Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Casey James songs unveiled last night in Colorado!

Wow!!!  What a surprise to wake up to today!!!  Several new songs were performed last night in Denver, Colorado at the Grizzly Rose, to anxious and surprised fans!!  Back last month when he did several shows in Texas and I was able to go to a few of them, this first song "She's My Girl" is one of them he asked us not to reveal, so I couldn't!!  But I am so glad I can talk about this wonderful bubbly song!!  I immediately loved it....from the catchy melody to the cleverly written lyrics, it was 2 thumbs W-A-Y up for me!!!  This is just another testament to the mad writing skills Casey holds!!  I'm just so proud of him!!  And now, without further ado.....

She's My Girl (Alot of girls fall in this catagory, I think it'll do well on radio!)

Breaking Through the Blue (Gotta love this's got Casey written all over it!)

Falling Too Hard (Nice Country sound to this, love it!!)

Can't Give Up *(the familiar vibrato is back in this song... :) Love it!)*

Run Away (Love it, it makes me wanna go pack my clothes!)  :)

That Girl  (Cute song)

OMGosh!!!! I saved the best for last!!!!!  This song is handsdown the BEST of the evening in Colorado!!!!!!!  As someone said.....this song'll make ya wanna smoke a cigarette, even though you don't smoke.....hahahaha.....get my drift?!?!  Haha!  This is one downright sexy song.....there!! I said it!!!!  Yes, it's s*e*x*y.....and very much so...... ok....gonna go smoke that cigarette..... :D (joking.....hehehe)

A Woman's Touch

Great BIG HUGE THANKS going out to @MichInColo for all 7 of her amazing brand new
song  videos!!!
  Your the BEST!!  :)

I love the bluesy sound to the last really is a very beautiful and soulful song, and I'm so glad he's getting back to his blues....I've missed that about Casey!!  But I'm not saying anything negative about all the other songs.....they are fantastic in their own way as well....beautifully written with catchy, radio friendly melodies.  He can't go wrong with any of these tunes, that's for sure!!!  They are all fantastic songs that are really gonna resonate well with the fans!!!   And I hope all 7 of them make that next album he's working on!!

I guess there's no pictures yet from the show last night, but not complaining when we have 7 new videos to watch over and over!!!!  :)

I'll be back when I have more breaking news!!!!!

Until then.......


  1. Y'all are in for a real treat at Billy Bob's next weekend!

    1. Thank YOU so MUCH Michelle!!!! He sang "That's my girl" for us 7 people in the VIP in Amarillo, Tx. but told us to keep it quiet, that we were the first fans to hear it live!! And wow, the backing of the band makes it even better!! I love ALL these songs, especially the last one.... a Womans Touch.....whewww....that is just all kinds of sexy!!!!

    2. And now I can't WAIT to see the new show at Billy Bob's!!!! Thank you so much for bringing these video's back for us!!!

  2. where can ı get the lyrics for breaking thru the blue... checked all over google nothıng :( xx

  3. Hiya,
    is it possible for you to write down me the lyrics for breaking through blue? Sorry, as it is not my native language, it is hard to distinguish what he is singing.