Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New pics and videos from Ft. Lauderdale, Idols in Tampa, Fl tonight

Hello everybody!  Is is Wednesday already??  I do believe it is!  Of course it's another scorcher here in the south and I don't even want to talk about it!!  Just everybody stay safe in this heat....ok?
Ok, yesterday I told you about a fantastic picture that came through and I didn't have the credit for it, and couldn't post it yet.....well I got it now.....and set down.....this is a very nice photo indeed!!  I would say this is Album Cover worthy.....

Great Big Huge Thanks going out to grytlappar for this excellent shot!

Can all of you see that emotion in his face??  It's a look of sheer uninhibited joy....nothing could make him happier at that moment.....nothing!!  He is where he belongs.....lost in his music as he should be!  

On to other news.....the videos are starting to roll in from Ft. Lauderdale and I'll start posting them here and I will come back and edit them in a row if I can find them all!  I really love it when I can find 4 videos of his whole set by the same person!  Thats like finding gold in the blogging world!!  So I will head out and look for more, and start you off with this one....

"I Got Mine" 


"Have you ever really loved a woman"

Thanks to snstrider7 and pianist56 for sharing these great videos!

"Idol Finalists Come Into Their Own".... now isn't that a catchy little title??  Thats the headline to a GREAT article run by the Palm Beach Entertainment!!  This is an awesome article so check it out!!

"The Dallas Morning News" is already talking about the Tour stop that makes it's way to Texas in the next few days!!  And I would say that The Lone Star State  is more than ready to show those Texas boys they are so proud of them!!  It's going to be a wild and crazy night in Dallas and Houston as the tour stops in both cities!  They'll be in Houston on the 7th and in Dallas on the 9th!  If you have plans to go, this website wants to hear your story along with pictures, videos and ect....for your chance to get your story in print!!  Go ahead.....let your voice be heard, and bookmark this site!!

There's a poll going on over at for The American Idol of the Month.....and guess whose in the #1 spot right now.....umm humm you got it, none other than our boy Casey!!  So if you can help keep him there by voting as often as possible (every 20 min.) then click  "Here"   and help Casey stay at the #1 spot where he belongs!!!  And thanks!!!

More to come later......check back.....

And here we have a very nice "Exclusive Interview with Casey James" courtesy of none other than American Idol....this ought to be is!!!  And by the way....this is a repost from yesterday in case any of you missed it.....
Time for some pretty on the page.....

Thanks to daydreaminmeme for this awesome poster!

This was one of the most touching stories I've ever read....this is just another reason we love Casey James......(get some kleenex)

"American Idol Facebook Sweepstakes Winner"

I'm still looking for pictures from Ft. Lauderdale.....I thought I had some, but they were from another searching, and if you were there and would like to share your pics......please send them to me by email or in a comment beneath this post!  Thanks!!!!  Be back soon.......

This is an excerpt from MJ's big blog about his interview with Taylor Hicks and here's what Taylor had to say about Casey!
Taylor and Casey James also tweeted about maybe duetting in the future, “I ran into Casey—we were getting clothes tailored at the same place in LA. I met him, obviously, on the show. He’s just one of those guys–he’s paid his dues—one of those guys who’s a great guitar player, a great singer. I totally dig what he’s doing. I’d say the same thing about Lee—super talented guy, great voice.  Maybe I can get with them all at some point, and see them out on the road in these next few weeks.”

Pretty cool huh??  The Idols will be taking the stage in Tampa soon, and one of  our twitter girls is doing some friendly 'stwalking' about the venue trying to catch a glimpse of Casey.  She will inform us later about what happens!

I'm going to post all the stuff I can find about the Tampa show on tomorrows page.  The Idols are right now at the beach in Tampa Bay having some R&R but it appears via Andrew that Casey was tired and did not go.....get some rest sweetie.

News is going to be scarce because they will be off the next 2 days and enroute to Texas for the Houston Show and My Dallas!!  So I may take off a little time too, and just post a little bit for the next couple of days. 
Yall have a great evening and a better tomorrow!


  1. Glenda, I have a question. What do I click on to get the "touching story"? I clicked on AI Facebook winner but couldn't get video. Thanks for all the good stuff today! Mae777

  2. Glenda - just wanted to take a moment to give you a big THANK YOU for keeping us all updated with everything Casey. You are appreciated!

  3. Awwww thank you so much's definitely a work in @MAE777 I just went and checked the clicked on the right thing....and it's working here, go back and try again, and let me know if it don't work ok?? Thanks!!!

  4. Thanks Glenda! I know now it's a Facebook link which I'm not on Facebook so probably can't get it. I appreciate all you do!! I come here every day to get Casey news! MAE777

  5. i'm sure talor hicks is a nice enough guy and i'm sure he would love to do a duet with casey,but he did not deserve that idol title.he was the reason i quit watching a.i.and i just decided to watch it this year.i watch idol rewind on fox channel its always on season 5 i get so mad i have to walk away while taylor is on.daughtry never should have been voted off.casey could probably do a little something for his floundering career.

  6. Fabulous work, Glenda! I love reading your blogs. You really see Casey as we do and the humor you add to the site, always makes me smile!
    You're another Texas Angel <3

  7. Awwww Janita....thank you so much my sister from another mister!! lol.... love ya girlie.....I'm coming to Memphis as soon as I can get there!! Not for a while, but I'll get there!!
    thanks to everybody else....I appreciate you all reading and coming back everyday for your Caseyfix!! :)