Thursday, July 1, 2010

Behind the Scenes with 'Momma James'

This is an interesting interview from the Mineral Wells Index.....given by none other than the mother of Casey James....Debra James.  She has lovingly been tagged 'Momma James' by Casey's adoring fans!  We all just loved that about him when he spoke of his mother as 'Momma' not Mom or any other was Momma for Casey....and we didn't think anything could be cuter than hearing  a man still call his mother....Momma.....thats just so sweet.....

So....without further adoo (sp?) is Momma James talking about her baby boy, Casey, and his clothing....and a few other things!!  She's just a doll!!

And while we're on the subject of 'momma's', I'm sure Debra did not want to hear that Casey is getting sick again!  Reports said that Casey's allergys have flared up again and he said today, that his throat was swollen....I sure hope the meds he's been taking can get him through this rough spot before tonights show!  I posted a link to read the whole story, but couldn't get it to work, for some reason! 

I will be back later with more news as it comes through!!

<*> An interesting tidbit of info.....American Idols Live Tour comes to Grand Rapids
Casey talks about 'red dirt' or Texas music and musicians,and I for one am a Big Fan of the Red Dirt music!!  I had no idea Casey was a Big Fan of it too!!!   For one of my favorite Texas  "HERE" to check out Johnny Cooper Music  I know, I know.....he looks 12.....but he really is about 22 or 23!!  The songs on his FB page are from his newest album, but I have to be honest with you.....I don't like it as much as his second album....called "Ignition"!!  Look up some of his stuff on youtube, that is one bada$$ album!!   Johnny is a great guitarist like our Casey!  I'm sure Casey probably knows him personally or at least knows his music!

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