Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Denver....Casey has come full circle.....Idols Off today in St. Louis

Hey yall...... it's been raining today and cooled us off.....alot!!!!  Thank goodness for those little storms!!  I heard that I was incorrect about the high temperature yesterday.....I think I said 104.....but in fact, it was 107!!  No wonder I felt like I was a Christmas Turkey baking in the oven yesterday!!   Ha Ha!! 

Yesterday was a sentimental day for me as well as many many of you fans out there.....and Casey......and his family and friends!!   It was a day many people reflected back to the day that they met Casey for the first time.....including yours truly....ahhhhh.....it seems like it was yesterday!  In the picture below there is Casey smiling as always....waiting his turn to show the world what he had!  Thank you Debra James for pushing Casey to go to Denver that day and Thank you Casey, for listening to your Momma!!  Otherwise the world would still not know who this remarkable talent named Casey James is!!  He has come full circle now, and being back in the very spot where he got his shot at a chance to show the world his music and his unique voice and style is a tear jerker for me, and many others as well!!  It's been a long hard ride for him, but he made it, and he came away from this unscathed and full of love for the people who gave him that chance, and what he does best......Music!!!  It's All About The Music!!!  I think thats what he should name his first Album....who's with me!?!?

Casey also was thinking long and hard about it, and was overwhelmed at the feelings he was having upon arrival in Denver.  After the show last night, he got on twitter and proceeded to type us out a 'yellow note' as we call them!  I decided to post it here, for those who may not be on twitter!

A famous lead guitarist I know told me once....."If I ever stop learning....I may as well  put my guitar down and never touch it again".  The reason he had said that, was a comment that I  had made to him about him knowing all there was to know about playing lead guitar.  His answer surprised me at first.... even people like Casey who we see ripping it up on that stage several days a week, looks and plays like a seasoned professional, which he is.....but I guarantee you, when I ask him this same question, when I get a chance to that is......He will probably almost quote my friend!!  You never stop learning.....never!!  So  as Casey heads out on his own 'solo tewer'.....(I find that so hilarious about the spelling of it)  you can bet he will be learning something different and new every day!!  And we are all gonna be along for the ride, and learning how to support a new artist and single when it's released to radio, among many other things....are ya ready?!

Now I want to share some AAAAwwwwwsome pictures with yall....okay???

Many thanks to carman wesson for her omg shot!!!

Thanks to missleah for this phenomenal omg shot!!!!  Very nice indeed!!!
 I found a really cool interview and wanted to share it with all of you!!!  Lots of Caseyness at about 1:02....in a red hoodie!!

"Cool Caseyness Interview"
thanks to mfmagazine for their great interview!!

Here's a review or recap from a fans point of view click  "HERE"  to read the whole thing!
Thanks to ovenmitt for their take on the show!

I'll be back a little later with more from Denver.....I hope some fans got great video and pictures for us!!!

I'm not absolutely sure about this, but I think I just came across the first Denver shot.....and it is a doozy......lost in the moment.....again.....

Many thanks going out to Sandro for this beautiful shot!!!
And.......the very first videos out of Denver, right here......right now.......and omg are they so very good!!!  How can he keep getting better and better at every show?!?!  Please Enjoy!!!

"I Got Mine"

"It's All Over Now"

Big thanks to SweetSweetQ for these awesome videos!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
Ok, now on to some more Fan stuff!  A big Casey Fan and one of my friends on twitter and facebook, has gotten her time with Casey and would like to share her recap with us......thank you Kimberly for sharing your experience with us!!!  This is part 1 of 2, and the rest will be here tomorrow!!  Enjoy!!

"Kimberly's Recap of Portland"

Alright everybody..... ba bada baaaaammmm   Late Night Sandwich!!!!!  Yes.....another  edition of our favorite little late night movies!!!  I can hardly sleep until I've had my LNS!!!!  These guys are hilarious, and this segment is no exception!!!  Enjoy!!!

"LNS St. Louis Edition pt 1" 

"LNS St. Louis Edition pt 2"

 I think it's time to pretty up this page a little......got some really nice shots of Casey enjoying his fans back in Houston a couple weeks ago!!

This is either Shawna or Jakes photo, so I'll credit both to make sure I get it right!!! Thank you!!!  Love it!!!

More to come later......maybe  :)
I found another LNS and I don't remember this one.....if I've already posted it, oh well....it's so good it's getting posted again..... ;)

"LNS pt. Dos"

I'm gonna sneak one more thing in here before I shut 'er down for the night.......this is a video from Dallas and it is sooooooo close up and the sound is awesome!!!!  The only bad thing is, every once in a while the camera goes black and it looks like the videographer is turning it down, possibly to hide it from Security, so they wouldn't know they were videoing, but the sound continues on!!   So, but other than that.......woooo hooooo......it's a good one!!!!

"I Got Mine" in Dallas

Thanks to msara0050 for sharing this outstanding video!!!!

I think I'll head out for tonight, and yall have a good night and beautiful day tomorrow!!


  1. Those are great pics. .

    Here's a couple of videos I found from Denver, both from SweetSweetQ

    I Got Mine

    It's All Over Now


  2. Got 'em thank you so much!! If you find the other 2 would you post them here for me too!!?? Thanks AT

  3. Thanks for everything you do Glenda to make this site so fabulous! I especially love reading the fan recaps! Cute interview and I love all the pics of Casey!!

    Rachel :)

  4. Loved the pic of Casey in Denver smiling and filled with anticipation and hope. He really has reached a milestone. You could just cry happy tears. Thank you Glenda for all the great pics, vids, Casey's twitter comment, very interesting recap Part I, and of course your hospitable and friendly introductory messages to us all. I'm with you on the album title, sounds like a good one.

  5. i wouldn't be a bit surprised if casey finds a particular over zealous fans phone# in his fan mail...love your music casey

  6. YAY!!! LNS!! Casey likes broccoli...my favorite!I really like the pic of Casey touching the hands of his fans...very neat!! Thanks for all the good stuff!

  7. Love all the pictures and videos and the LNS St Louis edition. Trying to figure out where they were since I am from St. Louis and going tonite to see Casey. I will try and get some pictures to you. Thanks for all you do Glenda and I'm happy to hear you will continue Caseymania after the tour. I just love this site.


  8. I LOVE that Denver audition picture! I've never seen it before. Thanks so much for posting it! :)

    and YES, I love "It's All About the Music".

    Glad to hear that you finally got some cooler weather!

  9. I just love this site--I come here every day for Casey James news. Keep up the good work!