Friday, June 17, 2011

CMA fest in Nashville Part pics, and more....

Hey yall!!  I'm back!!  Now...where did I leave off yesterday??   Oh yea....CASEY!!!  I know I've already done a write up about his show at the Lay's Stage, but I'll touch on it again now!  I first will say that Casey had the biggest crowd!!  And everywhere I looked, I could tell people were enjoying what they were hearing and seeing as he wailed away on his guitar and sang with a voice compared to angels singing!  I don't know how he does it, but he gets better with every perfomance I see!! does he do it?!  He is clearly a musical genius!!
As he was getting things ready onstage, I did get a quick wave from him as he looked my direction, and then he began waving at others as well!  He had on that blue shirt that I think enhances the blue in his eyes sooooo well!!  And I don't know if it's me, or what....but he looks like he's buffing up some.....maybe put on a few pounds here and there.....mostly there......but you know what I mean....right?   I would like to get some feedback on that question, because I don't know how many others think the same as I am right now!
He is really getting his stage personality lately.  I'm loving this humorous side that is emerging more and more!!  I thought it was funny when he said....'I've run out of stuff to sweat out!'!!  I forgot to say it was so Hot in Nashville that day and I had to keep running to the shade because of it!  And luckily, because I was drenched in sunscreen, only the back of my ears seemed to get exposed to the sun!!  Of course while Casey was on, I did NOT run to the shade, because I, along with many others, had a great spot in front of the stage!
Casey started his set with his honky tonkin' rip roaring tune, "Bulletproof  ", followed by his sultry sexy tune,  "Lets Don't Call It A Night!  "  I love Casey's description of Bulletproof....he said....
"This song's about having a good time, hopefully yall are already doing that!"

Thanks to Carman W. (@CoolCJfan) for all her awesome videos that day!

Next up was one of his newest songs,  "You Need Some Texas  ", and he jokes that 'even though he loves living in Nashville, sometimes you might need a little piece of home....'

Gotta love that song!!!  I will be honest here....when I first heard it, it didn't grab me like some of the other songs.....but I have to admit....the more I hear this tune, the more I love it!!!  And the lyrics....the lyrics.....are just awesome!!  Great writing kudos to Casey!!

Up next.... "So Sweet " is also becoming a fan favorite, unveiled about the same time as 'you need some Texas'.....this song DID grab me.....immediately!!  Loved everything about it at first listen!!  Another great writing skill going on with this one as well!!
Then he changed guitars, grabbed his 'slide'....and I knew what was coming next.... "Drive!!  "  That song has so much energy!!!  And a lot of people can relate to it....who hasn't filled up their tank and just roared down the highway with no where in particular to go?!  Just 'driving' down the highway, watching the haygrass blowing in the breeze....admit have!!!  It's just a very 'fun' song, and I love it!!!!
And last, but certainly not least.....he closed out his set with his 'rockin tune',  "Done Made Up My Mind!!  "   The music in this one is so truly Casey!!  Well, all his songs are truly him, but he gets to show his breathtaking guitar skills and his rock star vocals on this!!  It's a little bluesy, a little rockin' and a whole lotta awesome!!!!
All 3 songs are on one video below!!  And the quality is so great, you'll forget your watching a video!!!  Thanks again Carman!!

I began thinking about something he does on   "Done Made Up My Mind   ".....and just wondered if it has a name or a term.  Yall know, at the end of the song when he looks like he's bending his guitar from the tailpiece of it, and seems to grab something, and it always produces that awesome sound that seems to ever so gently glide down and then up in sound?  I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I went to wikipedia and began searching for some kind of term for that little maneuver.  And.....the best I can come up with, is that it is a form of bending the note or pitch bend.  Anyway, I wanted to put it here for yall to read, and if I have a professional guitarist who reads this, and knows I'm wrong, could you please correct me! :)  I need to know what this is!!  I'm not gonna rest until I'm absolutely sure of what this is called!  So yall help me out....

A whammy bar, tremolo arm/bar, or vibrato arm/bar is a component of a guitar, used to add vibrato to the sound by changing the tension of the strings, typically at the bridge or tailpiece. The whammy bar enables the player to quickly vary the tension and sometimes the length of the strings temporarily, changing the pitch to create a vibrato, portamento or pitch bend effect.
Instruments without this device are called hard-tail. The term vibrola is also used by some guitar makers to describe their particular whammy bar designs. The whammy bar began as a mechanical device for more easily producing the vibrato effects that blues and jazz guitarists had long produced on arch top guitars by manipulating the tailpiece with their picking hand. However, it has also made many sounds possible that could not be produced by the old technique, such as the 1980s-era shred guitar "dive bombing" effect.

