Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CASEY SIGNS RECORD DEAL WITH BNA/SONY NASHVILLE / Idols are in Anaheim, Ca. for show at the Honda Center

You are looking at BNA's newest signed artist!!
 Casey James


Official Press Release

 Click on the link below for the complete story!!

I can't help but go back in time and remember the day that started all of this Casey Phenomena!   Seeing him for the first time in that Denver audition to where he is today....is a milestone!!  I, for one, will take pride in knowing I was there from the very beginning of American Idol, the day he said he was just a dude from Ft. Worth, Tx. and spent many hours voting and rallying votes and making deals to get votes, and literally spreading the Casey love as much as one human could without being called a nutcase!!  :) I saw it in his eyes that day....the dire need to be heard,  the yearning in his voice...." Im here....listen to me.....I want this so much!!"    I saw it, I heard it, and thousands of others did too!!  I'm crying tears of joy for him right now!!  This guy has worked all his life for this moment, and now it's here......FINALLY.....IT'S HERE CASEY!!!  YOU DID IT!!   All of his diehard fans are talking about it, crying, squeeling, copying and pasting the news everywhere, making banners, and some are probably jumping up and down!!!  I would be willing to bet that Casey and all his family did that when the breaking news came today!!!  We are all so proud that his dreams are finally coming true!  This is where he was going, struggling for years, and now.....it's here!  His work has just begun though, now the real job begins.  He will begin working on his album soon after the AI Tour is done, and he has said in an interview that he would be staying out in Nashville, because of the workload he'll be under, it just makes sense to be close, and he can go back and forth to Texas for awhile.  He said he was not leaving Texas for good, and I for one....am elated at this news!!  I knew it all along, but it was great to hear him say it!!  Thank you Casey!!  I knew the boy wouldn't stray far from his home and family!
We should all get used to hearing Casey's name on the radio, it won't be long now!!  I believe Texas radio will be playing his music alot, because those of you who don't live here probably don't know....Texas takes care of their homeboys and girls first.  Meaning, if an artist is from Texas.....you can bet your bottom dollar he or she will definitely get their airplay on Texas radio stations, before anybody else.  It's always been that way, and probably won't be changing anytime soon.  So, if Casey's album is released in the spring sometime, we should be hearing the first single off of the album by early 2011, or even later this year, and he will surely be playing some bookings or starting on a tour before that, to push the new album and first single!  I'm sure he'll be opening for bigger stars for a little bit and playing alot of fairs and festivals and bars, but with his status already known to the world, he may not be an opening act too long at all!  And I'm wondering just how soon Billy Bob's Texas in Ft. Worth can get him booked!  What do ya want to bet....it won't be long, and for those of you not familiar with BBT, it is the worlds largest Honky Tonk and it's family and kid friendly and holds about 6,000 people, I think.  Don't quote me on that, but it's somewhere near that, cause I was in there one night when about that many were there....whew!!!  Anyway, Billy Bob's gets all the new artists and books them!  So, if the truth be told, BBT has already got him booked sometime next spring or sooner!!  I can't wait to start following his career and having organized Casey Fan Roadtrips, where a few get together and split the cost for a trip to a show a few states away, or closer!!  Those are always a blast!!

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Here are a couple videos from Mountain View!!  Finally!!  I didn't think these West coasters were ever gonna put anything up on the internet!!  I guess they are too busy enjoying the California weather....lol....Thanks Shari for helping me locate these....your a doll!!


"I Got Mine"

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For those of you on Facebook.....listen up!!  There will be a "live chat" with the Top 5  from American Idol today!  5:30 pm TO 6:30 pm EST.  So don't miss it!!  I'm so sure Casey will be chompin' at the bit to talk about his record deal with Sony Nashville!!  And you can ask the questions....LIVE!!  So get there and ask Casey some questions!! Click the link below to join in:


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Sorry yall, I never found anything else to post, I went to the live chat and it was awesome to see Casey so happy!!!  I have to go now, I have to get ready to go the Key's Lounge tonight, yall take care and I'll talk about it tomorrow!!  Gnite!!


