Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CMA week in Nashville w/interviews galore! New shows, album talk, and more!

Wow, what a crazy time going on in Nashville this week.  I forgot that this week is crazy with interviews leading up to the CMA awards on Wednesday night!  Well, to be honest with ya, this little glitch I've had for a couple days has put me behind....so I'm gonna do a lot of posting and not a lot of talking!!  :)  Well, maybe a little....  There are so many videos of interviews, and it's all so exciting!!  Casey recognizes some of the radio personalities and it's just plain good fun watching him interact with these people!!  His humor is in high gear too, as he feeds off of the radio personalities and their wittiness!!

Road to the CMA Awards with Casey James

Casey negative???  Haha!!  That WAS a long time ago!! 

Casey James interview with XTU during CMA week.

Sleep deprived???   Naaaawwwww  not Casey!!  :D  I was so glad to hear he had a day to just SLEEP!!!  He needs those days as busy as he's been!

Casey James Interview-WQDR 94.7 fm  2011 CMA Awards

This is written Questions that come up on the screen, then Casey answers.  ALBUM??  February??  Really???  Oh that is GREAT news!!!  Just in time for my birthday!!!  :)

Casey James Interview-2011 CMA Awards-99.9 Kiss Country

OMG!!  This was so funny!!!   "FuFu girlie scented candle song!!!"  Hahaha!!!!  Love it!!!  And on his own style, when the DJ talked in comparison to Dolly Parton Casey said he could "Wake up put the wig on....ready to go!!"  OMG!!!  I'm laughing so hard right now!!!   This was a VERY good interview!!!

Bama & Heather in Nashville - Casey James

OMG!!! He loves Boxers!!  I must show him pics of mine!!

KRS 2011 CMA Casey James

New show announced right there!  Milwaukee in January!!  And for those who may be in the dark about Casey's life altering accident, he talks about it here.  Telling us things he can't do with his wrist even today!  I didn't even know he couldn't roll is wrist and make a fist with his left arm.  Wow....the things we find out about him in these all important interviews!  He is a survivor, in more ways than one!!  Big respect for him!

Casey James at CMA's w/Dollar Bill & Heather

From radio station WDXB in Birmingham, 102.5 the Bull!!  I loved this interview and all the 'Fast Facts'!! That's the guy who had the wig on, his Casey hair, he said, and they got a picture of the fun Casey had with it!!  Celebrity crush???  Who is she??  "You'll know it...." he cut off right there....so who knows??  He has already done ALL his Christmas shopping!?!  The Macarena??  I answered that before Casey did....."He never KNEW the Macarena!"  Haha!!  About the tights...."are you not already doing that?!!!"  He is getting funnier every time we see him on these interviews!!  Loved that they mentioned 'Let's Dont Call It A Night' has broke into the  Top 40!!!  Love these guys!!!  What great support!!

Tour of CMA Week-2011

Thanks to Dollar Bill from radio station WDXB 'The Bull' 102.5 out of Birmingham, we get a first hand view of exactly how it's all done at these many interviews!!  I just loved it!!!  Who knew???

Casey James interview with 106.5 WYRK in Buffalo, NY

Uhh...Ohh....He STILL rides motorcycles.....only on the street, no jumping or motocross stuff for Casey!!  I thought it was cute that he said....."Don't tell my momma......"  Haha!!  Don't worry Casey......we won't.....haha!!  She probably already knows by this hour!!

Casey James interview, 97.3 The Eagle-CMA week 2011

I love that Casey told everybody that Sony is promoting him as 'An Artist'....I had figured that out when they didn't jump right on the album and start cutting it before the tour was even over, like Lee and Crystal did.  Sometime in life....less IS more.  By waiting he has shook off the 'Idol' stamp!  No disrespect meant toward Idol, I'm like Casey, if it weren't for AI, many of us would have ever known who Casey was....so I am thankful to them for that.  And now he is emerging in the Country Music world as 'an Artist', rather than a contestant!  :)

Crook & Chase Interview CMA week 2011

Well, after that discussion, I believe my hubby is gonna LOVE Casey James....rather than just like him!!  A man after his own heart......good lord....he LOVES old cars and trucks!!!  I knew he did, but had never heard any year models from him!!  When he mentioned the 74 Cuda, it made me remember back......I had a '70 Cuda once....baby blue.....with white racing stripes right down the center of the hood......loved that little hot rod!!  My hunny is all over a bunch of old 40's 50's & 60's cars and trucks!!  "If it's mechanical, I can fix it"....LoL!!  That's the way the hubby is....too many computer chips in the newer ones, but set a '67 Camero in front of him, and he's in heaven while fixing it!!

Thanks to the Casey James Blog for all their videos!  Below is another Blair interview, and you can see him this time.  :)

Casey James interview w/Blair Garner at CMA week 

And one more.....and I'm publishing after this one!  There's lots more to come....so come on back, later tonight or in the morning!  Thanks again to The Casey James Blog for locating some of these videos!!  It's always good to hear Casey mention the blog in his interviews!  :)

WFUS radio interview during CMA week 

Awwww now that was sweet!!! Just loved that part about the girl being a big fan of Casey's....

Gotta figure out what's for supper, since I just burned a big pan of cornbread.......what a waste....is probably what Casey would be saying right now..... LoL!!!

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  1. Dear Sweet Glenda!! As you know I have been out of the loop a bit due to W O R K! Ugggghhh!!! But reviewing all the stuff on your blog has got me all caught up on all things Casey! Wonderful news and information!!! THANK YOU!!!
    I will be at the two shows coming up at the end of the week in Florida and I am very excited!!! I hope you are doing well and I will continue to say prayers for you and for your baby girl!! xoxoxoxoxo