I'm pretty certain none of his guitars have the whammy bar....not that I can see anyway.....

After his performance he went to the side of the stage and began greeting the fans and signing stuff.  I got close, but he just didn't have time to sign or take a picture with me, and many others, because he had to be at LP field for sound check relatively soon.  But that's ok, I'm seeing him at Billy Bobs in a couple weeks, and I'll try again.  I just hope the new fans are getting to meet him and get pics with him.  So, Todd rushes Casey away and the crowd began dispersing.
I believe that is when me, Darla, Laura, Anthea and John went to Joe's Crab Shack to eat an early dinner.  Then we went back to the hotel room to rest up so we could see Casey at LP field a little after 10 that night!!  But....things don't always work out the way we plan.....Laura and I were beat down like a couple of boxers in a ring!  We were exhausted and the heat had just beat us down... :(  so we didn't go to LP field.  We were told later that he sang 2 songs with his acoustic guitar and his microphone went on the blink 1/2 way through   " Drive   "!   I felt so bad for him, when I heard this!!  Then I felt guilty because I hadn't been there to support him.....dangitt anyway.... :(  Here's a video...a close up video too....of Casey doing an acoustic version of    "So Sweet  " at LP Field that night!

" I wish I could tell yall how full my heart is right now to be standing here in front of you....."
I want to give a big THANK YOU to Carman W. (@CoolCJfan) for this video....his words at the end just touched my heart so much...... I was literally brought to tears as I thought back to the 1st time I saw him over 1 1/2 yrs far he's come, and how proud I am of his success as an artist since then!   Thank you so much girl! :)

I hate getting old....and out of shape!!  I'm working on being much better for next year though!  I want to be able to stay out all day and see every show I want and then....go to LP field for the Big Performances at night....I wanna be a trooper!!!  :)  Yea!!

I think I'll post some pictures and then I'll post some news....

**I've updated after recieving a comment about the whereabouts of the famous 'buttshot' train of thought is just not there, so sometimes I have to be reminded about things like this....sorry gals, it's late....but it's here now......


Thanks so much to Darla S. for her great shots! :)

 Awwww....he looks like he may have a headache....naaaa....just one of his looks! :)

Great big thanks to Cindy H. for her awesome shots!

Well, I tell ya what.....Casey has just a whole slew of excellent photographers for fans!!  I'm so proud to display all these awesome photos here....thanks again yall!! :)

Ok, the news is.....Casey has 2 more new shows coming up!!  Yay for those of you in Arizona and those of you in Las Vegas, Nv.!!  On July 29th he'll be appearing at   " Toby Keith's I Love This Bar "in Mesa, Arizona.  He will be opening for one of my all time very favorites..... Jason Michael Carroll!!!  It seems the tickets are $7 in advance and are already on sale, and $10 at the door.   For more information click the link above.  Or to purchase tickets click HERE

Then the next night, July 30th, he'll be at   "The Station (Santa Fe)  " Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He'll be performing in the  Chrome Showroom which is a rather small venue compared to what he's been performing in lately.... :)  It's a 510 person capacity, small enough for everyone to get a good seat!

Ok everybody, I'm out of here tonight....I'll have more tomorrow!  And some pics and info about the Wisconsin show Casey performed at after he left the CMA fest last week!!

Until next time.....


  1. Hey Glenda- thanks for the great recap as always! So so so happy to see Casey living his dream and gaining new fans at every event! I agree that he's looking more buff-how is it possible for perfection to improve? Love Darlas pictures but where is the " butt shot" I've read about elsewhere? May as well appreciate every angle! Go ahead and call me shallow- I can take it!!!

  2. After taking the 'red eye' to get to Nashville in time to see Casey on the Lays Stage, I was pretty beat by the end of the day, but was determined to see him on the "Big Stage" at LP. So my daughter Kate and I trucked on up there and nearly made it through the night, but by about 10 I'd had it. Kate say, "Mom, you look terrible." (Thanks Kate!) I had to admit, heat and exhaustion were taking its toll and we still had quite a walk to get back to the shuttle. So I gave up and left. On the way out of the gate I heard Casey's voice and immediately recovered. "We gotta get back," I said but no way could did we have time for the climb to our upper level seats!! The next day I learned that our 4 day pass included a picture pass and I was just minutes away from the line that passed in front of the stage!! I'm with you, Glenda, on a couple of things. First of all, I feel badly not to have been there to support Casey during his mic-crisis. How could that happen???!! And secondly, I know I'll be seeing him perform again soon. Maybe Vegas!
    Thanks to Carmen for the video from LP! You are great, lady! And to Glenda for once again capturing the heart of the story!

