Thursday, October 13, 2011

Show Cancelled tonight for Casey James but new shows coming up!

Tonight would have been quite a treat for those fans in New Jersey, but Casey's illness forced him to cancel the 2nd show this week.  But he will be rescheduled for those shows as soon as possible.  So keep your tickets and refer to the venues or radio stations as to when Casey will be back for the rescheduled show.  And I will post the shows as soon as I know something.  Just check on the left sidebar for them, and while your there, see if there is another show you may be able to get to!!

Great news!!!  Two more new shows have been added and one is in  Modesto, California on October 26th.  Casey will be appearing with other artists for the "Ladies Night Out" show, sponsored by radio station KATM Kat Country 103, and will be held at the Fat Cat Music House & Lounge. Wow!!  That sounds so fun!!!  Click HERE to buy tickets now!  They're only $5 for what promises to be a great show with an impressive lineup of Artists, of course Casey being #1!! :)  Show starts at 6:00pm, so yall get there early!!  :)

The number 2 show that was added today is in Chattanooga, Tn. on November 16th at the Chattanooga Billiards Club.  Radio station WUSY US 101 and their High Noon Saloon is the sponsor of this show. The shows usually start at 7:00pm and are $10.  Members of the Chattanooga Billiards Club get first choice of tickets, but the radio station does daily contests for the fans to win tickets as well!  And, you can still just buy your ticket!  Hope lots of Casey fans get to go!!!

It has been confirmed that Casey WILL be performing tomorrow night at the Pajama Jam in Roanoke, Virginia!!  That is such a relief to know he is feeling better, and good enough to do this very anticipated show!  You see, one of our fans, Barbara, is going to see Casey and meet him for the 1st time, because of the kindness and generosity of Casey's fans.  She has just beat cancer and is ready to celebrate that with Casey at a show benefiting the American Cancer Society!!  Not only was enough money raised to get Barbara there, she will be handing over a check for over $1000!!  That just brings tears to my eyes....I'm just so proud to be part of a group of people with great big hearts and so much love for each other!!  Thank you to each one of you who have helped this to happen for her!!  

Ok, last reminder.....Casey's Video will be premiering on CMT in the morning at 6:00am so make sure and set your DVR's or your alarms, because this is what we've waited for!!  Not sure if everyone is having a 'watch' party together at Facebook or Twitter, maybe both, but we're all gonna need a place to talk about it after it's played....don't 'cha think??  :)

Ok, I'm outta here yall.....we'll all be talking about Casey's video in just a few hours!!!  It's gonna be surreal!!!

Until then.....


  1. Not sure but is that 6am eastern standard time?

  2. Well, that was my question too, and although it doesn't say on the CMT website, what time zone this show is, I noticed a couple other shows said ET and C. So, I looked at my guide on TV and there is nothing in my area, (Central Time) starting at 6:00am, but CMT music is starting at 5am, so I'm gonna be watching at 5am just in case. I think it must be Eastern time, when it comes on. I surely hope so anyway! :)