Monday, July 5, 2010

Idols Live tonight in Hamilton, ON. Canada!

Good day everyone!  Hope yall had a great July 4th celebration with all your friends and family, and everyone stayed safe!  I for one, stayed inside for fear of feeling the heat for even a few seconds and breaking out into a horrible sweat....nope not for me....I'll view my fireworks from inside....thank you very much!! :)  And I love the sound of the fireworks popping and the beauty of the sky as they burst open into glorious colors....then raining down in a rainbow of colors....absolutely breathtaking!!  So thank goodness my neighbors have kids who insist on every kind of firecracker sold, and multiples of the good ones!!  Kept me entertained for about an hour or so....thanks neighbors!! :)
Ok, now on to more interesting things....Casey, for one!  I don't know how many  of you have ever thought about this, or how many actually 'know' this, but I've often wondered exactly what guitars Casey has on tour, and why he plays different ones for different songs...  There may be more, but here's what I managed to dig up:

Here's the rundown:
  • a 1983 blue Fender Stratocaster for I Got Mine;
  • a Paul Reed Smith acoustic and a white Fender Stratocaster for Don't!;
  • a Gibson nylon-string guitar for Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman;
  • a PRS Starla for It's All Over Now;
  • and a PRS 513 for It's My Life.
Why does he need six guitars for five songs? "Because they all sound different," Casey said. "Big time. Like night and day."
And for seriously gearheaded Casey James fans, apparently he uses Dunlop Tortex .88 mm guitar picks. we know!  I've always wondered exactly how he chooses what guitar to play with what song.....he is a smart cookie....way more than we probably know!

I couldn't post this without putting some 'pretty' on the page, so here's one to get us all feeling good about it being Monday!!  More later......

Many thanks to our talented daydreaminmeme for her cool creations!

Here's a nice sound quality video of Casey and Big Mike's beautiful rendition of  "Have you ever really loved a woman"
shot in Milwaukee on the 7-2-10  
But what's beyond me is why it's sideways the whole time???   I guess the videographer didn't realize it....oh well, the sound is great and if you tilt your head to the left.....the video is too!!  :)
Thanks to TheMusic5Chelb

 I can't remember if I've already posted this video or not, because I actually don't remember seeing this particular one.  It's a nice front view of Casey performing  "Don't in Auburn Hills"
 I love the guitar change in the middle of the song....who does that??   Nobody that I've ever seen does that in the middle of the just goes to show you how much Casey is, who he is....he  don't follow, or copy anyone!!
Thanks to leajo20 for this nice capture!

I finally found a clip, and it's a short one, of  "It's My Life"
with Casey playing guitar!  It looks like all the guys, then at the end Katy walks out....and it ends....I wanna see the rest of it....I hope someone posts a full version of it somewhere soon!  If anybody comes across it, could you please email it to me??  Thanks yall....
Thanks to hamster783 for sharing!

Wow!  I had not seen "Casey's Intro" from this angle....the light show and the sound....omg....and his name in lights on the's unbelievable!  Check it out!!
Thanks to Noahspark for this video

 I can't believe what just landed in my inbox!!  I cannot download it on this computer for some reason, but I'll put it here for all of you!!   Here is the MP3 of "I Got Mine"
Many thanks to my friend Paula for sending me  these!

This must be my lucky day again!!  Here is another  MP3 of "It's All Over Now"

And here's another of Casey at the Purse Party singing  MP3 of "Satisfied"

Here is something I just ran across......."Casey and Lee and FANS"!!

More coming later as I catch up with some news on the Idols first Canadian show.....check back....I'm posting at the bottom of each entry now, something just didn't look right, about posting above the initial Good Day paragraph when I, always look down the page for more new updates!  :)

 This just in: click on this for the full story >>>  Toronto Show Canceled

An interesting review came in so I wanted to share it with yall click  "HERE"

Hooo huuummmm.....I'm bored trying to find something about the show tonight!  There is one tweeter who was there, well, I'm sure there was more than one, but only one I was following.....but hasn't been able to post anything yet!  So....I'm gonna plaster the page with some 'beautiful'.....and some 'cool'.....while I'm waiting.....
If these 2 photos belong to you, please let me know, because I do not have the photo credit available at this time. But Thank you to whoever owns them!!

Ok, I found something interesting!  The Top 10 Idols are going to be on "Good Morning America" on Friday July 9th from 7 to 9 am EST.  So set your clocks and mark your calendars and don't miss this!  Those of you who are local, please try to see this in person, and get pictures and videos for us!!  To read all about it click  "HERE"


  1. Thanks again for all the great updates! I have to be honest, though, "Don't" is my #1 favorite from the whole season (Yes, I like it better then "Jealous Guy".) I absolutely loved it on the show, but watching it live...OMG! I melt EVERY time he sings it! I had to watch it a few times before I posted my comment! I bought all of Casey's songs from the show and love them all, but I find myself replaying "Don't" several times before I am satisfied. I so hope he releases it as a single...I think it would be HUGE!! I know I'd be requesting it alot! The guitar switch was a stroke of genius! Loved it!


  2. sound like a gal after my own heart...thats my favorite song from the show too, and in my truck traveling I will listen to Don't over and over...I love it.....and Jealous Guy too and Mrs. Robinson also!! I too bought everything I could find on him and now have a full length CD of all his songs on the show! He is so amazing!! I've never seen anybody change guitars in the middle of a right....stoke of genius....and thats exactly what I call him....a musical genius!! Thanks for liking the page! I'm loving doing it too!!

  3. I am so glad I found this website. Definately have it in the faves. Have to say IMHO at the Grand Rapids concert Casey was IT! It seemed to me that the audience was just "there" until Casey James' name appeared. And even before it came up on the marquee, the audience came to life, knowing who was up next. The excitement in the air was just electrfying. And when Casey came out.....OMG! It was almost hard to hear him singing from all the screaming fans...(or maybe that was just me screaming). I have been a loyal Casey fan from the beginning...but i do believe that after the performance he gave in GR, he acquired many many more fans. I too have all his performances from the show on the good ol' ipod and fall asleep at night listening to them(hubby not too thrilled but tough for him). I cannot wait for the day that his CD comes out and can attend one of his many many concerts. Rock it out Casey!!!

  4. Thanks was good to hear from somebody who was at the GR show!! I'm so glad to hear what you said about the audience just 'being there' until Casey came out!! omg....this man....he is just so amazing to me!! I too believe he is gaining more and more fans every day of this tour!! We all know that he should have been this headliner, but Idol had to have their way...and thats ok, because I do believe Casey will go on to sell more records than the other 2 put together! Nothin against Crystal and Lee, they have talent too, at least Crystal, Lee, I never saw what they saw in him. But I don't want to say negative things about the rest, because it is...what it is...we all know Casey is the Star out there, and thats all that matters!! Thanks for liking the site, please tell your friends!!

  5. Super-terrific review about Casey! (Your last post). No doubt he should have won! Casey's acoustic version of "Satisfied"...HOOOOTTTT!!


  6. Casey and Lee with the fans...AWESOME. I think I heard someone say no pictures in the backround and it looks like Casey is still posing with fans! LOVE him!!