Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So.....what's next for Casey.....for us?

Hey everybody....hope your day is going great!  I got up too early this morning and I'm still tired, but maybe writing some will make me relax so I can take a nap!  We got some damage from the storms the other day and the roof has a hole in it and leaking....not fun!  So, the guy came out this morning to estimate the damage and the whole roof needs replacing and we have a friend who is a roofer, so hopefully he can do it at a better price for us, and no more leaking!   Thank goodness, there's only so much you can do with buckets and towels! :)

Well, sources say Casey is leaving for Nashville today, but rumors have been flying and we weren't exactly sure when he was leaving Ft. Worth.  But, from what Debra tweeted this morning, looks like he has business in LA and in Nashville.  Here it is in her own words in reply to the question if Casey was in Nashville yet:

"Not yet..business in LA and Nashville first I believe"

So....he's still doing business in both cities!  But good news on the health side concerning Casey from her as well:

"Casey's slowly gaining ground on his respiratory problem thank goodness. Thank you all." 

I, for one, couldn't be happier to hear that!  We've all been so concerned about his health issues for quite a while.....just about this whole year!  Bless his heart, I bet he's feeling so much better!  I'm so happy to get this news!  Thanks Debra for filling us in!!

I'm assuming that most of you have seen the video's shot in Dallas last Friday night and noticed his shorter "doo" he's sporting!!  I like it, as long as it don't get cut short, I'm good with how Gino is cutting his hair!!  But he was donning another look as well.....the beard.....and it was thick, so I'm assuming he's been growing it since he got off the tour and returned home!  I just don't prefer him with the beard.....he looks older to me, but it's a good incognito look......yea right......Casey James we would know you if you had a bucket on your head!!!  Ha Ha!!  
But.....for those who are not the Casey fanatic, well, he could probably slip through a crowd unnoticed, with that look!
I'm sure by now the pandemonium of the tour has settled a bit, and he should be able to walk around without a disguise, but who knows......after his performances on that tour he picked up thousands of more fans!  So maybe he can't do that anymore.   But I do know that not everybody watches American Idol or goes to the tour shows and with this years declining ratings......there were even less people tuning in and paying their hard earned bucks for the pricey seats!
One thing I know for sure......life as he knew it in Texas before American Idol is now in his past.  And I'm sure he will miss that freedom to come and go as he pleases without being noticed by some people.  After his blazing hot sets on the tour over the summer, he has surely put to rest any rumors that he was nothing but a 'pretty face looking for a shortcut to fame!'   But all of that talk comes with the business, you have to turn your head away from the negative crap, and if you want a record deal, you need the fans to buy your music and come to your shows.....simple as that!  And with Casey's strong attitude and knowing who he is, and how to deal with the negative comments like a pro, there won't be a problem there. 
Oh, I'm sure he'll be able to 'steal away' to some winter resort in Colorado for some down time, without being too obvious that he's hiding out.  And we need to let him do that, as fans.  Besides, there's resorts that alot of the stars go to, to 'get away' from it all and he could do that.  But the rest of the time, he will become accustomed to fans clamoring for his attention at every show!  He said he enjoyed the fans at the shows, and I'm sure he did, but even famous people have to take a break from all the craziness that is their life, from time to time.  I'm sure this summer was a BIG wake up call for him and how his future was going to be, so I'm sure he will just need to take breaks from us, from time to time to just relax and have nothing on his mind and nobody screaming his name.  I'm good with that, because I would not want to be in his shoes.  The music business seems so glamorous, but it's anything but that!  It's very hard work, lot's of traveling, radio station interviews, photo shoots, video shoots, in the studio perfecting his songs, personal appearances, and about a million other things that just wear a person to a frazzle literally!  And I am concerned about his future health, having to stay so busy, but hopefully he will get into a groove and roll with it, and learn how to get the rest he needs to stay healthy.  I know, I sound like an old mother hen, but I am so concerned about his health issues, and hope that some miracle medicine will come along and cure him completely once and for all, of his ailments!  Then we and everybody else can stop worrying so much about him! :)

Well, let me see what I can find to make this page look better!   Oh yes.....how about these?!

Thanks to PaulaMKnox for this great shot of Casey!

Or........this one...... from 

ItzMeRenee/Thanks so much!

