Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Casey James...singing in an Airport? Interviews & other news

Casey's new single is holding it's own in the country music scene!  This week it came in at an impressive #32 on the Mediabase Charts!!  :)  This info comes in from a new site, and friend of mine, she calls the  "Casey James Weekly Highlights" .  So click the link and check out her new page, I think yall will like it!  She also has info of where " Crying on a Suitcase" came in on other countdowns for the week!

Well, I had no idea that Casey had an ongoing fascination with the disappearance of Amelia Earhart!!  Casey says...."it's just one of those things, that I've always wondered about ya know?"  Read the rest of the story

I wanted to also mention, that theres a show listed on the sidebar in the UPCOMING Shows section in Albany NY, for Alive @ 5.....and it is NOT happening.  There seems to have been a mixup in the scheduling and Casey was put in by accident.  So....sorry all those Albany NY fans.....  :(   Casey will get to yall soon, I'm sure.  :)

Casey is just popping up in so many different places, and this time it's on a Cricket Wireless Commercial.  It's not his face, but I do believe every Casey fan will recognize that voice when they hear it!!   Click HERE to hear the clip!

Casey is on "Celebrity Spotlight" and is interviewed by Nancy Jay.  Check out this cute video!!

All Access has the scoop on what's happening with  Casey and  'Airports?'  Of course we all know his new single title is "Crying on a Suitcase", and that it's about a guy, a girl, and an 'airport'.  Well, Casey was chosen to be a part of a month long campaign  US Airways is sponsoring, called "30 Days for DC".  The airline is celebrating their new expanded Service from Reagan International to Washington DC Airports.  And US Airlines was kind enough to tweet us some pictures of Casey performing!
And what a great place to sing his new single...."Crying on a Suitcase"!!  Haha!!  Perfect!!!  :D  Thanks US Airways!!

Casey will be in Salem, Ohio tonight for a Cancer Benefit, which we all know is close to his heart,  because his momma is a survivor and he lost his Paw Paw to it last year.  So if you're in the area, go see Casey and support a great cause!!   For more information check it out HERE

Thats all I have for right now, I'll be back with more soon!!   :D

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