Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas is over, and Casey is still at home.

Hello Everybody!!  I hope all of you had a fabulous Christmas Holiday with family and friends, since thats what it all means to most of us!!  Actually the first meaning is the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is a known fact, but sometimes gets buried in all the commotion and stress associated with the holiday season!   But I always remember to say "Happy Birthday Jesus"!!  :)

The Christmas Card Exchange was the highlight of my holiday season, with cards and gifts coming in from all over the country and internationally as well!!  Every day of the past 3 weeks have been filled with the coolest creations from all of you!!  I want to personally thank each and every one of you who participated and really brightened my days leading up to Christmas....yall are all awesome!!

As most of you have heard, our sweet Casey was home for the holidays!  It looked as if he was having a great time too!  There has been one picture posted and he looks as if he's trying to operate a video camera as he reads the directions from a pamphlet his cousin Chad's son, Jaryn was holding!  Also in the picture you can see that he is wearing a Santa hat that says Texans on it, well, that was a gift from our girl Debi Adams and her friend Sheila!  She also sent me one!  Thanks again Debi!  And I must say, I'll bet both of them is sitting on cloud 9 right now after seeing this picture with the hat on!   And check out the Tide shirt!! LOL!!!  Love it!!  Thats my detergent too!!! :D

Thanks to Sara Poynter for this Casey Christmas Picture!

Maybe some more Christmas pictures of Casey at home will come through before long.  I sure hope so anyway!

Well, it seems Casey has tweeted a few times in the last few days, and for those of you who don't's what he had to say:

Casey Everett James
Hey everybody!! Merry Christmas!!! My Official website is up!! Check it out at !!! Love you all.

Casey Everett James
BTW, I will post a yellow note soon. I just cant think right now. Stayed up all night playing ping pong with some friends. Good times.

Casey Everett James
I will hang out and talk soon. Im off to bed. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!! ;)

It's always exciting to hear anything from Casey, and since he hasn't been tweeting very much, (because of his hectic work schedule in Nashville) this was a pleasant surprise to us all!  Well, I was about half way expecting to hear something from him on twitter and I'm glad my hunch was right!

I will be extremely elated the day that BNA posts a tour schedule for him!!!  That's what I'm totally anticipating!  When that happens I can see now all the chatter with all the fans forming groups and roadtrips to shows!!  And I will be one of them putting together my own group of Texas friends to travel to Casey's shows!!  This is going to be so exciting and I just can't wait till it all gets started!!  And I expect each of you to send me a detailed recap of your experiences, ok? lol!!  This is gonna be fun!!  We should be able to get Meet and Greets before long.  I guess they'll launch the Fan Club portion of his web site soon.  Then we will pay a yearly fee, (usually around 20 bucks or so) for all kinds of goodies and freebies and free meet and greet passes!  I don't know how they will work his fan club, but you can buy different levels of it usually, depending on what you want.  I want Full Access to everything I can get, so I'll be buying the biggest thing they offer!!  And hopefully they will have Members only Forum Boards where we can keep up with everything and post all the latest news and pictures!!  Don't let the Forums scare you off, because at first they seem so terribly difficult to understand and read and how to post things and all, but there's a trick to it, I will reveal when we get our members only Forum Boards, ok?  I'm getting excited just thinking about it!!!  It shouldn't be too long before we hear something about that first single.  I'm so hoping they release it in January!  The sooner the better, I want to hear it on the radio!!  And in the next few weeks I'll be posting more information about radio stations and their links and how to go about  requesting without irritating the DJ's.  I think I have already touched on this in an earler post, back during the summer, but I will be bringing it back again, so we can all get ready for the real work!! :) 

Here is a couple of awesome shots of our Casey boy I thought all of you might enjoy......he's such a doll.....with undoubtedly the sweetest face ever.....

May God Bless Casey, Debra, Billy and the entire James family as a New and Intriguing Year unfolds!  I wish ALL of them the very best that 2011 has to offer!!
And the same goes to all of you, my friends....because without you, Caseymania would be nothing!  Thanks for all of your savvy comments, suggestions and giggles and just flat out good conversation along the way and over these last few months!  It has been an awe-inspiring experience for me!!  I am looking forward to what the future holds for this little site, and hope many more Casey Fans join us here as we ALL walk with Casey through the most exciting experience of his life.....his first year as a recording artist!!!!
Many thanks and Great big hugs to all of you.....

How many of you are getting snow today??  Or better yet, how many of you had a White Christmas??  I've been watching the weather as many, many of you have been pelted with snow storm after snow storm!!  So if you are in that area with the bad weather, please be careful in it!  The snow is beautiful but scary when it's in a blizzard!  What is the real shocker is all the snow in all these southern states!  We didn't get any where I am, but there has been snow all over Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, you name it, they've been really getting some serious snowfall!!  I so wished we would have gotten some snow and had a White Christmas this year.....but it just wasn't in the cards, I guess.... :( 

I want to post for all of you, my all time favorite Christmas Song!  And I don't care who sings it, I LOVE it!!!  This is Charlotte Church, who I've loved ever since I first heard her sing, back when she was just a young girl.  Enjoy......

I'll check in with all of you soon, and hopefully with some more Casey at home for Christmas photos!!

Yall take care of yourselves and each other.....until next time......

This just in:  Casey James spotted at Buttons in Ft. Worth on Christmas night!  Looks as if it was a surprise visit and here are 3 pictures captured!!  Looks good to see him so happy and in his element!!!  Come on 1st single......drop already!!!  :)

Thanks to for these awesome shots!!

How adorable is this last picture?!?!  Too Cool......ya gotta love this guy!!!!


  1. Happy Holidays Everyone!!!! Glenda, THANKS SO MUCH for all the new pics/info on Casey. I LOVED all of it!!! I hope Casey and all of his fans are enjoying their holiday!!


  2. Thanks a bunch Jackie!! And your welcome!! I love doing this!! I'm enjoying my holiday and I hope you are too!!

  3. i love you for posting these sweet pics and newsbits. thanks for keeping us up!