Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hamilton On. Show 7/5/10

Hello everybody!!  Well, it's  Tuesday and still, the news is slow about the show in Canada.  I have a few tidbits I'm gonna start posting, but for now....This AWESOME Video of Casey & Big Mike doing their duet just popped into my inbox and I just have to share!!  Best one I've seen yet!!  This one was taken at Milwaukee, on 7/2.... Enjoy!! 

Thanks to Paula and ConcertCameraCat for this awesome video!

Found this link about one of the show changes on the Tour Schedule....check it out right  "HERE"

While out searching the web for anything from Hamilton last night, I did come across this "Interesting Blog"
The writer is a bit critical of the show as a whole, which I don't disagree with on most angles, and a bit moody it seems but....once again, Casey was his favorite!   Clearly....Casey is the real star of this show, as alot of people are starting to see....Read on to see what I'm talking about!!!

Ok yall!!  I finally came across some awesome shots from the show in Hamilton last night!!  And are they ever AWESOME!!!  The whole show is there, and Casey's pics start at the  bottom of page 1 and on into the 2nd page!!

To view the shots, please click  "HERE"

Thanks to Audry for sharing these!

A very excited Canadian Fan and her friends got to meet Casey and the other Idols because she won a texting contest at the show and won backstage passes!!  They were thrilled and one of the friends proceeded to write a  "Full Recap Here"

Congratulations to all of them!
Thanks to Paula for the heads up on this!!

Well, while I'm waiting on some more breaking news on Casey and the Idols, I can dress the page up a little with some "Mr. Pretty".....I know I shouldn't be focusing on his looks, and I'm not.....that is just one of his many attributes that are amazing!  So I'm gonna show off his 'amazing face', I mean profile......here ya go.....

Sorry, I have no clue who this pic belongs to, but if it's yours, thank you!

Well, there are some tweets coming in from a couple of the Idols.....but not.....you know who.....not sure if he's still having charging problems or what.  Would somebody please buy that boy a new charger??  Geezz!  And I can say that, because they are in NY today, milling around and told us to visit a bakery on 42nd street if we ever got to go there.....both Andrew and Aaron tweeted it, almost simultaneously!!  :)  So that must really be some good stuff they have in there!  Hmmm, I think I know why Casey didn't tweet it.....because he was too busy eating!!  We do know how much that Texas boy likes to eat!! :)

I just hit the jackpot with this awesome shot of Casey!  I can't say for sure where it was taken, but it was either Grand Rapids or Hamilton, On.  But once again, I have no clue who this shot belongs to, but I will give them credit if they will come forward!!  I absolutely LOVE this photo.....this is Casey James.....the Rocker.....and looking so like the professonal that he is......here's to you....Casey!!!  Cheers!!!!  You are finally living your dream!!!


  1. Great vid! Love this song! Thanks!!

  2. Good info day! THANKS so much! Terrific shot of Casey!!


  3. Thanks for all the info, not a lot out there today! Great pics of Casey! So gifted, wonderful person, beautiful man!! I'm so thankful he went to Denver, overcame all odds, and landed in the middle of a dream come true and now we, blessed also, get to share it with him!! MAE777

  4. OMG...that second pic of Casey is SUPER-FABULOUS!!! Rocker? ROCK GOD!!

  5. Thank you so much for updating casey...great pictures and vid...fan for a lifetime

  6. I posted all my vids and pictures from Hamilton on Facebook days ago, how do I get them to you. I tried putting them in all the appropriate places so fans could see them. Thanks for doing such an awesome job with this blog!!!

  7. ConcertCameraCat's video of Casey and Mike is super! Love Casey's awesome smile and the whole performance. Also, love that last picture of Casey...HOT! And I like his shirt.