Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Part 2 of the Texas Casey Adventure!!

Ok, part two is in the making now!!  My internet is behaving for the moment!   Anyway, the next show was at San Angelo and Casey's momma, Debra was there!  She brought some mutual friends and a sister of one of the ladies.  It was a blowout great time!!!  We had VIP's for that show and lots of visiting with Casey was done.  He would just sit and talk with us and we asked some questions and he answered them and laughed when someone said something funny.  Oh....this was hilarious!  Debra was sitting by Casey and he said he didn't feel well, that he had a 'have pharmacy will travel' ..... (me)..... was right there with a single package of Tylenol for him!!  Debra took it and started opening it, and Mike went to get Casey some water, then Casey was about to take the pills but put one of the pills between his teeth and said...."Am I allergic to these mom?"   We were all laughing, at the way he said it, and Debra said.... "No, your not."  Then I asked Debra if Casey was allergic to a lot of stuff and she said.... "Oh yea....a lot of stuff."  So now there's another thing I didn't know about Casey.  Well, bless his heart, I know that must be difficult to keep up with.  Thank goodness his momma knows all the stuff he is allergic to. 
I wish I could remember details, but since I can't, thank goodness for Debra, here are the songs we heard in the VIP! 
  • Waltz with Me by Tonic
  • Red Wine & Cheatin' Songs by Marty Stewart
  • Shine Your Shoes by Casey James :)
  • Life's Railway to Heaven (?? Old Bluegrass Song)
  • John Mayer song (we couldn't remember the title)
It was so wonderful to listen to he and Debra sing that special family harmony together!!    Their beautiful blended  voices is always so comforting to the soul, and sometimes you get those extra special goose bump moments that lets you know you're in the presence of talented excellence!!

Here are a few pictures from the San Angelo Show

San Angelo- Glenda(me) Debra,John,Rhonda & Anthea

From San Angelo
John, Anthea & Rhonda-back
Donna & Tammy-front

And some Videos.... Big thanks to Rhonda for her awesome videos!



"So Sweet"
This is the link because I couldn't get the embedded video to work.  Just click it!

"Polk Salad Annie"

And I got a few videos too.....

"San Angelo-Done Made Up My Mind"

"San Angelo-Crying on a Suitcase

"San Angelo-Short clip of Apartment Song

Ok well....thats about all I have for right now.  I can't get what I want to upload, and as soon as I do, I'll be coming back here and posting it.
Actually there are 2, one from Lubbock and the other from San Angelo.... good me!!  :)

I'll be back as soon as I can with Part 3 for yall!  I'll be posting this on Facebook and Twitter so Re-tweet and Re-post if you get a chance....I would appreciate it!!  Thanks yall....
Until next time.....

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