Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just a message from me from Las Vegas!!

Hey yall!!!  I'm having a great time out here in Vegas!!!  And I haven't actually had the time I need to put together a nice post for yall, but I am on FB doing some posting of videos and pictures from Sound Check on Friday!  I just want to thank everyone who has wished me a good time out here, and I am..... so Thank You!!!  I was so glad I got to finally talk to Casey for a few minutes!  I had to remind him who I am again, which I didn't mind at all, because I know he meets alot of people.  But I told him my name and it was me who does the Caseymania site, and his response literally nearly floored me!!!!!  He said.....and I quote him......" Yea, we over there earlier looking around!!"  I was like....."Are you serious?"  He said "Yea"!  I couldn't believe it!  So I gotta keep in mind that he does visit it and I won't be posting anything I don't want him to read!  Well, I don't think I have anyway, but I'll be even more careful to not turn into a fan girl on here!!!! 
Anyway, I handed my picture from Little Rock to him to sign, and he, almost embarrassingly, said....."What was your name again....I'm sorry?"  I told him and then said....."Ok, I'm gonna help you remember my remember Wizard of Oz and Glenda the Goodwitch??"  And he immediately pointed his
finger at me, and rather quickly said...."I'll never forget it again" and smiled his sweet smile!!!  I thought....ok....or actually I think I did say it out loud!!  But kinda!!!  lol!!!  I was so happy to be in that moment!!  What a great guy!!!
Then.....a little later....I saw Todd, and went over to him and intro'd myself, and told him I'm the one who does the Caseymania site, and he said almost the same exact words that Casey did!!!!!  Can you believe it??!!  Then, of course I said...."Yea, that's what Casey was telling me"  THANK YOU!!!!!! 
I could have died right then, and been a happy woman with a smile on my face!!!!  LOL!!

Ok, yall, I'm gonna put my favorite picture up and then I gotta get some sleep, tomorrow is a BIG day!!!!!  I'll do a full post as soon as I can!!

And I wanted to thank ALL of Casey's Fans and friends, for helping me to get the pictures and videos out so all could see them!!  I really appreciated all the help!!!!!  Yall Rock!!!!

I'll be back soon.....


  1. Meeting Casey James puts a whole new meeting to "The Fremont Street Experience!" And thanks we might have missed it had it not been for two wise new (for me) friends!!
    Dale and I met Glenda, Anthea, and John (English fans) downtown Saturday morning, had a late breakfast and chatted. John and Dale bonded when they talked of their crazy ladies' support of Casey; neither will admit it but I think they're having nearly as much fun as we are!! Both seem to have an "I just like to see you happy, dear" attitude! I'm pretty sure Glenda's hub too would fit right in, although he couldn't be there on Sat.
    SOOOO .... moving right along.
    John suggested, "Let's go check out the stage." Ok ... we did that and talked to one of the sound check guys who (can you imagine?!) didn't know our guy! He does now! He was kind enough to find out for us that Casey's sound check was at 3 pm, but warned that not all the 'stars' participate in a sound check. Wellllll .... you know Casey and you KNOW he's going to make sure all is good and well, so there was no doubt that this 'star' would be there!!
    I texted Rhonda the sound check time. She said she was waiting for Sheryl to arrive but would be there asap. In the meantime, we met Polinka and her very beautiful daughter and we gave her the 3 o' clock news.
    Glenda and I had booked a room at Golden Nugget so we went there to freshen up a bit .... actually Glenda needed a power nap too since she'd been up since the butt crack of the day before to board an early flight from Texas, and it was catching up to her a bit.
    John and Anthea remained watchful and at first sight of Casey, John called and we scooted on down. There he was doing his thing, checking on this that and the other thing, conferring with his band and the sound people.
    He saw us, recognized a few, but definitely knew the gathering little group was there for him! Sound checks are just that .... bits and pieces of sound, however, and I think this was especially for us, he sang "Bullet Proof" in its entirety! And we sang along!
    I had fun observing reactions from people who'd stopped by to listen. Some recognized him from American Idol. Some just were drawn in by the music. There were three 40ish guys watching and one asked me if he was Bucky from American Idol. I'd had some hand fans printed with Casey's photo and name on them so I gave the guy one. Didn't say a word. Just gave it to him. He said, "oh ... now I remember him. He's really good!"
    Oh yes he is!
    When he was done with the check, he walked down from the stage and one by one, we went over to talk to him. (We are not crazy goofy fans. We're considerate of his time!) But he and his agent, Todd, generously stayed and talked for about 20 minutes!
    I've heard people say this many many times before, but It really WAS like talking to an old friend. He's so down to earth and genuine, and he literally has a sort of glow about him. He's happy, with every right to be! He's getting great reactions.

