Sunday, July 4, 2010

 I thought it was about time to post some more 'pretty' on this page to make it look better!  I hope everyone had a great 4th of July celebration, including all of the Idols, who are now in Canada, for their show tomorrow.

Thanks to our very talented daydreaminmeme for this beautiful poster!


Ok....this just in....according to here is the low down on whats up with the tour schedule!

Cleveland, Oh. is CANCELLED
Toronto, Canada is CANCELLED
Buffalo NY-Omaha NE-Kansas City Mo--Tickets are no longer available for sale on There is no confirmation of these shows being cancelled as of now.

Bridgeport Ct. has moved from Sept. 13th to July 9th

Chicago Il. has been moved from Aug. 30th to Aug. 28th

This is all the news I have on this at the moment....will keep yall updated as I get it in.

Cha-Ching!!!!  And once again here's another one of those Awesome photos with some of the smartest wording I think I've seen in a while.....

Thanks going out once again to daydreaminmeme and soepic for this awesome poster type photo!

I just hit the jackpot again with a video from Auburn Hills, Mi. on Casey's very 1st performance of the tour and it's from a different angle and totally TOTALLY captures the artist as he struts his stuff on that stage the 1st time....omg....I am absolutely LOVIN' this video!!!  He was at his peak in this performance!!!

A big hearty Thanks going out to courtneyx78 for this excellent video!

I just found this awesome photo of Casey on twitter!  This pic says it all, doesn't it??   I loooove this!!!    
Great big THANKS to daydreaminmeme on twitter for this awesome pic of Casey!!                               
                                                                                                                                                                     Ok folks, I been out looking, and if you havn't seen this bunch of photos, well let me tell are in for a treat!!  This is the whole show.....the Milwaukee, Wi. show on 7-2-10 .....and all of the Idols and the photos are clear and check all of them out right "HERE"
Casey's shots start at the bottom of page 2 and into page 3....and Casey looks Awesome!!!!  Best ones so far!!!   Enjoy!!
Great big thanks going out to candisleighphotography and DBazzy   

Happy July 4th!!! !

The Idols are well into Canada today
and on their day off as well!  I just bet they are all setting around talking about what a surreal experience their first 3 shows were.....or not....
Maybe Casey, Andrew and Mike are hanging out talking about it....who knows what they really do when they havn't got a Mic or a camera in their faces!  But one thing you can be sure of....You can bet Casey has a smile plastered across that handsome face of his that will probably last till the tour is over!!  :)
  And that smile is what we all want to see on his face!  He has alot to be thankful for and he shows it and says it every day, somewhere!  Every day on twitter....well.....when his phone is charged up....:).....he never ever forgets to say how grateful he is to us fans.  He always says he loves us and his family and his friends and of course his dogs.....he is a true southern every sense of the word.  I would give anything to interview him right now, to just get a feel for the excitement I know he's feeling in his soul!  We feel his excitement through his music and his's just there, and if you are a true Casey  Fan, you know what I'm talking about!

Here is a review I found, it doesn't make Casey stand out a whole lot, but somewhat, at least they loved his set... but the writer gives their take on the whole show and each performers set, which is an interesting read.....check it out..........."HERE"

Ok, I'm heading out to look for some pictures or videos from last nights show in Grand Rapids, Mi.  If your reading this and you have some.....please comment and let me know where to get can send them to me here!  Thanks!  Yall have a very careful July 4 th now.....but have fun!!!


  1. Wow! Thanks for puttin my poster up! I'm honored :) Actually, credit for the picture goes to D.Bazzy...someone else posted it originally, but she's the photographer! I have a really terrible habit of rushin to post stuff & then forgettin to give credit where it's due :(

  2. Me to say that this is an AWESOME blog! You're doin a really great job here...THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  3. I, too, love the photos of Casey. He looks so happy...he's just glowing! This is a really terrific site...THANKS for keeping Casey fans in the know!

  4. Credit for the original "Adonis" photo goes to soepic...I just use pics of Casey that I find online and make the posters from them...someday I hope to have hundreds of my OWN pics of this incredibly talented young man when I finally get to see him in concert! Thanks for usin it in your blog, Dawlin!

  5. Hey yall....your welcome for this me some Casey, I do!! I just wanted to do something special for him for his very first tour and this is what I came up with!! I'm gonna keep it going all through the summer tour...and then....I don't know, maybe I'll keep it going to just keep putting Casey news on for yall.
    Casey is great in person....I didn't get to talk to him, but when he was walking in the door at the (now famous) Key's Lounge in Ft. Worth, he grabbed my Right hand with both of his and held it for a second as he walking and just slid his hands off of mine and on to the next person....omg.....I tell ya....I was beside myself with happiness....Casey had held my hand.....!!!! But I will get to talk to him soon enough, and the first thing I'm doing is getting my hug...he said he wanted to hug all of us at the Stockyards in Ft. Worth, so I'm holding him to it....a great big ole' hug is what I want!! Then some convo, and a picture or two...and I'll be on cloud 9. Yall tell all your friends and get them to coming over here so Casey will have a big following. I got 2 great big Thank You's from Billy and Momma James for this, I'm happy about that!!! Thanks again for the compliments girls!!

  6. Oh and daydreaminmeme...thanks for letting me know the original credits for the pics...don't want anyone po'd at me!

  7. This was such a good idea. I'm so excited for Casey...haven't been this excited in years about a performer. He just has IT for me and I really can't get enough of this guy. He seems so real and genuine. Plus he has oodles of talent. I love the sound of his voice...singing, talking, and that laugh...OMG! I check your site daily just to get my Casey fix. Thanks so much!!


  8. Thanks Rachel....thats what I'm here we can all get our daily Caseyfix on!!! :)

  9. What a wonderful Blog you've created girl! You're writing is spectacular, you definitely have a "gift" for writing! I hope Casey gets to see this soon (if he hasn't yet) and I'm sure it will widen that big smile on his face, to know what amazing fans he has! Keep it going,'re a very positive voice for our sweet Casey and thank you! <3

  10. Sincerely, thank you for doing this for us and for Casey. I, too, haven't been this excited about a musical artist ever. While his musicianship draws you in, it is his character and soul that cements the deal.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Hi, I am Casey's brother Billy. Just wanted to say I am diggin your site here. Wanted to say thank you. On the gear section I wanted to tell you he uses GHS Low tune Nickel Rockers guitar strings on the Fenders, not sure if he uses those on all the electrics though.

  12. goodness, I don't know how I missed these important comments! Thank you to all of you so much!! And Billy, you just made my day sweetie!! Thanks so much for the added info about the guitar strings....I had no idea what kind he used!! And also, thank you so much for reading my blog....I will always try to keep everything as positive as possible and I promise to never make Casey look bad in any situation or rumor that may be flying off the headlines! I will usually pass those by and not even post any of 'em. The last thing we need is an untrue rumor getting attention!! I will protect him as much as possible....just so you know!! Thanks again everybody!!!!!!!