Thursday, July 8, 2010

Idols Live on Good Morning America!!

That's right!!!  Yall set your clocks and get up and make sure you don't miss the 10 Idols on  Good Morning America  The show will air on ABC at 8:30 am EST.  I will do my best to not miss it, even though I am not a morning person....but I may have to make an exception to my 'always sleep till I wake up' rule!  Set the clock and don't.....I repeat.....'Don't' hit the snooze.....or ya just might miss it!!  And for those of you or us who do miss it, I will be digging to find a video or writeup about it as soon as I can find one!!

I want to say a great big thank you to my friend Paula, who did a little posting and finding news to share with you all while I was down for a few hours.  I have a vertigo problem that was ongoing but a catscan today proved nothing serious going's an inner ear should be walking straight again before ya  know it!!  Thanks to all those who helped me through this with lots of love and good thoughts and prayers!!  You are all my people....;) and much love to all of you!!

It seems the Idols had a day off and some of them were out shopping, but where is Casey???  He has this uncanny ability to just disappear without a trace....well, we all hope that he's working on good things for his in a record deal....hopefully??   I'm sure he will be hollering to the heavens when he gets that deal in his hand!  We probably won't need the internet to hear Casey's happiness.....I bet he can holler as loud as he can laugh!!  :D   Gotta love that 'Casey Laugh Out Loud' laugh of his!!!  :D
Ok, I'm gonna go see if I can find anything important out later.....


  1. Meh...not enough Casey for me on the show this AM. I'm greedy that way...He sounded terrific and looked amazing, though!