Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, once again.....Casey had a little 'tweeterfest'....(I know I misspelled 'twitter' on purpose) and I missed it!!!  *stomping feet now*....but I did go through the tweets and managed to pull out a few 'Casey Facts'!  This is for those of us who just can't seem to get enough of this wonderful human being!! :)  One thing that I think is very cute about him, is he loves....!!!!!......and :).....and ;)....while he's tweet'n.  If you get one of those, then you are a special person indeed....*lol*....
He decided to unveil one of his songs he will be singing in his set on the Tour.  And it's "Don't"!!!!!   Yes!!!  That is one of my VERY favorites he sang on the show!!  He also confirmed Big Mike's slip up of the duet with him which will be, "Have you ever loved a Woman".  Another favorite of mine from the show!  But he also 'hinted' at some down home 'Blues', as well!!  Can't wait to see what that first show produces tomorrow!!  Anybody else excited?????
He also told a tweeter, when asked the question.....John Wayne or Clint Eastwood?.....he definitely said John Wayne, without hesitation!!  A man after my own John.....hmmmm
And last but not least, by any means.....he was asked why he always seems to be wearing long sleeved shirts.....and I'm so glad he gave an answer because living in Texas with this sweltering heat upon us, I too, was wondering the same thing.....because he was burning me up just looking at him with those long sleeves on his arms......ugh!!!  Hate Texas summers!!!  Ok, now back to the question.....why he always wears them.....he said it was a personal preference!!  Hmmm......don't he just burn up in those things???  Thats my twitter question!!!!  But I noticed some people were thinking it was because of his scars on his arm.....not so....and good to know.  He said he was not ashamed of his scars.....and I'm sure he wears them proudly!  They are probably a daily reminder of how close he came to actually losing his life that day 6 years ago.  

Well, in just a few short hours, Casey will begin his first ever Tour, and I'm so proud for him!!  I know this is going to be the greatest day of his life.....going out on that stage tomorrow to perform for thousands of people who paid good money to see him give his all!!  And I know he will be giving his all!!!  I'm sure he'll have a permanent smile on his face for quite some time!!  :)  I wish Casey much luck with his 1st performance and I can't wait to see all the photos, videos and news the fans of Auburn Hills, Mi. have to offer when it's all over!!!
I will be back in a few hours with all the pre-concert news I can find.....and those who are lucky enough to get to be there.....Congratulations!!   There's never gonna be another 1st Tour Show for him, so yall take it in, take it all in.....and live in the moment......and love every minute of it!!!   yall have a good night!  :)


  1. Just love the way you blog Glenda! Feels like we're sitting down & having a chat!! So greatful you started this, THANK YOU!!! Hey Glends, what's my URL???? LOL Maybe I sould make my URL 'Dory'

  2. Ummmm lost me girl....I have to admit....I have not freaking clue what the hell you're talking about...>*lol*<... oops....sorry about cussing....but once you said...we are chatting! Thank you sooooo much for the compliment girl!! Thats how I want to do the blog, like we're all right there just chattin' it up! My alter ego, Suzie is a writer ya know....?!...But seriously I won't ever say a cuss word on the front of this blog, not ever. But I do tend to indulge from time to time....hope it doesn't offend you in any way! I value your input and opinions....after all you home school 5 kids....your a genius!! :)