Saturday, July 3, 2010

Milwaukee Wi. Show 7-2-10 and Grand Rapids, Mi. 7-3-10

 I found the videos from tonights show in Grand Rapids, Mi.!!  I didn't have time to go through all of them, but I'm guessing that all the songs are there!  When you click on the link to see them, you will see Casey's name under his videos....just click and be prepared to be mesmerized!!!  His set is so awesome it's unreal!
At last contact on twitter, he told us they were almost to the Canadian border and he was gonna go to hoping he gets more rest so he can feel better!!  If any of you fans can remember while talking to him....tell him he needs oil of Oregano to clear up and cure sinusitis!!  I've heard that it really works well!   Ok, here are  Casey's Videos from Grand Rapids, Mi. 7/3/10

Great big thanks to jennasg for sharing her videography!!

Well at least I've found a review to post about the show  last night in Milwaukee more pics or videos yet....but this review has good good words about our Read it here

 Ok, the first pictures of the night are coming in now!!  I didn't get to see but about a minute of Casey's set on Livecast...couldn't get it to work right!  Anyway twitter is producing some pics and they are very nice indeed.... :)

Thanks going out to Brennaftw for these nice shots!




  Update:  Just in case some of you may have missed it, there WILL be a Livecast from the 2nd row!!!!  This is gonna be good, don't miss it!!!! 


Show starts at 7:30 EST and word has it that Casey should be on around 9:00
Thanks to jennasg for graciously streaming this livecast for all of us at home!!

Twitter update: It seems the reason Casey has not been tweeting is his phone is either not working or is dead.  Hang in there tweeters he'll be back!

this information was tweeted by a fan, Muddster88 who just met Casey! 
Congrats to you girl!!  Thanks for the tweet!

Just as luck will have it....and it's good today....I found a livecast of one of the fans and theres a bunch of Casey interacting with the fans!!!  This is a must  Click Here
to check him out!!  He's so precious with the fans.....

Big Thanks to the very  talented jennasg for this awesome livecast video she posted for us!!   Congrats on meeting Casey girl!!

I've been surfing around and searching for anything I can find on the Wi. show last night and I'm starting to hit the jackpot!!  omg.....this video of Casey is very clear and the videographer was very good at zooming in and out, and it made for a killer video!!  You can really see Casey clearly as he rips it up on his guitar solos on his first song...."I Got Mine"

The lighting and his name and picture shining HUGE behind him looked soooo amazing!!!  It just made me well up a bit to see this, and think how far he's really come in just a few short months!  I feel such pride in my heart for I know his family does!

A great big THANK YOU goes out to Concertcameracat for this awesome work!

I managed to wrangle up a few photos from the Milwaukee show!  Casey couldn't look any happier to be on that stage and pouring his heart and soul into the music he loves!!  Finally America gets to see first hand, what a bunch of us have been talking about all along!  Casey is a musical genius!  And he's got the raw, gritty, yet soft and endearing vocals to go with it!!  He's  everything all rolled into one very nice package!!



Big Thanks to Brad Vest and Kesssee for sharing their photos.


  1. Thanks for the great Casey pics. I love the black shirt with the blue peacocks(?) at the top. He's such a cutie!

  2. You may wanna put this one here, it's an awesome vid of I Got Mine

  3. Thanks Carman!! I appreciate the help!! Welcome anon. I will be following this whole tour all summer long, so make sure you come back for all the Casey news as the Tour rolls on!! Tell your friends too...we need more readers!!! Lets all spread the 'Caseyness' around...I love that word!! lol...