Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Casey James fires up the crowd at CMIL Benefit at Exit/In Nashville!

I listened in on a conference call tonight from Nashville!!  Casey was 'killin' it' tonight!!  Wow, what a little rest and recuperation from being ill does for him!!   He sounded just awesome and the crowd could not keep their excitement in check!!  That was one loud crowd tonight!!  It was so good to hear so many people there, since this show was a Benefit Concert for City of Hope, the CMIL country website's Charity.

Here are some tweets from the show from obviously new fans!!  I'm just quoting them, without their names.... just to give you an idea of how impressed people were!!

You Sir...have one heck of a voice! Your old school blues sound is killer!! Awesome job tonight!! You got me hooked!! :)

Now I have to find time to fit Casey James shows into my crazy schedule! I must see him again soon!

Just saw for the first time tonight! WOW where has this man been all my life :-) Love his sound, I need an album ASAP

you need to go see Casey James Holy Cow, I didn't know what to expect from him but he blew my mind!!

I need to be sleeping but I got "Let's Don't Call It A Night" stuck in my head

Yea???  I believe he has created new fans tonight in Nashville!!  Good job, Casey!!!

Casey sang 7 songs, and all but one are on the upcoming album, due out March 20th!!  Here are the songs in the order he sang them.  I hope somebody snagged that setlist!!

The Good Life
Working On It
She's $Money$

Let's Don't Call It A Night
Love the Way You Miss Me
The Apartment Song

Here are a few pictures fans and CMIL captured of Casey and Blaine tonight!!



Thanks to Sylvia F. for all the above few photos

The Good Life

Working On It

Thanks to nixacountry for their awesome videos!

Let's Don't Call it a Night

Thanks to TheJennaTanner for her nice video capture!

I hope yall noticed the smile coming from his face at hearing the crowd sing his song back to him!!  They were pretty loud, and he was beaming with pride.....

Thanks to Mallory M.


Thanks to Melanie R.
Thanks to CMIL

                                                                     Thanks to Jessica G

Ok, yall, that's all I have..... it was a good show indeed!!  I've got another write up coming tomorrow, so yall come on back.....

Until then....


  1. I'm not surprised at everyone's comments about Casey! He's such a talented singer. Just watching his acoustic video for Drive shows just that :) Check it out: http://www.vevo.com/watch/casey-james/drive-acoustic/GBE431200007

  2. Thanks Emma!! But I already have it posted in an earlier post. I usually get information on Casey pretty quick, then I try to post the most important as soon as I can. Thanks though, I appreciate it!! :) Casey is such a diverse artist, he has something for everyone....literally!! :)