Saturday, March 30, 2013

Casey James returns to the American Idol Stage!

Yes, you read that right!!!  Casey James has finally been invited back the AI to perform!!  And.... he's debuting his new single on the show!!  It will be aired on next Thursday's results show on 4/4/13 on Fox.  Check your local listings for the time.  We have waited for this, what seems like forever and a day!!  And finally it is here, after 3 long years!!  Casey is so excited as well!!  He tweeted this comment late last night...(actually early this a.m. :))

Im WAY excited to play my new single on next week! So many blessings to get to this point. A little work too. :)

That is so sweet!!  A little work??   Ummm, I beg to differ.... I believe that would be a lot of hard work too, even though you don't count playing music 'working'!!  :D
We know of  a lot of sleepless nights he's had over the last 3 years to get to where he is now.  And he deserves this recognition so much, and he's ready....I do believe he is.  My prediction is the judges are gonna go ga-ga over him!!  Especially Randy Jackson....who was not always in Casey's corner, but was more than the others.  I'm really looking forward to Randy's reaction to Casey now....3 years later.  It's gonna be epic!!!!

I'm gonna be in Vegas when Casey appears on AI, and me, Cyndee & Kate (daughter) will be watching him!!  I cannot wait!!  We were gonna do something else that night, but none of us are willing to miss Casey on AI !!!  No way!!  We've all waited too long for this!!  So I hope everyone gets to see him on that A I stage, it's gonna be an amazing moment for him and the band members as well!  They are all excited!!

The other day these very nice pictures poped up on Facebook and they are just amazing!!!  Thanks to stillsbyBJ  for all these nice shots!!

All those were from the recent show at the Cotillion.  Big thanks to BJ for all those shots!!

Now....before I go, just a quick reminder....Casey's new single, "The Good Life" will be released to radio on Monday, April 1st!!  So start requesting at your local radios!!!

Check out the 2 new ads for the new single!!!  Country Aircheck had a 1/2 page ad of the new single!  Love the cool little note from Tom Hanrahan!!  Too Funny!!   Check it out!!  Click HERE!!

Ok, yall....I'm out of here for a bit.  I will try to do short updates from Vegas if I can.  Still no Casey has been announced.... :(  Vegas is so close to Hollywood, I'm still hoping Casey can come over to the ACM events!!  I'll keep looking for him!!  And hoping he'll surprise us all and be scheduled in!!

See yall later.....take care!

Until then....

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