Thursday, July 1, 2010

Concert Cellcast Tonight!!!!

Things are starting to come together for the Idol's Live first tour stop of the season in Auburn Hills, Mi.  There will be a 'LIVE' cellcast of the entire 1st show!!  So get ready folks.....this is gonna be amazing!!!    Just click    HERE to watch at 7:30 EST as the show progresses from Start to Finish!!!  Who's excited???  This will be just like being there!!  And congrats to all who do get to be there in person!!  We're counting on you to fill up the pages of Caseymania with Fan Videos, Pics, and news from the show!!!
Be back later.............

>Ok, I found some more interesting news with the Title...."Casey James...'you have to amplify everything'..." and this turned out to be an interesting way that Casey is seeing things, and how he plans to do some things to make other things be better.....never click "HERE"  to see what I'm talking about....he is so smart....I really like the way he thinks things through!

>I thought I'd sneak this little tidbit of information in here.....this is really  "HERE"

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