Monday, May 16, 2011

Time to breathe a sigh of relief.....and more news....

Well, we can all breathe a big sigh of relief....everything went very smooth with PawPaw's funeral!!  No one showed up who wasn't family or friends!!  :)  I was so glad to hear this news moments ago.....and I believed in my heart that Casey's fans could never interupt something so very private and important to Casey and his family!!   I believe his fans love his family and him enough to do the right thing.  So thank you to everyone for supporting this family from a distance, I'm sure it was very appreciated.

The way I found out, was a very nice person posted this message to The Casey E James Fan Club moments ago:

The funeral was beautiful. The preacher had wonderful things to say about Billy James (Pawpaw). First, Casey gave a wonderful eulogy. Then, Billy Cole gave his eulogy. Both boys talked about the high standard their Pawpaw had set for them. Later, Debra and the 4 grandsons, Chad, Billy Cole, Casey and Spence sang and played guitar. The first was a country/ gospel sounding song, second song was Wayfaring Stranger, the next a song inspired by BC's love of his Pawpaw and feeling like he walked on water (not a dry eye in the house). My husband says there was one more of Deb's songs but I can't recall. Mr. James left 2 daughters, Debra and Sherrie,4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren (the girl was the one Casey sang to, during his last song "Daughters".) What a wonderful tribute to the man who raised BC and Casey!

Thanks very much to Naz Smith for posting this information for all of Casey's Fans!!  We certainly appreciate this news.

Everybody who knows Casey, including his fans, know that he is a very humble, kindhearted and generous guy!  That was never more true to the testiment of the kind of man he is, when, right after the loss of his beloved PawPaw, Casey flew to San Francisco, California to  perform at an Easter Seals Gala, a charity event!!!  I found out about it too late to post it before the show, but I just wanted to say....that must have been the most  difficult thing he'd ever had to do!  I can say with all certainty, that Casey James is one of the 'best' people I've ever seen.   Putting his own hurt on hold, to perform for a charity for someone else.....there's just no other word at this moment.....he's just amazing.  Just another reason we all love him so much!

Another show has popped up, and this one is on July 3rd, at the Salt River Fields, at Talking Stick, Arizona!  (Ya think that's an Indian town name?? lol I'd like to have been in the tee pee when they named that town, lol)   It's located near Scottsdale!  It's an Independence Day Celebration which boasts that it has the BIGGEST fireworks show!!  Along with Casey will be one of his American Idol Tourmates last summer, Crystal Bowersox!!  And the headliner of the show will be newly married Superstar, Blake Shelton!!  That ought to be one heck of a show!!!  I'm pouting because I don't live closer, so I could go!!  But I'm sure we will have Casey Fans out that way who will get lots of pictures and videos for us!!  Tickets go on sale May 23rd at   For more information click  HERE

Ok, well, this is such great news!!  Casey is starting to get some much needed exposure as a BNA recording artist!   Now....if we could just get a release date for that 1st single!!  I am so looking forward to that!!  Back about 6 weeks or so ago, we were told the new single could be breaking out around the middle of's the middle of May, and no single yet.  We just have to be patient and wait until Casey is ready.  I know he will make our wait so well worth it, when that 1st single is released.

I will be back soon, when more news breaks, so until then.....


  1. Thanks Sweet Glenda. Nice to know things went smoothly for the James family yesterday and it sounds like the perfect celebration of their beloved Grandfather's life!

  2. So glad the James family was given the respect and privacy that anyone who has suffered such a loss deserves. Casey gives so much to his fans I am thankful they gave back by respecting his privacy.

  3. Dito ladies! I couldn't be more pleased that they had their time with no interuptions!! I KNEW Casey's Fans were that good!! :)