Monday, August 23, 2010

Idols in Englewood, Co. tonight and Off tomorrow!

Hey yall.....what's up??  I just been still trying to stay cool in this 104 degree heat.....I won't talk about the heat's just depressing!
But Texas is not the only thing thats is Casey on that stage in every city!!  He's ripping it up at every show, and is a favorite at alot of them!!!  I just never tire of hearing his's so addicting!!  And he's showing so much versatility with only 4 songs by changing them up just a little at every 2 shows have been exactly alike.....and that..... is a real musician!!  He's the real deal.....the whole package.....and Sony did so good when they signed him, because he is going to make them alot of money!!!  I would not be afraid to say, I believe he is going to mirror Carrie Underwood's success!!!  He IS the next Big Thing to come out of Nashville!!!

Lately, some of the fans have been asking me this same question:  What will happen to CASEYMANIA when the tour is over???  Yes, I started Caseymania strictly to follow Casey through his very first tour, because you don't have a second chance at a 1st Tour......and I wanted to make sure as much of that Tour was documented to where if he, or his family or any of you fans ever wanted to look back on something from his first tour, it would be here!  I knew it was going to be a huge undertaking, blogging is not easy and requires alot  of research and problems with links and pictures among other things.  But, even though it hasn't been easy....I have fallen in love with Caseymania!!!  It's a huge part of me now......and I couldn't stop if I wanted the answer to the burning question is.......I will definitely keep CASEYMANIA up and running!!!!   I will change the reason behind it, because it will become an artist blog.....I will be following him through his I hope yall are ready for the longhaul......cause it's gonna be a long and awesome road!!!!

The Idols were off yesterday, so, as usual.....there's not a whole lot of information coming in, but there's some stuff coming in from the previous shows in the last few days!  First off, I want to share this great photo from Seattle!!

Thanks to Gloria Kennedy for her great 'HAIR' shot!!!

I found a really nice review of the Idols show in Seattle......from The Seattle Times.  Although the writer really loves Casey's set, and really says some great things about him, there is one teeny little thing they did not like when he was on the show!  Read all about it   "Here"
Try not to get upset when you read the one little thing that is not to the writer's liking, cause 99% of us LOVE this about him, and that person is welcome to their own opinion......but I love it!!!  :)

!!  I don't remember ever seeing this incredible review before!!  It was done when they were in did I miss this?!?!  Keep in mind as you read......this was before Casey's big Signing with Sony!!  It's from the San Antonio Entertainment and this is some really good 'Casey info'!  Read on......

What's universal among "American Idol" fans when it comes to finalist Casey James? "They want to touch my hair," said James, who rolls into the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion near Houston with the rest of the season nine "American Idol Live" gang on Saturday.
The Fort Worth resident finished third in this season's competition, behind winner Lee DeWyze and runner-up Crystal Bowersox.
Deep down, James is a good 'ol Texas boy — "Texans are different," he said. "We have a lot of history, musically. It's an attitude" — but he's accepted that, for now, he's a sex symbol.
"The scope of it is so unbelievably huge that you really can't comprehend it," he said. "Yet you have to because you are in it. It's so big and so unreal that you have to just flow with it. Like, ‘OK, I'm doing this.' And just think about it later. You're in that state of shock."
It's too soon, he said, for any grand lessons from the "American Idol" ordeal to have sunk in. But he wouldn't trade his experience — competing on one of the most popular shows in the history of television — for anything.
"American Idol" turned James' life upside down. He described the experience as "really, really crazy."
"It's hard when you're in the experience to say what you've learned from it," he said. "But it changed my life. It changed my way of looking at things. I think every experience does that to you."
A year ago, "in (his) normal life," he was scraping by with his own band, singing and playing guitar in dives around Fort Worth.
At 27 (he's 28 now), James was an unlikely finalist, "way older than the other contestants."
"I thought things were going to be stacked against me," he said. Not anymore.
Onstage in the "American Idol" tour, he performs four songs: the Black Keys' "I've Got Mine," Shania Twain's "Don't," Bobby Womack's "All Over Now" and Bryan Adams' "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" as a duet with Michael Lynche.
"It's more of me. You get to see the same me, but just more of it," he said. "I'm going to do full songs, and I'm going to play guitar a lot more than you got to see me play on the show. It's just more of an opportunity. Everyone takes it really seriously."
But it's fun, too.
When "American Idol Live" rolls into town, the singers often meet with giddy fans before and after the concert.
"If we choose to, we can meet and sign autographs and take pictures with fans and get to say hello and hugs and shake hands and all that stuff," James said.
His goal is to get a record deal and make an album. He's currently unsigned.
Why see "American Idol Live"? James said it's a night and day difference.
"On TV, you're seeing somebody trying to do the best they can with a minute and a half, and that's an amazingly hard thing to do," he said. "So when you see us on the tour, you get to see artists. You're going to see people doing what they love to do . . . you're seeing dreams fulfilled."