Thanks to Nikel_T for this great shot in Ga.

I have to take off and run a couple errands but I'll be back later after I trawl for awhile!

More to come later.......

Omgoodness!!!  Yall have to see this, it is so funny!!!!  THIS is what we want to see Casey be a part of Next year!  It's called the "Country Weekly Fashion Show"!!  They have this every year in Nashville and it is part of the CMA fest lineup!!!  We somehow have to get Casey in this!!!  In this video though, my other Idol boy Bucky Covington becomes a.....wait for it.........a.........wait for it........A RUNWAY COACH?!?!  It is hilarious!!!  Bucky is always full of it.....he's always cutting up and quite funny!!  And this video is proof of his witty self!!  Appearing with him in this video is the group, "Trailor Choir", Katy Armiger, Sara Darling, Whitney Duncan and Bucky's twin brother, Rocky Covington.  Of course this is just a parody of the real event that takes place every year!!  But I could see Casey being invited to do this really soon, so as to be in it for next year!!  Bucky is in it every year, so I'm sure we could get Casey in there as beautiful as he is!!!!  I'll try and find out how WE can request his presence there next year!  Oh, and many of you may want to go ahead and purchase your tickets for CMA fest next year, it happens in the 2nd week of June every year, and everybody whose anybody is there!!!  It's a 4 day event just full of cool things to do!!!  The earlier you get your tickets the better seats you get!  I'll put the link to it below this video!!!  Yall leave me comments and tell me if you think you could see our Casey there!!! :)

"Country Weekly Fashion Show 2010"

"CMA music festival 2011"


  1. Glenda, sorry about your roof damage! Hey, maybe you could hire Debra - didn't she tweet about roofs this morning :)
    Hard to keep up with where Mr.James exactly is! Lots of business to take care of. I assume he's choosing his Management company and his Agent/Agency for bookings. Let's hope his Agent will be from one of the top 3, CAA, Wm.Morris or ICM in Los Angeles! That will be exciting to hear about - hope they are announced soon.
    As for his health, he looks so much better and rested. Although, I confess I was loving his long curly/shaggy hair by the end of the AI tour. Not so fond of the beard (sorry). And I don't think he'll ever be able to hide out in public ever again. You know the old saying, "be careful what you ask for"...
    Someone wrote about the fog/smoke blowing onto the AI stage night after night and that it could be what caused some of his health problems. I don't know if that's really possible, but I will say that it was really extreme fog/smoke at the Seattle show. Well, for taking clear pictures anyway.
    And, I think Casey will do just fine figuring out how to "get away", if this last 2 weeks are any indication...lol

  2. Glenda, hope your roofer friend gives you a good price on the new roof you need. I am so glad Casey is feeling better, but I am also concerned about his health problems. I have allergy problems and sinuitus, so I know how
    miserable you can feel. I am sure he has a good Doctor who can help. We all want a healthy Casey!!!!! I really don't like the beard either
    it hides his beautiful face.

    Susan/St. Louis

  3. I have never cared for the "bearded look". Casey looks best with no beard and the longer hair (at least to me). The torn jeans, old T shirt, and unshaved face reminds me of a farmer who just came home from plowing fields all day--not so pretty!! Just my opinion.

  4. Ladies.....I have to agree....I LOVE the longer curlier look on him, it's just so darn becoming, like it was made for him! But I know he has to get it trimmed up sometimes. And I'm with yall again, I don't care for the beard either, and yes Susan....it does hide his beautiful face.
    Yea, I figure he's doing that Agent, Management thing too! Gosh I'm in the wrong business, I should have been an Artist Manager or an Agent! I bet that is a cool job! Well, I just hope he chooses wisely. Wouldn't you think he'd get managers and agents out in Nashville? I don't know how all that works, but I know from past experience, the manager and artist both lived in Nashville.....again....I don't know, but seems like it would make sense to be in Nashville...?!
    Anon 6:28...Ha Ha....a farmer...plowing fields? Come on....give him a little more credit than that!! Ha ha... I actually love the 5 o'clock shadow.....but about 12 midnight, it's not so pretty anymore!! LOL!!

  5. jwtexaslady is asking:
    Maybe he is in LA for a screen test.

