Saturday, October 15, 2011

Casey James at Pajama Jam Benefit

Casey James strolled out on the stage a little after 8:30 tonight wearing.....a robe!!  That's right!!  Most everybody was wearing pajamas!  Now I don't know if Casey had on pajamas under his robe, but I'm gonna try and find out!! :)  Since Casey had been so sick for the last couple of days, I'm sure he's been wearing that robe a lot, so he didn't have to get dressed up for the show!!  LOL!!  He probably felt right at All jokes aside, I'm just glad to know he's much better from that sick spell he had! 
I listened in on a conference call, and it sounded pretty clear most times, when he was singing, but it was difficult to understand him when he was talking.  He sounded strong and the audience was totally digging what he was doing!!  How could they not???  Right???  It's Casey James, for God sake!!  Only the greatest musician alive!!!  :) 
I did get the word that our special fan Barbara, did in fact get that hug from Casey, and got to speak with him.  She was overjoyed, as Casey talked on stage, about the wonderful fans who had helped her get there, and her being a survivor .
That makes me so proud.....I'm so glad he did that!!  We will know more tomorrow, I'm just going by what I learned from twitter tonight.
Here is the first picture from the night.  Barbara, @daydreaminmeme, is in the middle along with @artist_at_heart on the right, and @Ncountrygirl on the left.  And of course Casey in the back....with his robe on!!  And...... sources say he also had on jammie bottoms, and took his boots off!!  :)  Can't wait to see that picture!!  Gotta love it!!!  Hopefully more pictures and videos will show up tomorrow! 
Here is the tweet that came with the picture below.  Thanks to @artist_at_heart for this awesome photo!


meeting Casey w/ & B4 the fundraiser Whole room~900 women eatin' out of his hand!

Casey delivered an 11 song set to a very rowdy (yet loveable) loud and appreciative crowd!!  He got a lot of good reception from the crowd as they clapped and cheered him on after each number!!  Here is his set list as they were sang.

Love the way you miss me (untitled)
The Good Life
Shine Your Shoes
The Rock
Never walk Away
Let's Don't Call It A Night
I'm over you
Hold On
Poke Salad Annie

Hey yall.....I've been gone all day and did not get online till 1:30 this morning, and I found videos!!  This is the 1st one I came across and it's a doozy!!!  It's the last 4 songs he sang all on one video, and it is Awesome!!  He really did have on pajama bottoms and what appeared to be a thin, light blue hoodie and white socks....because he in fact, DID have have his boots off!!  He looked so cool along with his pink sash across the top of his guitar, and his breast cancer awareness ribbon on the left side of this chest!  Along with the four songs on the video.....there's lots of talking and laughing out loud Casey on it!!  Just love that's so genuine and real.....from the heart!

  Big Thanks to engineer02gaily for a fantastic video! :)

Here's a little bit of Casey just talking....
thanks to tongueband for this video!

I'll look for more videos and pictures and I'm looking for a full report from our special lady, Barbara!!  There's got to be lots of goodies from this great show, but right now I need to get to bed, I'm tired, and it's to yall later!  :)  Check back later tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully I've found more to post about this wonderful show!!   :)


  1. Glenda, I love reading your blog! You make me laugh, you make me smile :)

    I'm so glad Casey did Never Walk Away and I really hope there'll be a clear video of that song.

  2. Sweet thanks, Glenda! Funny, interesting and cool,as ever! Genuine Casey James and genuine Caseymania by Glenda Jordon!!!Both of you have a good humor too!I love the genuineness and you always make me smile!:)Love and hugs coming from the faraway Latvia.<3

  3. Glenda.....Thanks for posting this photo of Barb and Casey at the show! I was so excited to see her happy face!!! What a special night!!!!

  4. Glenda, here's a link to my recap with some new pitures.


  5. Thank yall so much!! I was so happy to find the picture!! I'm so glad I can make someone smile, if I do, I've reached one of my goals!! And yall know me, I love matters of the heart too....I'm just a sap, I guess!! Barb, thank you so much for the link, I took it and made the whole story in the next post!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experience with all of toally warmed my heart and made tears of joy fall down my face!!! Love you all!!! :)