And now......fresh in from Portland....... ladies.....these are just for you!!  Enjoy!!!

And this one.......will knock your socks off.......

There's that sweet smile we all love!!

Great Big 'ole Thanks going out to seizemusic for all the above shots from Portland!!

And now......I'll give yall a few seconds to recover......those are some really good professional looking!!  :)  We were graced with a brand new Late Night Sandwich late last night......and I posted it late last night on yesterday's post and didn't want anybody miss it so here ya go......LNS for the 2nd time around!!!

"LNS-The Oregon Trail Edition"

I'll try to make it back to post some more things.....I'll be back for sure.......but don't know if I'll find any more info tonight!  The Idols are in Englewood Co. just outside Denver........where it all started for Casey.......and where many of us met that audition fighting for his right to be heard!!!  Good job Casey.......we heard you loud and clear.......good job!!!!


  1. Thanks Glenda, for posting my "hair" photo. It looks much better on your site! SO happy you will keep Caseymania up and running. I will definitely be following him through his career with you! .....I'm so ready for the long haul...and a long and awesome road (trip) sounds great!!!! :)

  2. Glenda - I'm so glad you're ready for the long haul, 'cause so am I. So happy you're keeping Caseymania going. What would we do without it!!
    "Irritating vibrato from the show?" That's one of the things I really like about his voice.


  3. Glenda, So pleased you'll be continuing Caseymania! I intend to follow you for as long as you're in business! This and burn this media are the only Casey sites that I visit every day. You do such an amazing job with the latest Casey, I love reading your little quips about the weather, Dr. Pepper,etc. You're too funny!!

    @AT...I'm with you, one of the things I adore about Casey is his the vibrato!! He has a very unique sound...he doesn't sound like anyone else...just Casey James!


  4. Thanks for continuing on, Glenda!! Was wondering how I could keep up with Casey after the tour. I'm so excited for him, his family, and us his fans!! Can't wait to buy his music!! He is so gifted and such a beautiful person, inside and out!!I also read Shari's, Burn This Media. You two, do such incredible work!! I do appreciate all of it!! MAE777

  5. Thank you so much ladies!! If I didn't keep this site going we would all be wondering where and what Casey is doing!! Now....just a little warning....when he goes home to take a break, there may not be alot of news to write about, but I'll do what I can, and may take off a couple days a week, just so ya know. He deserves a really long break, after the year he's been through, but we know it won't be a long one. He'll have to get to Nashville, and start to work on that Album we are all so wanting to hear!!
    @Jackie, thank you for liking my humor, I try to keep things interesting at best!!
    @Gloria Your welcome, I think it looks great!! Thank you for sharing it!!!
    @Jackie...yep.....I LOVE his vibrato.....LOVE IT!!! and one sounds like him, he is very unique!!

  6. SO happy you're gonna keep this wonderful site goin after the Idol tour, Glenda...I always thought you meant you'd be doin it thru Casey's first SOLO tour! CLOL...we need a great place like this to come to for info about Casey and to share our thoughts about him and experiences with him (you lucky Dawlins who have seen him in concert!)You do an awesome job, Glenda...thank you SO much!

  7. Glenda, thank you for keeping Caseymania alive after the tour. I really enjoy this site and look forward to seeing what's new with Casey every day. LNS is too cool, Casey eats twice and Katie gets water. Isn't that just about right though? I love every single thing about Casey's voice. Exceptionally unique vocals plus his master guitar skills and creativity can only add up to one heck of a great CD. Yes, HE is the next best thing to come out of Nashville!

  8. VERY happy you'll be continuing this site after the tour, Glenda! Thanks so much! I'm sure things will slow down (info wise) once Casey begins working on his album, but I'm willing to take any little tidbit you may offer about him! I am so excited for him and his family!

    Rachel :)

  9. YAY!!!! I am so happy to hear you are going to continue with Caseymania! It is an awesome blog from an awesome lady and CJ fan. Love you!

  10. Glenda--really happy that you are going to keep Caseymania going after the tour! I check it often. Love your enthusiasm for Casey, the way you always keep it real, and the cool stuff you find! This site has a great feel to it!! Thank you!!!!
    Heather aka thankyoublues

  11. THe guy just NEVER takes a bad picture!! How does he do that?