Monday, August 15, 2011

IT'S OFFICIAL-Casey James' debut single released today!! Plus a tragedy in Indiana...

Well, it's official.....Casey's very first single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night" will be released to radios all across America today!!  I am sure as can be, that he is on cloud 9 right now, along with all his family and his friends!!  I know ALL of us fans are absolutely giddy he now has a song on the radio for all to hear!! has come to my attention that we won't be able to buy his single, on  anyway,  till the 16th....tomorrow.... :(   Also you can buy it on Sony's website, on his page.  Click HERE to buy it from there, but the date is also the 16th there too.... dangitt anyway!!  I guess we'll have to wait till the 16th then!!!!  I know one thing.....I cannot WAIT to get it on my ipod on my iphone!!!  And since I have this ringtone maker, I'm gonna make me a ringtone from it, if I can.....since I'm pretty sure I can't buy the ringtone yet.  But not to worry, I will indeed buy the ringtone when it's available.  Don't want it to seem like I'm stealing Just getting a jump on it....*borrowing it for awhile* if ya will.  I hope Casey happens on to my blog today sometime.....cause I want to personally tell him................CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I am just so proud to be a Casey James fan right now!!!!!!  You don't even know the depth of my excitement right now!!  Casey deserves every bit of this awesome success he's getting right now!!  Every bit of it!!  And when I heard that someone had said that they didn't like people who took 'shortcuts' to fame.....let me tell you right now.....that made my blood boil.....I was so angry at that comment!!  Then I said...."Shortcut to fame?"  "Are you kidding me right now??"  As I stepped forward, *wagging my finger now*....."He worked his a$$ off for 11 years every night in different bars, having to deal with sometimes ungrateful patrons who didn't appreciate his music, getting paid very little for his unbelievable talent, sometimes playing to a nearly empty bar.....Do you know how that kind of stuff makes a 'real' musician feel??  Shortcut??  There's nothing shortcut about 11 years of trying to get somebody to hear you, to really listen to you, and appreciate what you do, and give you a chance!!  He worked hard to get where he is, and by golly he deserves every bit of fame and appreciation he's getting and then some!!"   

Then I turned on my heel, looked back and said....."You tell him that!!! And if he still has a problem....give him my number!!!"  
I don't like to get angry about anything really, I like peace.....but nothing fires me up quicker than somebody talking down about Casey!  I'm fiercely protective of an old mother

So I was on youtube and came across this very awesome, and rarely gotten, sound check from the California State Fair a few weeks back.  Most times sound checks are not easily gotten, unless of course they are outside, and this was, so this very cool Casey fan got one of the best sound checks I've ever seen, with lots of 'Casey Laughter'!!   And it's a nice long video, so get a drink, sit back and enjoy this little video!!

Thanks to Marie L. for this great video! :)



Attention:  The footage below is GRAPHIC, some sounds and words may offend you, please view at your own discression.  This one is a compilation of several and it shows rescue efforts and police actions.  The most professional of the ones I viewed:

Ok....I like to keep the conversation and my writing here, light, witty and in good taste.  But something happened Saturday night that I cannot, with good conscious, post this without mentioning it.  The huge stage at the Indiana State Fair crashed to the ground, trapping people, killing 5 and injuring more than 50 (that # has probably grown) people!!   A bad storm with extremely high wind came through very quickly before evacuation efforts could get started.  I have been upset and worried and feeling sad since this happened.  So I am going to post this with the deepest condolences and sadness in my heart for those who lost their lives and all who were injured and their family and all who had to witness this tragedy first hand.  Sugarland was the next to take the stage, and had delayed their show because of the impending storm, and thank goodness no one was on the stage when this happend.  I couldn't help but think....Casey just opened for them a couple weeks ago.....and then the 'what if's' started.  I don't even want to go there because the tragedy would have a different outcome for me and people I love if he had been there.  So I thank the good Lord Casey and a bunch of our friends and fans werent' there, because we are nearly always on the front of that stage, in the sugarpit, where so many died.  I just want to say how sorry I am to all those who lost their life because they love music.  God speed their souls, and have mercy on the ones left behind to mourn their loss.  If you're not a praying or believing person, it's ok,  I will just repeat what Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland said...."We are alright. We are praying for our fans and the people of Indianapolis. We hope you'll join us. They need your strength.  Yes they do, Jennifer.  And I am one who will say prayers for them, and I hope you'll join me as well.  In the video, you will see the sheer strength of people when they are scared for someones there is a long line of men actually holding the side of the stage up to get to the trapped fans under all of the tons of metal and tarp.  This is the humanity that I believe in....the kind that come together in a crisis, no questions asked....lets just do this!!!  Sorry yall, I'm just so emotional about heart is breaking for all those people.   Anyway, here is the video. 

Yall have a good night, I'll check in tomorrow sometime....

Until then......

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