  6. Screen test? Why?? He's a musician not an actor...lol! But wouldn't that be nice?! Or he could definitely be a model....for sure!! But those things would have to take a back seat to his music career!! :)

  7. Glenda, Hope your roof is fixed soon! I know personally it is not fun! Glad to hear Casey is doing better and hope he stays well! Loved all the pics! Casey is so beautiful!! He sure could be a model, Glenda! Thanks for all the great info today!! MAE777

  8. Yep, he could definitely be on the cover of GQ but his focus is on his music. But I wonder why he is in LA?! Time will time. Anyway, I wish "Mr Pretty" would shave off that beard!

    Susan/St. Louis

  9. Woops! should be - Time will tell. That's what happens when i'm tired - I can't spell!

    Susan/St. Louis

  10. All of you have to go back and look at the end of this post today, I posted something very important at the end and yall are gonna laugh your tush's off!!! But it has a serious side too, something we need to try to get Casey into in Nashville!! Go read it! leave me comments and let me know what yall think ok?

  11. I personally like the beard! Maybe he's trying to shed some of the AI/Mr. Pretty image before he hits Nashville. No matter the length of his hair or beard, he can't help being "pretty" to me!

  12. We'll be getting an estimate from our friend on Friday or Saturday, and it's gonna rain tomorrow, so here I go again with the buckets and towels....geezzz!!!

  13. Thank you for sharing the Bucky Covington video with us. I love that guy too! His video hit "A Different World" is so much fun.

    Back to Casey - I love his hair shoulder-length with a little scruff on his face, but he rocks any look.

  14. from jwtexaslady another question:
    Sony Pictures is in Culver City near LA. Could there be a music video in the works?
    By the way, Glenda, you are doing a great job. Love Caseymania!

  15. Glenda, hope your roof gets fixed soon and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg! No fun, I'm sure! Thank you for posting the video of Casey. Forgot how much I missed him singing the blues. He sounds great and looks more rested. I'm not crazy about the beard either, but I have a feeling it's only temporary. I sure hope he gets a great manager who really looks out for him. He sure deserves that. Thanks also for posting the "Runway" video of Bucky Covington. He is so funny and adorable! Didn't realize he had a twin brother, thought I was seein' double! Got a kick out of the "Trailer Choir" guy, he is hilarious! Casey's mom sounded great. Hope she had a good time at her gig. Wonder how long she's had the curly hair, looks nice on her. She is so talented, I admire her so much! Thanks again, Glenda for all you do to keep us entertained and updated. You do a great job!

  16. Bucky Covington stole Casey's hiney wiggle!! HaHa, cute vid, Bucky's funny. Casey most definitely would be a great addition to this fashion show. About the facial growth, love it, he's da man! I like the farmer look! I think it's a guy thing, I know with hunters anyway to protect their faces from winter cold. When fall comes, grow it out and in spring, shave it off. Most women do look forward to spring though, by that time they had enough. ;) Or, maybe he wants the down home raw and ruggid look because he's getting ready for some down home raw a ruggid music to bless our ears with! Love Casey however I could get him. :)

  17. i liked his longer hair without the beard,i liked him better with a bigger band,idk maybe its just the sound quality on utube.i would love to hear caseys mom sing some Tammy wynette music she's the only classic female artist i still enjoy listening to.does anyone know if caseys band can do backup vocals?

  18. I like him with beard and ponytail. :) But he always looks good, so it doesn't really make any difference... And I love him when he's playing and singing blues. But I always love him when he's playing and singing. Period. So that doesn't make any difference either. He's always adorable ...and hot. ;)

  19. Want to see Casey James at the CMA's? Text: @cmatxt to 66937 and let them know he needs to be on stage, not just in the audience!

    Mish from Colorado

  20. You can view your text message at www.cmaawards.com. There are already a few requests for Casey and his Caseyness on the page!

  21. Glenda, I think Casey would fit right in with Bucky and the fashion show. He would strut his beautiful self down the runway and get a thumbs up!! I don't text so is there another way I can let them know he should be on the stage at the CMA Awards? I still like him better clean shaven - he has the most beautiful skin!!

    Susan/St Louis

  22. Susan there's a place on Facebook they've been doing it, let me see if I can find it, and I'll post it on Caseymania for everybody!

  23. Thanks for all the feedback everyone!! I love it when I get lots of responses from yall!!