Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Show added to Casey James' growing schedule...and more

A new show has been added to Casey's ever growing schedule!!  Radio station,  98.1 The Bull WBUL announced he will be playing a FREE concert at the Tin Roof in Lexington, Ky. on August 30th, and he will take the stage at 6:00pm and play till 9:00pm!!  Wow! What a long show that will be!  But maybe he'll have an opening act, we'll see.  This looks like a smaller venue, so all those Casey fans anywhere near (or not) Lexington, Kentucky, yall get there if you can!  Remember, we won't be able to see him on these smaller venue stages very much longer, cause he's is going to be a huge success, then we won't hardly be able to get close to him!  Up close to the stage while Casey is performing AND it's FREE.....don't get any better than that!!  Hope lots of fans get to go and bring back lots of stories, pictures and videos for the likes of me!! :)

Earlier tonight, radio station 94.7 Today's KTTS
  had a 'New at 9' playoff between Casey James and LDCIAN and Steel Magnolia's 'Bulletproof'.  Well....let me tell you....even the DJ was beside herself with happiness that Casey not only Won it, he "blew it out of the water" and she also said she was "rooting for him the whole time"!!  Now that's what I want to hear from the DJ's!!!  And so good!!  Only good has been said about Casey's song!  For those of you who didn't get to hear it  HERE  and you can hear it for yourself... :)

I just can't quit listening to "Why I'm Feelin' Blue" as he sang it this morning while in the studio with Big D & Bubba. case some of you might have missed it....please give this song a good listen.....this is a brilliantly written and performed song....don't get any better, in my opinion.  He has more emotion in his songs than anybody I can think of.....he's a musical genius!!

Also, coming Monday morning, not only is there a new video coming from Big D & Bubba, but it's .....wait for it.........................wait for it.....................


Casey's 1st debut single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish Casey all the luck in the world with his very first record......"Let's Don't Call It A Night"!!  It is a very radio friendly song, so I think it will break into the Top 20 rather quickly.....and'll probably fly on up to Top 10 and right on to #1!!  Let's not get discouraged if it seems to not be moving quickly enough, sometimes that happens.  But it's ok, it may take a couple months to move into the Top 20, but it will, I have faith in this song and in Casey's performance of it!!    I strongly believe that the video will have a very positive effect on how quickly it moves on the Billboard charts.  A good video to go with it, will only enhance the flavor of the song, and make people remember him easier.  Plus, once they get a look at him....nuff said..... :)

I'm gonna close out tonight with a flash from the past..... here's a couple from a ways back!

Ok, I'll see yall as soon as there's more to tell....take care yall......

Until next time......


  1. Good info as usual Glenda - love you girl xxx

  2. Wish I could go the the KY show :( His debut song release on the 15th will be "bittersweet" because we ALL know that once his songs really hit the airwaves, he IS gonna be huge! No more small, up close and personal venues after that... only his name in BIG lights! So, so happy for him though... forever his FAN!
    TY again Glenda for all you do!!! :) xoxo

  3. This has been on my mind for a week and I have to ask before Mondays tidal wave starts. Did anyone else notice the subtle, one word change in the words of Drive in his last few performances?'re killing me.

  4. Thank yall so much! It's getting exciting again with all the buzz about the single!!!

    Anonymous I have been hearing the changes from show to show sometimes saying "well" and sometimes saying "yea"...and I also noticed on this video from the Station Santa Fe that at about 3:14 or 3:15 he flubbed his first was suppose to be "slide" on over baby, and he almost said "Putting" miles on me.... Other than that, I have seen him making little changes to a lot of the songs, but just small one word changes, sometimes little flubs sometimes just a "well" or a "yea"

    If the link doesn't hyperlink for ya, just copy and paste into your browser to watch it.

    If I didn't notice the changes you did, let me know what it is, ok?

  5. At the show in Vegas and I'm pretty sure about the state fair ((though I can't find it now) he replaces the word "slide" with the word "bend" at least once through the chorus. Puts a whole new spin on that phrase. I didn't spell it out before because I didn't want to offend anyone! Now you know why I said he's killing me!

  6. @Anon The Santa Fe show was in Vegas just like a few days back, and thats the video I posted, and I heard the word 'putting' instead of slide, at about 3:14 or 3:15. I think Casey would never say that word in that context, we must remember he's a Christian, and I just don't think he would ever say anything like that because it totally implies something else....and I do know what your talking But what I heard him say was "putting over baby"....he almost said "putting miles on me"....and it's not the first time I've heard him flub his words a little bit, and I don't pay any attention to it...cause he covers little mishaps like that so very well, most people wouldn't even hear it! :)

  7. Oh, by the way, it's ok that you said the word 'bend', it's not a bad thing, and I'm sure no one was offended. But, yea, I know what you mean about 'killin me'! ;-)

  8. Can someone please explain the meaning of "bend" to me? Sorry, I don't get it.

  9. Oh good lord....Sandy, I sure hope Casey don't come over and read these comments! lol.... Ok, what I think she's talking about is.....say he's driving his car down the hiway, and his girl is in the seat beside him....and he asked her to 'bend' on over baby! Ya in his lap area.....omg....I'm so embarrassed right now!!! Hurry and read this Sandy, I need to delete this post!! Haha!!! *blushing*....