  3. @Anon 7:55am
    O..M..G..!!! I can't believe I didn't get that one on!! I thought I had posted it in the Part 1 of this!!! Well.....I'm going right now and get MY awesome butt shot and post it at the beginning of the pictures!!!! Geeezzzz....I must be slipping....I can't believe I missed doing that!!! Ok....check back, cause here comes my version of the 'butt shot'!!! :)

  4. Oh Glenda, you make me laugh!! You do an amazing job with all things Casey! I don't mind helping out with a reminder now and then! As I expected it was worth the wait. He is perfect from every angle but the best thing is he' s even more amazing on the inside!! Love this site and love all my Casey sisters! Thanks to all for sharing so we can watch this superstar in the making!

  5. Great recap Glenda, my son and I enjoyed meeting you at the Lays stage show. I didn't get to meet Casey this time either but had met him a couple of times previously. I did enjoy meeting a few sister fans. The heat was terrible..the show was fantastic and I'm glad that Casey made some new fans!! Love your blog!!

  6. Hey Glenda, you Texas girls need to contact your state board of tourism and let them know you found their new theme song- we all " need some Texas"!

  7. @Cyndee....thank you so much girl....I really appreciate that!! And I'm with you, a show that large, and someone 'accidentally' turns off a mic? It seems like crap of that nature seems to follow Casey around!! Bless his heart!!

    Well, yall, I realized MY butt shot was not near as good as Darla's, so I used hers!!

    Oh Gail, it was so good to meet you and your son too!!! I wish we could've had more time to hang out, but everybody went in a different direction after Casey left!! They were trying to get out of that heat I'm sure!! And that was nothing compared to what we've had this week!! Just a few miles from me today it was 107!!! If this heat gets any worse, I'm gonna have to move to the north somewhere, or Alaska....yea....I'd love Alaska!!! Ya think they'd adopt a Texan who's fed up with the heat!? :)

    Thanks and hugs to all who support me with this blog!! I know I don't always get everything done when I should, but I try....just know that every word I type and every picture or link I post, is done with pure love for Casey! If this blog can somehow help his career, even in a small way....then I'll be happy!! :)
    @Anon 5:41 Oh my goodness....what a GREAT Idea!!!!! I can hear it now playing on the radio or the TV along with a tourist commercial....Ha!!! I love it!!!

  8. I sent that bit about the guitar questions to my son-in-law and asked him what he thought. (He still pushes my button by calling Casey - Casey Jones but I love him anyway! ha ... ) Here's what he said: (I think referring to "Drive")
    "In that song he's playing with a slide. A slide is typically a glass or metal tube that fits over one of your fingers (he's wearing it on his left ring finger). When playing with one you get those smooth up and down tones (kind of like that Hawaii luau song). Blues players use slides quite a bit.
    I didn't see him grab the I might not be commenting on what your friend is talking about. But a whammy bar and a slide produce different sounds.
    Does that make sense?"

  9. I wasn't talking about "Drive" Cyndee....I said "Done Made Up My Mind"....well actually I abbreviated it....DMUMM....He actually does it a little bit in the middle but he really does a loooooonnnnnggg one on the end of the song. I know what a slide is.... Go back and listen to Done Made Up My Mind, (Carman's video at Lay's Stage) and it's near the end of the video, cuz she has 3 songs on it. Send him the video, so he can see what I'm talking about. He's not using anything that I can see....but he seems to be grabbing something at the tailpiece of the guitar and making that note stretch out and then come's at 10:40 for just a couple seconds, then it's at 11:54 thru 12:05 for the long one....

    Here's the link to Carman's video I'm talking about.

  10. In case any of yall wanted to know the answer to my delima about what Casey is doing at the end of "Done Made Up My Mind", with his guitar.... the answer came from a blues guitarist in Ft. Worth, named Michael Lee and he's one of the people who opened for Casey at the Key's Lounge during the Homecoming!!
    He said he's 'grabbing the bridge and dropping the pitch'. I thought it might have a name, but guess not. He said alot of people use a whammy bar, but Casey don't have one. But I'm glad to know what it's called. He said it's done in blues and country mostly.