  2. Oh - here's the part about almost missing him! Afterwards, Shari (Burn this Media) said that Todd said that it was a good thing were were there in the afternoon because he couldn't stay after his evening performance!! So -- thanks to John who insisted we see the stage, and thanks to the sound check guy who found out his time for us, we were there!!

  3. Very cool recap of your experience, it is so fun for me to hear it all. Can't wait for more video of the performance and am so glad to see Casey living his dream for us.

  4. Thank you so much Glenda and Cyndee for sharing your experience with us! I'm in Toronto and far from the action in Las Vegas but I'm there in spirit and loving every minute! Casey looks and sounds fantastic and I couldn't love him more - seriously, he's like an addiction or something!!

    I also really appreciate all the photos and videos fans are posting - what a truly dedicated bunch we are. It's such a privilege and thrill to be a part of this experience. Thank you Casey!!!

  5. Wow! Thank you for all the great photos, videos and recap of the events of the weekend!!! I know there is more to come too! Especially thank you to Glenda for putting this site together so we can keep in touch and up to date!! Nice Work! I hope you had an awesome weekend my friend! XoXoXo

  6. What an awesome weekend you ladies had and thank you so much for taking time to keep us all in the loop. It really made me feel like I was along for the ride. Can't wait to hear all about your experience at Fan Jam! Every time they showed it on tv last night I thought of you guys. What a cool experience. Looking forward to hearing even more about your awesome Las Vegas experience! Oh, and Cyndee, those fans were an awesome idea! There is a few pictures at where people in the crowd are holding them!!!

  7. A question for anyone to answer. I've heard bits and pieces of a rumor that Casey has "someone special" in his life. My first reaction is INSANE jealousy! Then I have a reality check and remember that I'm very happily married and old enough to be his mom! Plus I'd hate to see an awesome guy like him "going to waste"! I'm all for whatever makes him happy, she just better be good to our guy! Insight anyone?

  8. LOVING the pics and the writeup... so HAPPY for all of you!!!! We are all living vicariously through you.....

    It's so wonderful to see all the Casey fans bonding too... What a GREAT bunch of beautiful people following an amazing musician....

    Saw a few snippets of Casey on the ACM's last night(Fremont pics)... Gonna watch GAC tonight and see some more glimpses....

    I'll be coming to Vegas on Saturday for a huge convention - over 7,000 people (where I'll be speaking, meetings, teaching and more). Crazy week for me... but will be in Raleigh starting tomorrow... so couldn't do another trip in between.

    So sorry I couldn't be with all of you...

    THANK YOU all so much for sharing with all of us.

  9. P.S. To above. There may be those that think his personal life should remain none of our business and I mostly agree! I think it just comes from a heart of love and concern for a wonderful person, one we all care for as a person and not just some other celerbity.

  10. This crazy thing deleted my last post! I had asked if anyone knew anything about the rumors I've "heard" about someone special in Casey's life? I'm all for whatever makes him happy even though it makes Me a very jealous gal! All I want is for him to be happy so she better be good to our guy! Insight anyone?

  11. No insight here but I do agree that it would be very nice for Casey to have a special someone in his life. When he talks of his dogs I can't help raising my eyebrows and think, man this guy needs a girlfriend. LOL

    Now, if only I was 30 years younger and 20 pounds lighter, I'd definitely volunteer for the job!!!

  12. I said this somewhere else ... when you meet Casey he's so sweet and kind and treats everyone as if they are very special to him and the years just momentarily seem to melt away. (I'm pretty sure I was a little giddy during my little photo op) And then later you give a little smack to the forehead and remind yourself, you're not in Kansas anymore, girl! hah. But here's the cool thing that Glenda, Anthea and I were talking about. We don't want anything from Casey. We just want to give our time and talents to help him with his career, and he knows that. So he is really comfortable with his older fans. Young (single) women would be crazy if they didn't want to get closer to him, and I imagine he's a little wary of that. It's all good fun. <3

  13. carolyn collins@jesssmomApril 5, 2011 at 10:37 AM

    thank you Glenda..again..for sharing you're awesome good time with those of us who could not be there in person. watched the videos that were posted of him playing 'lets don't call it a night'. yes..we do hope it is on the cd. i know i will buy whatever he serves up, because when i listened to the music from idol last year on tunes, his music i could close my eyes and listen to and every song was pleasant to my soul. i bought everything he played and a couple of crystals songs..y'all..this is unreal.nothing much to do with Casey..maybe. i'm here in Michigan. this morning..not long was sunny and warm. i'm sitting here typing this and noticed it got darker..heard the wind blow and looked out to see SLEET . sorry. just distracted me. and then i thought about maybe it does have something to do with Casey. he's like the sunshine. his music is. whatever is going on in the world around me, always changing, like michigan weather and sometimes not so good..downright destructive and cold. whatever is going on if i listen to some of Caseys music and see him so happy playing it, its like the sunshine braeaking through. keep on playing Casey and we'll keep on listenting:)) we love you!