  1. Congratulations to Casey. He truly deserves this. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with your fans. He has along road ahead of him. He will succeed and we will be hearing from him for mnay years.

  2. This TRULY could not be happening to a more deserving, more hard-working, more talented young man than Casey James. He has been to hell and back, and with love and support from his family, friends, and now his fans, he has been given the recognition for which he has put in all that time, toil, blood, sweat and tears to earn. Casey, I am overjoyed for you at this moment, and I look forward to your long and phenomenally successful music career.

    P.S. Glenda, I am so honored that you used my posters for this occasion!

  3. Casey and family, so happy for all of you! Casey, you were the only reason I watched idol season 9. My friends and I voted hard every week for you! I LOVE your shivery voice...and your guitar skills are off the charts! You were truly amazing on the tour and a class act when I met you after the show! I look forward to following you a long time with Sony Nashville! Congrats, baby, you so deserve this happiness!


  4. I am soooooooooooooo happy for casey, its been worth the wait i got chills all over my body, i can just imagine how wonderful he is feeling now.ill bet casey is on cloud nine or higher. and his family,THANKS SO MUCH TO HIS MOTHER,for talking him in to audition, that day. cant wait for caseys first album. i knew he would get his dream. now the whole world can know what a wonderful , talented persn, he really is.OMG im still shaking, im so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE, for a wonderful man, and his family,and buster and daisy toooo!!!!!!!!

  5. YAY for Casey!! So happy for him! He is the best!!

    Rachel :)

  6. go get'em casey.i don't think you can do any wrong at this point unless you decided to go disco!!!!so sit back catch your breath,and for god sake get some sleep.stay healthy and happy
    now comes the hardest part of all finding that right girl.just take your time watch out for kooks they re closer than you think.

  7. YAY!!!!!! I could not be happier! I knew from that first audition that this day would come. You said it best Glenda, he had that yearning in his eyes to be heard and we all heard him! Those 2 hours spent voting for him, the anxiety we felt every Wednesday night for the results, the relief we all felt week after week hearing "Casey James, you are SAFE!" But when Casey wasn't in the top two, we all knew that this was only the beginning for our beloved Casey. I've loved watching his journey unfold, and have loved even more how close he and his family want to be to his fans. Casey isn't going to be some celeb that sits in an Ivory Tower, he's already shown us that he and his family will be right out there with us. That's a testament to the wonderful job Debbie did as a mom to raise her boys with good morals and to be men of good character. Casey, thank you for being the kind of person that makes me not just be a fan because of your amazing talent (and...ok, you're not bad on the eyes either! haha!), but also because you are an amazing person. Much love and many prayers as you begin this new journey!
    Lorilea Conyer
    Twitter: CJCCKY
    Casey's Crew #332

  8. Hey Glenda, I tried to send you a friend request on FB but I can't find you. There are several other women with your name, but not you!! You can send one to me at Sheryl Clark. Thanks!

    Last night at Keys was terrific - hope you made it home okay. Let's do it again soon!


  9. @Sheryl...absolutely girl...I'll send it in just a minute! I loved last night, it was so awesome to get to know my Casey sista's a little better!! I made it home fine, it's just stressful because I have to pay close attention and not move my head too fast, but I'm not gonna be driving every day believe me! It rained on the way up there, and that was not fun, I had to slow way down to make everything look more normal. Tomorrow is the ENT apt. & they are going to do extensive vertigo testing, so maybe we'll find out what the problem is. The glasses help....but only a little. Not much at all. I'll keep yall posted on how it turns out! Thanks for a great time last night, it was good to get to know you!!

  10. MisseyDianne@Twitter.comSeptember 17, 2010 at 8:41 PM

    Love you Casey, It was so nice to meet you in Anaheim! You were such a kind soul, I am a fan for life!!1