Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bristow, Va. info and Baltimore, Md tonight

Hi Everyone!  It's Saturday and a scorcher outside even though the temperature gage outside says 95 it feels like 99 with high humidity!  It's like a sauna when it rains a few drops!  Anyway, most of the country  is suffering from this major heat wave we've got going on!  But like Casey says...."Be happy in your situation, it could always be worse"!  So I try not to complain too at least my house is cooler!

Now on to more important things....Casey!  The Idols were in Bristow, Va. last night and a few bits of 'Caseyness' has rolled into my hands....

First off.....we have a nice interview from MyFoxdc, and CASEY is at about 1:58  So click   'here'     to read the article, and watch the video.

Here are a couple shots from the show last night in Bristow, Va.  The second shot shows Casey playing that awesome blue guitar with ONE hand!  I love watching's amazing to see it!!!!  What a great talent he is....and we probably haven't seen the 1/2 of what he's capable of!  Thats why I'm so stoked to follow him from the very beginning so I can watch his progression from a boy playing gigs in little smokey bars to National fame!! more....this one is so full of's fantastic!!

Many thanks to GermanPrincessLar and itzmerenee  for these beautiful shots!!

If you would like to see her other great shots from GermanPrincessLar, then here they are.....  just click  'here'

And now, I am a sucker for good videos.....and I'm not sure if this has been posted, but if it has....I guess I'll be posting again!  It's never a bad thing to repost the Great stuff!!!  This was in Albany, NY.

"Casey & Big Mike Have you really ever loved a woman"
 Thanks to puckfan80 for this wonderful video!
Since I'm posting the duet, here's another from Mansfield, Ma. and it is really clear and there's some enjoy!  I'm pretty sure I've posted this one too, but I love it as well!!

Casey & BigMike singing their duet

And now.....I promised you some of Paula's shots from her Newark show....well, here's one....and my goodness.....what a close up and nice view of Casey's hair!  He has the most beautiful hair I believe I've ever seen on a far!!

And here's another of Paula's.  I don't think she got too many, but these are 2 of my favorites!

I finally found some videos from Bristow, Va.  Here's Casey with  "I Got Mine"

And here's  "Don't"
also from Bristow, Va. last night!
Thanks to Mvalliere5 for these nice but short videos!

I wanted to share something with all of you, but this has not been confirmed, so please don't quote me on this....but there's a not so good thing going on over at Twitter about some comment that Siobhan and Crystal made about Casey having a girlfriend.  From what I can tell, this was a joke on the girls part, but it has created quite a stir from people.  So.....I will try to dig up some more info on this subject and get back with ya!   Also....I just read on the Casey James Cougar Club on Facebook that there WILL be a twitter party with Casey tonight!  Ok, a designated time has not been released, and this has not been confirmed, but if you are on twitter, just log in about the time the show is ending and we should know something some time after that!

More to come later.
I am back to confirm the mess that happened on Twitter earlier.  As it turns out, the two girls were playing a not so cool joke on him by announcing to the twitter world that a girl was seen coming from
Casey's room.  That is not never happened, and if it did, it wouldn't be any of our business to say anything.  But the fact is....Casey is not that kind of person, I truly believe he has way more class than that.  So here's two quotes from him:

"I don't have any gfs. some people just have a different sense of humor I guess;"
"I just don't want people to be misinformed or confused about me, it's up to yall"

That is what Casey tweeted today in response to the many questions that were being asked of him.  So I think it's safe to say, Casey has no girlfriends, and therefore, there was no one coming from his room.  It was just all a bad joke by the they should have known better than to do.  And that's my opinion.  Yall just remember, Casey is an honest, stand up person, and he has no reason to say something that is not true....he just wouldn't do it....and I know that!  So, hopefully this will just fall by the wayside....and nothing else will come up about it.

Casey did not have a twitter party tonight and he had actually tweeted that....There is a long drive tonight after the show...twitter party!!  See ya there!

But, I got a feeling, he may have had his belly full of twitter today and maybe decided not to tweet afterall.  I do wish he could just let us know when he can't.  But I'm sure he's busy, and don't have time to do alot of that right now.  So there was no late night sandwich segment either.  I'm about to go on to bed, so if something comes through in the middle of the night, I'll post it on tomorrow's page.  Good night yall....

In closing, here is a nice shot of Casey at Bristow, Va.
Thanks going out to GermanPrincessLar for her great shot!


  1. I think the "joke" these two girls played on Casey was in poor taste. "Jokes" like this one spread like wildfire and could ruin a person's reputation. Imagine the outcry if someone had done this type of thing to those two girls. I personally feel he is a grown man and should be allowed to have a personal life. It is not my business, unless he decides to share it with the fans. I hope Casey wasn't too upset by this nonsense. I know in my heart, as I am sure his fans do too, that he is a class act and would not do anything to blemish his character or disappoint his fans in any way.

  2. Casey was apparently "upset" enough to unfollow Siobhan..and I can't say that I blame him. This is how ugly rumors get started and once they are out in the public domain, they are very hard to dispel. What Siobhan did was immature at best and cruel at worst...she could have ruined his reputation. I have no doubt at all that this flap was the reason behind no twitter party last night...and I don't blame him there, either. It would have been nothin but questions about the whole "gf" episode... Casey is smart to let this all die a natural death.

  3. Thanks ladies, and I totally agree!! They should have known better, and that goes to show how immature both of them were, in not knowing that this could potentially blow up in their faces! This is exactly how 'bad rumors' get started about good people like Casey. I don't blame Casey either for doing and saying what he did.

  4. It's apparent the girls didn't give this one much thought and didn't think of the aftermath of a decision of a joke/nonjoke like this. I believe Casey James is a man of character and I like you, Glenda, pray this all pass over speedily! I pray the girls learn a life lesson from this one! There's some things in life you just don't say or do, regardless of the intent! I know no one is perfect, but I do believe in Casey! This, too will pass!! MAE777

  5. Thank you for posting some info about this, Glenda. Hopefully these tasteless rumors will pass with little or no real public notice. Casey really cares about his fans and does NOT want any of them to see him in a negative way, especially when it's not true. He is the sweetest person and would never think about doing that to someone else, especially a fellow Idol, even as a joke.
    I do believe that it's ALL about the music right now for him and attaining the recognition he's worked so hard for. But whether it's now or in the future, what Casey does in his private life is just that, PRIVATE!

  6. totally school girl crap.i always said tatoos tell alot about a girls personality.i noticed that casey didn't have any and i was so thrilled.
    but when girls have them it really makes them look cheap.don't care for either one of them.