Saturday, September 4, 2010

I'm Back..... here's some stuff yall might remember.....

Hey Everybody!  I'm back today, but I'm afraid the posts are going to be short sometimes, with nothing to write about, and no fresh news out there.   But I will do the best I can for yall, even if it means reposting some things!  
I'm not completely feeling up to par today, a little tired feeling, and tomorrow is a busy day so I won't be posting tomorrow probably.  If I'm gone a day or two, don't yall worry, it's just because there's nothing new to report at the moment, or I got busy.  My house is about to have a complete overhaul....I have things everywhere they are not suppose to be, and alot of it is my Mom's stuff, I've been procrastinating about putting away.   So I've got to get to it soon!  
I just don't want yall to think I'm MIA if I take a day or two off here and there!  Yall just stay with me, and we're going to learn alot of new things together real soon!  

I want to let yall know I found 3 videos from St. Louis, Mo. and all from the same person.....the night Casey was taken to the hospital because of his illness!  They are really good much so that one person said, If this is what he sounds like sick, then he must be totally amazing when he's not!! enjoy!!

"I Got Mine"


"It's All Over Now"

Many thanks to dm91367 for all three of these great videos!

Remember this week?  Yep, his version of Gavin DeGraw's "I don't wanna be" and the first time we all realized Casey James was a Guitar genius!  I know, I said this just the other day, but this was the moment that made me realize he meant everything he was singing and playing!

When he did this song that week on the show, he was telling us and the judges that he wasn't gonna be anything but who HE was!!  He wasn't going to be molded into what people wanted him to be, he was going to be Himself, no matter what!!  If it cost him the competition, then so be it!!  Casey knew exactly who he was, as an artist and he wasn't changing anything!!  And when some of the judges slammed him and shredded him for this performance, I knew exactly where he was coming from!  We all saw the hurt in his little face as they showed no mercy and beat him to a pulp!!  I, as well as thousands of other new fans loved his version of the song, and we couldn't understand where the negativity was coming from with these judges.......we LOVED it!!!!  We saw nothing wrong with it, whatsoever!!  And still don't!!  
I've been going on about how Casey knew who he was as an artist way before American Idol.  I came across this excerpt from one of my favorite writers, Shari Geller, (thanks girl) and what she has to say about Casey and the Blues.....

Casey James wrote in his high school yearbook that he wanted to be a famous blues musician. He specified the genre back then that he connected with. When Casey was playing at the Keys Lounge, he was a blues musician. When he takes the stage during the American Idol tour, he's a blues musician. Wherever he goes from here, he's a blues musician. Because it's about heart and feeling it and not worrying about technique or formulas. It means being so connected to the music that nothing else matters, you get lost in the notes and how they make you feel. It is the most organic, most natural form of music, the most stripped bare and raw. Whatever he does musically from here on out, it will be inspired and informed by the blues and in particular by the blues guitar of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan.

This is Casey and Andrew jamming out sometime in the beginning of the show!  Not sure the week, but in the first few weeks!

And this is one of Casey getting his 'make up' on for the TV show, on "Power of Love" week!    I'm sure he looked just fine without it, but those TV people make 'em dab out the shiny spots.....for the

I hope alot of you have not seen this, cause it is so cute!!  He was about to get his lovely locks cut!  I'm so glad they didn't cut his hair alot on the becomes him so much!

I never noticed his feet are perfectly together and he's sitting straight as a board.....I love this picture, especially his eyes and that look on his face, he's got that 'what did I get myself into'  look on his face!!  :D  this made me laugh out loud!!

Ok, I'm gonna post this last picture and then I'm getting off of here for today!  Remember, I probably won't have time to get on here tomorrow!!  I'll see yall soon......

I believe all  these pictures are from the American Idol site, so Thanks AI!!

Yall come back on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning and see what's going on.....ok?? Happy Labor Day!!!   Yall have a great weekend!!


