Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New interviews, videos, and pictures of Casey James and his really awesome band!!

Crying on a Suitcase is moving on the charts, and ended up at the #30 spot moving up 3 spaces to break the Top 30!!!  Keep those requests going in Casey Fans, it's working!!! 

Remember Casey's co-star in his new video? Leah Harmon @Leah_Eliz  tweeted, "yep @TKMcKamy did @caseyejames's vid too. Saw the 1st cut on Tuesday. It's Amazing. Get excited!" We are, Leah!! Thanks!
You bet we're getting excited!!!!!  It won't be too long now and we'll get to see it!!!!  :)

Here is a video interview, (which I always like better) from Decatur's show last weekend.  It's a short but sweet video, and I really just love the 'man bun'.....where are you Drew?? aussie friend who loves the man bun on Casey....., here it is!!!  LoL!!!  Actually there are quite a few who are fond of this doo on Casey, and I like this shorter beard with this man bun.  It looks great.  But if his beard gets any's just not my taste, I guess., NewsCenter17, StormCenter17, Central Illinois News-

We have some people glad to share pictures and videos, and I'll post a few here for yall now....Enjoy!!!  And Thank you!!

Thanks to Chris B for her artistic touch to this photo!  :)

Thanks to Pam & Lisa for this emotionally packed shot!! 

 Thanks to BosJerseyGirl for this awesome much emotion....

Thanks to Gail V. for this awesome shot!!

Casey James hangs out at the WMZQ Studio  (Pictures)

So Sweet .... in Belpre, Ohio (Thanks to Lisa P)

Crying on a Suitcase~Belpre, Ohio~Thanks to pjwood67

Photos from Country Kickin' Cancer Benefit in Salem, Ohio
(Thanks to Lori Crowl for all she did for this benefit)

Casey and the Band in Belpre, Ohio (Pictures)
(Thanks to Pam and Lisa for these great shots!)

Awesome Article!!

Casey James - Life in Lansing

I've got a couple more videos to try and find and I'll put them on as soon as I can!!  :)

Until then....


  1. I'm with you on the beard thing..only like it if it's real closely cropped. Oh well, think it's one of those "man things". ha

  2. Haha!!! I guess it is. Yea, he looks really good with it short, and I like 'em shaved under the neck, to me, that almost looks like their neck is dirty...haha!! And my favorite, besides a clean shaven face is the 5 o'clock shadow....thats sexy on any man. It don't feel good on tender facial skin but I like how it looks. So my hubby has to stay away from me if he doesn't shave a couple days, or I hold my hand between our faces....that always tickles him...haha....

  3. WHERE have I been? Certainly not here... =( Don't know how this blog slipped under me, YAY!

    Well, I'm here now, better late then never. =)

    1. Hey Carol, I just checked those links below, and neither of them are working. I will try something else.....



      If this don't work, you can always look on the sidebar and click to either of them. :)

  4. Hi Carol!! So glad to see you found us!! I really don't shove it down anyones throat too much, I don't want to make enemies...ya know. I post about it sometimes, and if others want to repost, or retweet, then please be my guest. How did you find this site?
    We have a twitter account.... @CaseymaniaBlog and a Facebook page..... **CASEYMANIA**. It's a PAGE that you click LIKE....not a group.

    Here are the links:



    Hope to see you in the future! And if you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask, I'll try to answer anything, if I can. Spread the word, and please tell your friends and family! :)


  5. Great post Glenda !! Always a pleasure to read Caseymania !!!! I hope Cryin on a Suitcase keeps climbin the charts .. just love that song !!! Along with "So Sweet" it is one of my many favorites !! Thanks again for using one of my edited pics !! Glad that you enjoy them cause I have fun working on them !! And as far as the beard thing goes I am with you Glenda !!! hehe... thanks again :) Chris B.

  6. Always love reading your posts Glenda!

  7. No doubt if I told Casey we ALL like the clean shaven look the best, he would just make a face at me and continue to do what he wants! Hope to see him in GA next month.

  8. Hahaha!! @ Aunt Sherry! Thats Casey, he'll listen to ya, but he does things his way....thats why he was able to take his time on this album, and do it his way. I'm so glad he was allowed to do that and not made to rush through something so near and dear to his heart. I would have waited 5 years for it if that's what he needed for it to be exactly what he wanted. So glad you get to see him next month!! Are ya taking him some of those cherries he loves?? I don't know when I'll get to see him again... a while...cuz I cannot go to the Gala one in Lubbock, it's like $250 a ticket, and I just can't do it. Hopefully soon, I can get to where he is. And thanks all the others for reading...I appreciate yall!! :)