Saturday, June 18, 2011

CMA Part 3 and pics and videos.....

Hey yall!!  I'm back....  Wow....this Texas heat is severe!!!  It was 107 degrees in the DFW area yesterday!!  And it's not even officially summer yet..... Ohhh Emmm Geee!!  The worst is yet to come!!  I'm just gonna stay out of it, as much as possible....that's the best thing I can do!  I'm pretty sure I'd have a heat stroke in it!!  And we don't want that!!

I forgot to post some pictures of Casey at LP Field!!!  I don't know where my head was!!!  Here's a whole bunch of 'em!!  Thanks to Country Music Tattle Tale for all of these awesome shots!!

Casey at LP Field 6-9-11

Anyway.....the next day was Friday, and Bucky Covington was performing on the Riverfront Stage at 12:30pm.  So we all get downtown and head toward the Riverfront.  When we got there Jo Dee Messina was onstage and doing her thing!! 
It just so happened that a newcomer, Brett Eldredge was taking the stage just before Bucky!!!  Could this day get any better?!?!  I love this guy....his voice is a little gritty, mixed in with a little soul, with a bit of vibrato, and he just puts on a great show!!  Oh, and I just LOVE his new single...."Raymond".....very good writing from Brett on this, and together with the melody it is goose bump worthy!  I got some video of Brett, and I'll let yall see for yourselves what a great performer he is.  He does a medley of great sing-a-long songs that the crowd can get into!!  In the'll see me desperately dodging the straw hats, arms, heads of hair, and what not to try and keep this camera on him....and I was right down front!!!  :-/  But with 2 obvious Brett fans right in front of!!!  Just my luck!! :)

And if yall liked is his hit single, "Raymond".  I couldn't get the embedded version of the video, but here is the link, that will take you to YouTube.

Brett Eldredge "Raymond"

Then it was time for Bucky, as Brett and his band exited the stage!!  I always look forward to his shows!!  They are always so full of energy, and just plain fun!!!!!  And after Bucky was finished I was really sweating like a pig!!!  Ahhhh it was hot!!!  Unfortunately I don't have any of Bucky's videos from the Riverfront that day uploaded yet, but take my word for it....even Nan Kelly from GAC TV said she had never seen a country artist do "The Wall" like that!  Bucky's a little bit country and little more rock and roll.... lol....
We were quite thirsty and hungry by this time, so off we went!!!

We went to get a bite to eat, but I can't remember where now!!  But I know we did!  

I had been talking about a brother and sister group called " The Harters ", that I was eager to see that day.  So at 3:30 at the Lay's Stage we went to see and hear them!  and they were sooooo darn good!!!  Their harmonies, being a family group, was as perfect as any could be....and I have to be honest, their voices blend so well, I can't watch this video without getting chills....they are that good....they have a nice future ahead of them!!
Here is their new video for their single, "If I Run"

Anyway, we went back to the hotel because we were already exhausted from the heat again.....and stayed in the rest of the LP field again.  I just couldn't seem to do both....geeez
Laura and I got some extra sleep that night, and woke up with the chickens the next morning, fully rested and ready to eat breakfast, get ready and head to "Big Shotz" for our Casey Fan Club Party!!!!  It was put together for us by Val Jean and Kevin Nixa, of "Nixa Country Radio"!!!  They treated us like royalty!!!  We had so much fun hanging with them and listening to Casey's Music and others!!  We also got to meet some more of Casey's fans and lots of hugs and lots of pictures, and a few margaritas and beer!!  We were celebrating Casey!!!   Hot Shotz isn't a very big bar, but it's just as country looking as you could ever ask for!!  And we had a blast there!!!  We were made to feel so welcome and we stayed through a couple other artists fan club parties, we were having so much fun!!!!  "Cutter Lee" and "Molly Hunt " .  They were both very good, and we enjoyed their sets!!   Check out their music!!Here is some of the pictures from that day!!!

 Cutter Lee
 Cindy, Val, Anthea, Kevin, John and Cyndee
 Tracy, Anthea, Mickey, Me, and Cindy
 Molly Hunt (15yr. old artist)
Tracy and Karen
 Mickey and Cyndee
 Mickey, Outi, Me and Cindy
 Me, Outi, and Mickey laughing about something! :)
 Outi, Anthea, Darla, and John
 Tracy, Anthea, Mickey, Cindy, and Me
 Sara and Darla
 Darla and Mickey
 Jody, Outi, and Mickey
Kevin Nixa, Mickey, Me, and Val Jean Nixa
Thanks to all who contributed to these awesome shots of a really great time among friends!!!

So.....Am I going to CMA fest next ask.....??   Absolutely YES!!!!  This was such a joyful experience, except for the heat, I will be coming back every year, till I'm no longer here or I can't!!  I encourage anybody reading this, to try and get to this extreme musical event....even if you're not really all into this thing called Country Music.....just give it a chance.....thats all I may come away totally surprised by what happens!  :)

By the way, I'm so behind right now, I just want to say that Shari's team over at "The Casey James Blog" did such a good job covering Casey's show at the Lambeau Field, in Green Bay Wisconsin, I'm just going to suggest yall who haven't seen it already, click on the link above and check it out!!  It was an 11 song set for Casey, and there's lots of coverage of it!!  Complete with pictures and head on over and check it out!!  :)

I think I'll shut it down for back is killing me for some reason.....and I need to go walking and see if that will help!!

I'll try to finish up this experience tomorrow.....

Until next time....


  1. Excellent job again Glenda on the re-cap. I loved the videos. THANKS to CARMEN for those! The Casey Fan Party was a blast and I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with everyone there! :)

  2. Your 3 blogs just bring back all the fun! Thank you so much for this!!! I feel blessed to call you 'friend' Glenda! You're the greatest!

  3. I miss everyone already!!! Reading this just brought the fun right back. Outi is now back in Finland, boo hoo! What a wonderful weekend full of wonderful memories I will never forget. I love all the ladies and John! We had so much fun!

  4. Yes we did!!! I'm finishing up tonight!! I was suppose to finish it yesterday, but I just didn't feel like it. So I'm finishing tonight!! I miss everyone so much already too!! I hope we can do this every year, and Mickey I'm asking you too....cuz I know you said you might not, but girl, it's a way for all of us to get to visit and hang out at least once a please reconsider! @Darla and Cyndee...your welcome girls....I had the best time just hanging out and having fun drinking margaritas!! I so hope we can do this every year!!! love yall...and thank you!!! xoxo

  5. Just read this blog and wanted to tell you how much fun the Casey James Fans are !! It was awesome to meet you all and hope that if any of you come back to Nashville, you will let us know so we can meet again :)

    Glenda, great to meet you !! Your work on this blog is above and beyond, and much appreciated :)