  1. Glenda, I'm sorry your not feeling well today, but I will pray for you. I totally understand being behind with house work. There always seems to be so many other things to do. Love all your Casey pics today!! He is so beautiful!! I think BC is a really handsome guy, too!! Absolutely love the haircut one..he does look like he may be in a predicament!! And oh yes, he is such a blues musician!! My oldest grown son who doesn't watch much TV at all listened to the vids of Casey even before Idol like "Road To Comming Home" and "Shine Your Shoes" and "I Got Mine" and all the ones from the tour and He loves Casey's voice and guitar and his band with BC and Jacy, so raw and awesome!! We listened together several times. My sons both play guitar. Don't ever be concerned about taking days off! I just appreciate all you do!! It makes me feel connected with Casey, his family, and all the good things instore for them! MAE777

  2. Glenda,sorry your not feeling well today. Once you get everything in it's place I'm sure you'll feel better. I love all of the pictures
    especially the last one. How handsome does he look!!!! Mighty fine! Please don't worry about taking off - I know you'll return with more goodies to view and listen to. I really appreciate you keeping us informed about Casey and what's next in his future. Thanks again and take care.

    Susan/St. Louis

  3. Glenda,hope you get to feeling better. Don't feel bad about taking a little time off. We appreciate all you do with all the stories and pictures you post and what you write. You do a tremendous job. I will never forget when Casey sang "I Don't Wanna Be" on Idol and I was so impressed and blown away by the way he sang and played guitar. You just don't see many people on American Idol like that! Randy absolutely loved it and raved about it, Ellen liked it, and then Kara has the audacity to say that "You took two steps back, baby" and said he sounded like "dirt". Simon said he had "no grit" in his voice, "more like sand" and called him a "wanna be rock star". You could tell that really hurt Casey's feelings, yet he just stood there and took it and didn't argue back. I felt like throwing something at the TV! As WE all know, Casey has plenty of grit! It just made me want to vote for him even harder!

  4. You read my mind Robyn!! When they said no grit and sounded like dirt.....omg!!!! I lost it!!! I was screaming at the TV and my hubby thought I'd lost my mind!! He had to calm me down, I was so angry with them!!! If I could have, I would have climbed through that TV and snatched her bald headed.....I swear.....ooooo I was so mad!!! And like you, it made me wanna push even harder to vote for him and get other people on board voting for him!! Thats about the same time I bought the go phone and was getting in 2500 to 3500 votes per night!! Thats group texting and calling the # on my other cell phone and the house phone when I wasn't at a Watch Party!! I was so dedicated and desperatly trying to prove Kara and Simon wrong, he did have what it takes to be there, and he showed them, didn't he??? HA!!
    I'm feeling better, I don't know why I was feeling bad earlier....I'm ok now though.

  5. Thanks Susan and Mae....yall are awesome....I love the support I get here with you ladies!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. Glad you're feeling better! GRRRR, you reminded how angry I was that night, too! It was so unkind and unnecessary. I was actually horrified they could be that mean spirited! And yes, Casey has sure shown everyone on this tour!!! I jumped for joy when Kara was fired :)
    I hope you take all the time off you need to take care of your own life right now. We appreciate everything you've done on this site! Looking forward to what comes next :)

  7. I forgot to say...that last photo above is truly beautiful!!!

  8. You know somethin'- these pictures remind of what a dream job that must be to be a make-up artist or hair stylist at American Idol! How awesome would that be to touch up that beautiful face or fluff up those gorgeous blonde locks??? Boy, do I envy them!!!

  9. Glenda, I'm glad you are feeling better. I could picture your fist up in your comment 12:59. lol I was very upset too, loved "I Don't Wanna Be." I loved Randy's super excited comments and the way he expressed himself. The troubling part, to me, was when Kara had made some remarks and Simon interrupted while she was speaking and said WHAT???, as if he thought she was nuts! Don't really know what happened there, but it did. My original thoughts were that they would have to complain about something or Casey at this point already won the competition and the show wasn't over yet!!! What's tv to do? Casey handled it very well, and as usual turned it into a positive and concentrated more on his beautiful voice. What a guy, but I remember I was very upset at the time as well.