Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Casey plays a resceduled show in Akron, Ohio

Radio station WQMX kept their promise when they said to all the people who held a ticket, that they would reschedule the show, when unfortunately, Casey had to cancel a show last year due to illness.  They did just that tonight, in Akron, Ohio at the Tangier for a whole bunch of happy people!!
Casey went on about 7:30 Eastern time and proceeded to blow everybody away with his killer guitar skills and beautiful unique voice!!  And when he wasn't playing and singing he was humoring the audience with his constant funny chatter!  :)  I just have to laugh too, especially when the crowd is too quiet for him to take a drink of water!!  He don't like to hear himself swallow the water!!  LoL!!:D   He usually says all kinds of things about it! 
I actually have two friends I've known for a while now, who were there, and have finally been able to see Casey live and in person!  I have told them of Casey exquisite talent and now, tonight they seen for themselves....well, I have a couple quotes....

"OMG...he put on an amazing show!!  It was just him and Blaine.  He stands well on his own w/o a full band, I cannot wait to hear him WITH a band!!"

"I cannot believe this man's musical talent!!  He doesn't need a band....he is IT!"

Casey did a nice big set of songs....12 in all!  Here is the setlist in the order that he played them. :)

The Rock

The Good Life
She's Money
Love The Way You Miss Me
The Apartment Song

Let's Don't call it al Night
Working On It

So High
Polk Salad Annie

And as an encore.....yep, he's doing encore's now.....  :)

Why I'm Feeling Blue

Big Thanks to Kim and Trish for thier photos!!

I'll be back if I find some videos from tonight!  I don't have any word weather there was any or not.
Until then....

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