Friday, May 20, 2011

New Shows announced for Casey James, memories, and more...

I think we've all been waiting on when things like this would start happening, and it is!!!  Several new shows have been added to Casey's ever growing summer schedule!!

And before I get started on all the shows....I have some good news!  I called up my favorite DJ, Michelle Rodriguez and asked her if she knew Casey was going to be doing a show at Billy Bob's.  She did not, and was happy to hear the news!  She then told me she would give him a shout-out later in her show!  So I spread the word to stream their station online or listen in if you were local, and hear what she had to say!  Well....a couple of us decided to record it..... :)  Listen closely to the song that is starting to play as she's speaking.....hmmm coincidence??  :)  Click the link below to hear it!!

KSCS Shout out about Casey coming to town 

Big Thanks to @CaroLaughs for making up this link so quick! :)

And now, on to the new shows!!   The show that was added the other day outside Scottsdale, Az. has an important update to be added!!  Seems the radio station, KNIX 102.5 has announced that when you go to ticketmaster to buy your tickets for the show, if you'll put the code KNIX11 in the code box, you can buy tickets now, before they go on sale!!  So, if you're headed to that show, get a jump on this awesome ticket sale!!  For more information click>>>HERE

The day after the Scottsdale show, Casey will be appearing in Albuquerque, N.M. at the Balloon Fiesta Park, for the Freedom Fourth annual 4th of July celebration!  From what I understand, Casey is the headliner at this show!!  This is awesome news!!  He goes on about 8:00pm and will play until 9:15pm!!  Wow, I have to say, that might be the longest I've seen or heard of him playing!!  I guess that's what he gets for being the headliner!!!  :)  I'm so proud for him!!
Directly after his performance, the fireworks show is scheduled to begin!  How appropriate that the fireworks begin after his awesome show!?!  Right now, all the details are not up about the show and how to get tickets, but keep checking back and they should update it soon!  Click on the link above to go to their site!

Ok Casey Canadian Fans, this one's for you!!  Casey is coming to Calgary, Alberta, Canada for the Calgary Stampede on July 15th!!  And I was so surprised and elated to see he's once again, opening for Sugarland!!!!  Yes!!!  This is really good news!!  To get your tickets for this Canadian show, click HERE
Or you can also purchase them from the Ticketmaster website by going HERE It says the show starts at 7:30pm and that's what time he started when he was opening for them before, so I'll take it, that it's the correct time! 
I hope lots of Casey's Canadian Fans get to see him there!!  Yall let me know if you do, and I'll post your pictures and recap for ya!!  :)

Then, it's back to the states with a show in Petaluma, California, at Kodiak Jacks on July 21st!   There's not much else about this show right now, but check back at the sidebar here on the left where I have Upcoming Shows, and click on the link I'll have there and see if they've updated their page with Casey's information.

And the next one is in La Jolla, California on July 23rd, at the Rimac Field. And once again opening for Sugarland!!  The tickets for this show are already on sale, and you can go HERE to Sugarland's website to purchase yours!  He will probably start at 7:30 like always, but if it changes, I'll let yall know!

Next up is a show in Los Angeles at  The Mint on July 28th.  It seems this is a hot spot for a lot of great musicians, past and present, including Stevie Wonder!   Click the link above to read the History of this Club!  Casey goes on at 9:00pm and for ticket information go HERE.

Wow!!  Thats alot of shows to just pop up at one time!!  But I sure am loving every second of it!!!  I want that Upcoming Shows on my sidebar to be full of shows!!  And I have faith, that before long, that will definitely be the case!

As most of yall know, Casey has been writing up a storm since moving to Nashville!  And there's a nice little write-up about his recent collaborations and the names of a few of those new tunes. Thanks to mjsbigblog for this nice find!

NEW Casey James co-writes dug up by our own Windmills:
  • “These Hands” co-written by Casey James and Tom Douglas
  • “Get it Right” co-written by Casey James, Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey (Ascap)
  • “I Can’t Leave You Alone” co-written by Casey James, Jim Beavers, and Brett Beavers.
Tom Douglas cowrote “The House That Built Me” with Allen Shamblin, which has swept all the Song Of The Year awards in the country genre the past year. He’s also done a lot of writing for and cowriting with Lady Antebellum (I Run To You) and he’s also co-written with Carrie Underwood this year.
Brett Beavers worked a ton with Dierks Bentley’s first few albums as a cowriter and producer. He’s also producing Sunny Sweeney’s current hit singles and upcoming album. He’s the guy I’ve had my eye on as the best producer for Casey James’ debut (other than T Bone Burnett which is a pipe dream. Jon Randall would also be good and we know Casey’s written with him too).
Jim Beavers has written a lot with Dierks too, and he’s written songs for Billy Currington. He’s got a cut on Brad Paisley’s previous album and he also cowrote the awesome Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert duet Draggin The River from one of Blake’s EPs last year. – Windmills
Casey’s debut album is set to be released later this year.

As yall know, I haven't talked about American Idol this year, and I didn't vote, but I did have a few favorites from the start.  But since I wasn't voting I felt I had no right to complain about any outcome.  And....for the most part I didn't.  Something happened tonight that I don't think I've ever seen on Idol, I believe it's a first.....the two who made it to the finale, are a boy, Scotty McCreery, 17 from Garner North Carolina.  And the other is a girl, Lauren Alaina, 15, from Rossville, Georgia.  And the "first" I talked about, is that they are both Country Artists....and.....under 18!!  I would have never dreamed that 2 kids would take the top two spots, but they are both very good, and I wish both of them luck next week at the finale.  Either way, we got us a new country artist or two!!  :)

Since this was Homecoming week on Idol, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, so think I'll post a few of Casey's Homecoming pics and stuff!!  Just remembering it has been little more than a year since Casey did the same thing these kids did....and I was right there witnessing most of just amazing!  I'll have those memories forever and always, and they will always be some of my fondest ever! 

So here are a few pics and a video or two for yall!  Enjoy.....

I've already given credit to the owners of all the above photos, and I'll thank yall again!  Great photos, great memories

And of course, no trip down memory lane would be complete without a couple videos of the best Homecoming ever!!

Blue Sky....this song sung by Casey still gives me uncontrollable chills...
thanks to 1173jm for this beautifully perfect video!!

Ok, yall are gonna think I'm crazy.....but I just found another video from Millsap that I KNOW I have not seen!!  Even though I was there, it was very difficult to hear all the songs he sang, and this one was one of them I couldn't hardly understand....and now....thanks to this video, I can hear it loud and clear!!  The owner has the name of the song as 'Love have a reason', but I think it's "MEANING" by Gaven DeGraw.  So, from the amount of views, I don't think all of Casey's fans have heard this!!!  Take a's great!!!!

once again thanks to 1173jm for this awesome video!

Drowning on Dry Land at The Key's Lounge

Wildflower Festival Richardson Texas
I Need Your Love So Bad (only 1/2...sorry)
Thanks to debarndt for this great homecoming video!

Ok,'s past my bedtime, so yall know it's late right now!! :) Take care....

Until next time.....


  1. Thanks again Glenda! Awesome news about all the shows! The walk down memory lane was so fun. I loved the videos! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Glenda and all the contributors! xoxoxoxo

  2. Thank YOU Darla!! and your welcome sweetie!! I just love doing this for Casey and the fans!! It's fun and challenging at the same time!! Thank you for being a Casey fan and a reader! Muahhh!! :)