Sunday, December 30, 2012

Part 3 of Texas Casey other news

I'm back with the 3rd and last installment of the Taste of Country Christmas Tour, starring Casey James.  This last show was in Amarillo, at the Midnight Rodeo.  It was a nice place and very country-fied!   For the last time this year, J.B. and the Moonshine Band opened up for Casey.  This was the show that I did something wrong to my phone, and ended up with about 10 slow motion videos of Casey!!   They are kinda cool, for about 2 minutes....then I was looking for the sound....and there was none....and I tried everything under the sun to put them back to regular videos!  I guess thats what I get for poking buttons and doing stuff I know nothing about.  :(  I may post one just becuase it does look very cool, among other things....hahaha!!
Anyway, this is the show that we (John,Anthea & I) were to surprise my good friend Laura, who was going to the show, and had NO idea WE were!!  All of us have VIP's so we  parked where we could see and waited for her to go in.  Soon, Kathy & Steve, walked up to the locked door to wait.  Then we saw Laura and her son, Clint, getting out and walking up to the door.  We wait till they get in and then we sneak in from the side of the building.  I asked one of the workers where she went and they pointed her out.  So she had her back to us, and I was praying that she kept still, till I could run up and surprise her!  So we all get our tickets scanned and start over to where they are, sneaking up on her....  She stayed put and I quietly almost ran up to her and in her left ear I whispered....."Well, hello darlin'!!"  And she was SOOOOOOO Surprised!!!!  Then I said...."and look who I brought with me!!!!"   We all started hugging and jumping and kissing on the cheeks and wiping each others was so amazing for us to finally be able to pull it off!!!
So I'd say it was a total success!!  We had so much fun that night, catching up and just enjoying the company we were in!!  And of course Casey was on fire that night!!!
But first things first.  After we greeted each other, we sat down and soon Casey was there with us and was in a very good mood, talking and laughing with us.  A lot of questions were asked and he answered every one, as best he could!  He did hint to us that a new single would be released soon, and which one, but I don't think he wanted us to tell, so I won't.   Then he sang a new song for us that he wrote and may be on the next album.  I asked him if I could talk about it on my website, and he said "No, this was just for us".... so I can't talk about it either.   But I will say's really good!!!
Since I didn't get ANY videos, I'll have to post some pictures.  I do have a video of Anthea and John's interview by the radio station in Amarillo!!  And toward the end, they speak to Kathy and Steve Terry.  Very!!

Thanks to Blake FM Radio for sharing their video!

Thanks to Kathy T for sharing this gorgeous shot!

Thanks again to Kathy for this shot!

This is Cindy H. Me and Deloris in Amarillo

We had such a great time running around Texas sharing the "Caseyness" with anybody who would listen at the shows and in between the shows, traveling from one town to the next.  It was a blast....I could do it a lot more, because I love to travel, but going to 6 shows in one month was so amazingly fun, I think I'm caught up on my Casey fix....that is until January when he plays Billy Bobs again!!  I'm so excited, and hope I can meet more new fans at this show!!  I'm looking for some videos for yall, and if I find them I'll post 'em for yall!!

Ok, well, I'm about to start on something that is going to be most of you know, we have lost one of our own "Casey sisters" to that horrible breast cancer.  Barbara Bortle, better known as @daydreaminmeme fought a brave battle against the culprit but was no match for it as it took control over time.  I will be posting a story in her words, of how she finally got to meet Casey the first time and how all us Casey sisters, helped that happen for her!!  The story is incredible, so come back and read all about this brave lady's fight and having a dream come true.

See yall soon....

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