Thursday, June 16, 2011

CMA fest in Nashville Part 1

Hey Hi everybody!!!   Good lord have mercy.....whew!!!  what a fantastic week in Nashville!!!  So sorry I'm a bit late about getting all this written down, but the 1st day home I was resting!!  Then today I was tied up most of the day with one thing or another....when it rains it know!!  Anyway, I'm here now, and here I go!!!  I don't even know where to start, it was so much fun!!

I rode with John and Anthea, my sweet friends from England, to Memphis, where we stayed the night, rested up and got ready for a whirlwind week!  We met up with my girl, Jan, and her sister Julie the next day for lunch at the Cracker Barrel before heading on to Nashville.  Cracker Barrel is one of my favorite places and I knew when I mentioned it to Anthea, and she had not been there before, she was gonna be so excited at all the things they have....and I was right!!  She loved it, as well as John.  It was a fun lunch!   

We had to get on down the road, because we had a friend to pick up at the airport.  I felt so bad because I got the time wrong, and we were late picking up Laura....she had to wait around for a while! (sorry girl...)  I was forgiven and all was good!!  We then had to go get ready, as we were all going to Bucky's Fan Club Party!!  I was excited for John and Anthea to meet Bucky!  We didn't get in right away, I don't know what the holdup was, but finally someone noticed we were suppose to be upstairs, and came and got us.  There was BBQ and a bar and lots of fans I hadn't seen in a while!!  Some I had been talking to for years and not gotten to meet!  For instance.....this girl here....Colleen, from NY.  What a sweetheart!!  We had been talking for a long time, but it seemed we were never gonna meet, happened!

It was such a good time visiting with everybody and taking pictures, and of course, seeing Bucky again....

 This is Anthea, and I with Bucky's beautiful fiance, Katherine!

Then I noticed someone I hadn't seen in a while!  Mick!!!  He used to be Bucky's road manager and he's Billy Ray Cyrus's brother....and yes, Miley's uncle!  It had been forever since I'd seen him and I was so happy he was there, but when I touched his arm to get his attention he was tied up and said Hi, and I realized he was busy, so I didn't think anything about it and moved on.  I'd catch up with him later.  In a little bit, I came up on him again, and he grabbed me and hugged me and asked how I was, and of course, I asked how he, Billy Ray and Miley were.  He introduced me to his fiance and Miley's assistant, and it was good to meet her!  Then we just chatted for a bit, catching up.  Then Anthea and I got our picture with him!  He's just a doll!!

After we ate and visited a while, it was time for the show!  And they put on a great one!!  It was so full of energy and we were all sweating and dancing around like we were kids!!  His shows are always a lot of fun!!  Lots of energy!!

And all too soon, it was over, and we all had to say good-bye till the next show, or next year at CMA fest!

So we headed to the hotel for some much needed rest and to get ready for CASEY the next day!!!!
I don't know what time I got up, but if it was before 10am, it was too early for me!!  I like the nights way too much, but knew I would have to get up early this week to see some of the shows I was looking forward to!
I know it was before 9:30 because breakfast was still being served at the hotel breakfast room.  So we ate and began getting ready to see our Casey!!!  I usually and really like to wear my hair down and straightened, but I knew early on, that was not going to be the case today....or all week for that matter!!  It was HOT in Nashville!!!!  I knew that Casey was signing autographs for fans over at the convention center, for an hour, but I knew the line would be L O N G!!!!  So we opted to not bother with that, since we probably wouldn't get in anyway!! 

We went to the Lays Stage, went inside the Bridgestone arena and got our welcome packages and  then listened to some Country Legends for a while till it was Casey's turn to take the stage!!  As we were waiting for Casey.... fans started showing up, or were already there, and one by one I was getting to meet so many of the women I've been talking to for quite a while!  I don't know if I can remember everybody's names, but I do have some pictures and names of some of us.....

Me, Darla, Kathy, and Mickey
Mickey, Darla, Me, Robyn, and Gail...(I think..) Yall tell me if I'm wrong on someones name!
Mickey, Outi (from Finland) and Regina

 Jody, Outi, and Mickey

 Sara, Mickey, Regina, and Robyn

I have so much more to share with yall, but to tell you the truth....I'm so exhausted right now!  It's almost 2:30am so it's time for me to start thinking about a bed....but I'll be back tomorrow with lots of Casey pictures and where the story goes from here!!  But before I go....I just had to snag a picture from my dear friend Mickey and share it's one of those shots that has so much going for it, it can nearly!!!  See what I mean??

Well....I do believe the music is 'ruling' right at that moment..... :)  Just breathtaking!!!  

Thanks so much to everyone for their pictures, they are all so good!!  I'll have more tomorrow!! 

Nite all.....

Until next time.....


  1. Thanks for sharing my photo! I am so proud of that sucker! :) One correction, in the first group of photos from Lay's Stage, Carolyn is actually Kathy! I know it is hard to keep all the names straight! So much fun! It was great to see you again and hug you like crazy! Can't wait to read the rest of your recap! I haven't even started mine yet! :) Love ya!

  2. thanks a bunch Glenda! Even though I dont always comment I do always enjoy Caseymania and especially your enthusiasm and experiences. What Caseymaniac wouldn't?!?! I look forward part two! Looks like you had a blast!! Wish I couldve been there! Looks like you got to hang with a great bunch of ladies girl ;) See you in Ft Worth soon

  3. Thanks Glenda! OH THE MEMORIES!! What fun we had!!! Your recap is wonderful...can't wait to read the rest! Love ya girl!!!!! xoxoxox

  4. You know Mickey, I couldn't decide if that was Carolyn or Kathy! I was struggling with that THANKS a bunch!!! And I LOVE that photo of's'm not gonna say it....but you know... ;)
    Thanks so much to you Paula and Darla!! I'm starting on part 2 in a minute!!
    It was such an awesome I'll hold very dear to my heart!!! Love you gals!!!!