Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Idols are in Wantagh, NY today!

Hello and good day to everybody!  This day is turning out to be a slow news day too, just like yesterday, but I'm gonna wish for a miracle!   And voila.....Casey is tweeting again!!  Yep, and of course, as usual I missed it!!  I can't just sit on twitter all day waiting for him to tweet....cause we know this man is not a creature of habit.. ...or he isn't with his tweeting anyway!!  He told some tweeters today that his 'tweeter wasn't working'.... :D....'but it's working now'!!  Ok, we forgive you, Mr. Pretty.....since it wasn't your fault....but did you get a new charger???  Lets hope so!  Now....if he  can keep his tweeter working, I guess we'll be hearing from him!! :)  He says 'it's Texas hot up here right now' let me tell you......that is hot for NY!  He also says "Shows are amazing. It's so great to be playing more.Especially in this situation.I really can't explain how amazing my life is right now."  And he goes on to say this about greeting the fans at the shows....'You see how crazy it gets.I try so hard to say hi to everyone.Pics and sigs.There just isn't always time'  Bless his heart, he just wants to 'HUG' everybody and show love for his fans, but there is not always time for every single person, and that must be hard on him.....But he's in a great mood, looks like, and happily enjoying his tour so far!!   I couldn't be happier for him!

This just in:   A very excited and gracious fan shared the link to her pictures from the Hamilton Show on Monday!   So click  "HERE"  to view them now!!  And congrats to her on getting to meet Casey!!
Thanks to thompsongurlies for sharing these pics!

"American Idol Tour to end early;several dates canceled"  Thats the sad headlines thats been creeping into the news lately....many people will be disappointed and won't be able to get to any other show.  It's really sad for the fans who won't be able to make it to any other show. :(  A full list of the revised schedule is "HERE"

I certainly hope too many people don't get let down by this, and I hope the Idols don't suffer from it!  It seems that it would worry them as to why they are losing tour dates.  I just hope it doesn't affect their performances.

On a lighter note, some awesome videos surfaced, and I can't wait for yall to hear "Always".....a song Casey did acoustically at that purse party on the beach here while back.  It's a cover by Charlie Robison, a well known Country singer, and Casey's reason for learning it will bring tears to your eyes...
Thanks to livenation for this excellent video

And one more from that purse party at Malibu that quickly became a favorite from the show......"Jealous Guy"
omg....this one still makes me shed a tear....his voice is so clear and strong and you believe him when he's singing this literally is Casey telling a story.....of love and misunderstandings......His voice reaches the depths of my soul in a  way no other does......Enjoy.....

Thanks to livenation for this video as well.

Well....look what I "MP3 of Always"

I'm going searching for more....back soon.....I'll give credit when I find the rest of them.....
Ok, I'm back again with the  "MP3 of Jealous Guy"

I love all this stuff coming in!  I'm going now to get a full video of one of the group songs.....
and here it is......"My Life Would Suck Without You"

Thanks to Paula and ConcertCameraCat for the MP3's and Video
Well, I think it's high time we got some pretty slapped across this's looking a little drab.....don't ya think??  Here ya go.....

Yeaaaa....thats better......much better!!!  Doesn't he dress a page up nicely?!
Thanks to daydreaminmeme for her awesome creation!

I was hoping something would come in from New York, but  for some reason they were late getting on the bus after the show....oh wait.....we  were treated to a twitter party from none other than the man himself.....Goldilocks!!  In this twitter party I do remember him saying that he got through all the people......and I took it to mean he got to sign and take pics with and visit with everybody!  So thats why they were  late getting on the bus.  Then Casey made himself and Big Mike a sandwich, but....he didn't tell us what kind it was.  WoW!!  What a great guy to fix anther guy a sandwich.  So thats why they were so late getting back to the bus....understood....
 He is just so grateful to us, and I'm so proud to be one of his biggest fans!  I didn't catch alot of any real facts, but he did tweet yours truly.....I had capitalized my letters and said to him....Will you just say SOMETHING??  And he tweeted back and said    Something ;)  Don't you wished you'd asked a question now!? :)

Ha ha ha thats a good sense of humor....I called him Mr. smarty-pants and that I DID ask a question....keep reading...!!  :)  I had asked him if anyone had ever pulled his hair out!?  Well....I wanted to know!

But he never tweeted me again....guess that was it for me...
Ok, I'm hoping to find some pics and stuff from the NY show by tomorrow sometime.....yall come on back now......



  1. Love your blog!!! Keep up the good work, girl!

  2. Casey seems to be pretty glad! He also seems concerned about his fans and meeting them; everyone knows he can't possibly thank everyone of them, but he's a darling just to worry about them! Love any Casey news...keep it up!!


  3. Thanks Shari....coming from a professional writer....I really value your opinion!!! Thanks a million girl!!! Now...if I could just figure out a way to make money doing it, I'd have it made....CLOL!!

  4. Thank you very much! I love to come here and read all your great news about Casey. He is so talented and one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen/inside and out! He pulls you in with his sincerity! I feel like I know him. MAE777

  5. Hey girlie, girl! I love reading your blog too!!!! I saw Casey's Tweet to you this morning on my page, too funny!!! I love his sense of humor too. Keep up the great work. I know it is time consuming, but I appreciate what you give us here.

  6. WOW! Casey did a super-amazing job on the song "Always". I choked up a little when he sang that first line...especially after his story at the beginning of the song.

  7. Love Casey's song "Always." Nice ole country tune with a lot of meaning. Great sound, great voice. Love Casey.