams Show, no less!!!  She loved him on American Idol this year!!  I have to be honest with you though.....I have not been a follower of Wendy Williams....I like her, but I just never took the time to run down her show and what channel and all....except when Kara was on there.....but I can't remember, for the life of me what channel it is right now....guess I should have googled it before I started this post....huh?  Ok, I'll go run it down and come right back and let yall know where to find it, because our sweet Casey is gonna be there!!   Hold on, I'll be right back......
UPDATE: see Casey on Monday, July 12th, he will be appearing on the  "The Wendy Williams Show"

Click the link to read about it.  I only know to tell you to check your local listings....seems FOX was carrying the show but it comes on BET at 12AM EST.  
Mr. James also treated us to another twitter party!  I think he's really getting the hang of that twitter stuff!!  He was asked about any news of the record deal yet, and his reply, was "not offically" that sorta....sounds like good news....yes??  I'm not gonna be the one to jump to conclusions here, but I think he'll let us know 'officially" as soon as he's given the go ahead from his label and his publicist too probably.  I'm very excited for him though! 
And he did tell us that he, in fact, penned the very emotional Pre-Idol song, "FREEZING"

It's an amazing song and so well written! was the first song he ever wrote....good to know!  Oh well, while I'm at it, and we're talking about Pre-Idol's  "Road to Coming Home"
Both of these songs are performed by Casey James and Crossover.  A trio made up of his brother Billy (BC) James and a friend whose name escapes me at this moment....please forgive me!
Oh...what the's  "FREE" and  "Swamp"
another two songs by Casey and Crossover!!  Awesome stuff right there!  I keep hearing all these songs are originals....written by Casey, but I can't say that for sure on the last three, I didn't do my homework before doing this...sorry!  I just know that it is some great music!! 
And....he once again, tweeted me!  I asked him if he was excited about doing the Wendy Williams show and he replied...."Heck Yeah!!" I guess he is!!!  Can't wait to see what he sings!  I hope he does more of these TV appearances!  Ok, thats all I got for today!  See yall soon!! 

Ooops....almost forgot.....can't end the day without some pretty for the here ya go.....

This was made when he wasn't tweeting us for a few days....we were
daydreaminmeme whipped this up....for all the


  1. Thanks for the Casey update. I'll be tuning in on Monday to watch him on the show. I especially loved the song "Freezing." I so hope and pray Casey will have good news soon about a recording contract.

  2. Loved Casey on the Wendy Williams Show. He does such a beautiful job with "Paint Me A Blue Sky."